Vindictus: Season 2; Land Ho!

By: KradisZ posted at Nov 15, 2012 12:55 am

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Vindictus Season 2 is now on its way to the game as of today. (November 15, 2012 12:00AM -8PST)

I woke up from sleep just to be unable to login and check out their site and go yeay! Vindictus Season 2 is officially being patched in right now.

The theme is... you guessed it!

Pirates, Jungles, Caribbean. Savagery

What things to expect in Episode 1 of Season 2 are these things:

1. 2 or 3 new raid battles. One being Lakiora a giant snake serpent thing that'll eat you and make you fight your way out or die and the Kraken fighting a boss on a sinking ship looks interesting.

2. More of an Open environment

3. New Character Vella *Edited

4. New Items (Season 2 tiers)

5. New Town Morban Melina in NA

Let's check out each one individually.

1.The 2 new raid battles that are infamously circulated around the net is known as Lakiora Lakoria and The Kraken

These bosses are both Level 80 so that means the level cap of the current 70 is being raised as well to a maximum limit of 90 I believe.

Skill ranks are also being changed or extended beyond their current limits for all characters and I think some characters are getting a small nerf to some other mechanics/tactics like Kai's current godlike 1sec invinci dodge lol. (Sorry all Kai's but you knew it was coming :( )

2. Season 2 in Vindictus is also changing its dungeon crawling perspective a bit too. Season 1 proved to be a linear traversal whereas in Season 2 in Vindictus it's more of an open dungeon now where you can traverse the maps in a circular fashion. Not that I mean you'll be running in circles in the video below you'll notice the person checks their map and the areas are quite extensive now. They included details in the korean version that you'll have to "find" your boss in the map for those smaller missions. I could be wrong on this but opening up to exploration is never a bad idea. The idea may be annoying later on where you have to search over and over to find your target boss or it could prove to be very fun who knows, the idea sounds great so far and its just expanding on what they have currently which is an extremely linear charge from A-B.

The Red dots on the mini map show areas that can be revisited. This video is just an area of a boss

Just personal opinion here but I think the boss music got better.

3. Vella is a new character coming to Vindictus and appears with Season 2, she's a dual wielding swordsman like Lann...

Edit: Surprisingly she's not in yet with this huge patch! I guess it's coming next shortly after (reminds me of Evie's release like 1 month after the game came out back then). Probably not such a surprise lol.

But her playstyle is more defensive compared to Lann. Everyone's going to make that comparison. She's NOT better contrary to what everyone thinks. Lann is still entirely more offensive than Vella ever will be. They just play differently. (Don't make me make my Lann with 80+ crit just to prove a point!) They are not better than one another it's still dependant on the user driving the controls. (I stand by this it really is.)

How does Vella work?

Think of Vella as like a Fiona & Lann put together. So like the easymode of Lann or a hardmode of Fiona. She has no gliding fury but she has counters instead or like a Parry function that act as her defensive attack. It deflect projectiles or basic attacks. Although Projectiles you can only deflect one so if a flurry of them come at you be prepared to take a hit or deflect more than 1?

There's plenty of videos out there to show her game play. Posting one here wouldn't do any good if you're really curious you'd probably go on a watching spree.

The few pictures here are just to tease you :P.

Season 2's new wardrobe and weaponry arsenal is an entire set of new sets as well from levels 1-80! For one episode's worth of content this update is huge!

There's a plethora of new weapons for Season 2 starters and armor sets. Season 1 and Season 2 are exclusive stories from one another so you can start on either Season or travel in between and pick up on which one you want to go through you're not limited to just Season 1 AND then Season 2; no You can play both starting at level 1.

Here's some images of some armor and weaponry.

There that should be enough.

EDIT: oh forgot to add Kai. PIRATEY GOODNESS

And finally

The New Town Morban~Melina~

Looks like a pretty big town if you ask me judging by that mini map.

Anyways I hope to see you all in game or newly in game if you're starting out with Season 2!

Everything of Season 2 compiled into a promo trail

Stay tuned for the Boss Walk I am going to make... of Season 1. (God knows when that might be got final exams coming up)

Comments are welcome just please keep them civil among each other.

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