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Hey guys, here's a quick overview of my first impressions of Wild Terra online.

My first impressions is that no alpha should ever have a cash shop. There I said it.

If the cash shop didn't exist I wouldn't be as critical about the game as I am with most other games in betas already. Where I'm coming from this is that betas for most games, MOST since this one is an exception, is a development stage where the game is just hammering out bugs or server load testing before actual launch.

Which implies the game is near complete and is just doing its last few kinks prior to launching. Wild Terra online however is stating its in alpha stages, which means code isn't finished, vast changes could be made, new content could be added tripping entire game play up, various implementations of anything could go in, YET they have a working cash shop.

Do you see a problem here yet? Anything you buy now could be not carried over to launch(may not be true), could be rendered useless after content changes/additional changes and various other things(VERY HIGHLY LIKELY). I'm not bashing the game here its just that you should be prepared if whatever you bought suddenly gets shot to shits and you get the quoted statement of something along the lines of "Oh the game was in alpha you should've known this", and take your money along with it. It's not that much of a stretch to believe.

There are also additional charges on early access. I'm very disappointed in the gaming industry in general due to practices like these to charge people money for an incomplete product that shouldn't be open to the public or have monetary access to the public and then after taking in payments never finish the product/make product development halt to a snail's pace and move on to the next. All this could've been prevented if they granted a million gold(gold is the virtual currency in the game to purchase things from the cash shop in their game, meaning you need real money to get gold) to alpha players or people who entered it with early access for particular reasons I've outlined in the details of this article.

My concept is simple, you charge people money to access game content you better be a step before finishing or just polishing off the game, you shouldn't be calling your game's state of development in alpha because that either speaks that you're unprofessional or greedy in monetization practices or both because I can't come up with any other idea of what that means in terms of a*****(not sure why bu$iness is filtered)

I'll elaborate on that later because that's the thing that impacted my experience the most in this indie MMO.

Wild Terra Online features some interesting concepts where you can claim land, build whatever you want much like another game(*cough* minecraft *cough*). There's PvP where you can kill one another, not exactly sure how combat works when killing a deer requires my char to wind up for 2-3 seconds to draw the bow and arrow in its own animation sequence of a charge bar and also the fact that I couldn't really experience PvP since no one is ever on, or when they are they're afk and you can just kill them much like how I was killed in game. So in short don't be AFK if you carry everything on your character, just log out. It very clearly states Alpha version at the top left.

I went AFK for a few moments came back to find my char dead and all my items in my inventory lost and my base looted out haha. Although I knew these consequences and possible threats existed, having no system log of who killed me was a bit jarring and the fact that the map was so small someone can just kill and loot you, walk a few steps away log out and you'll never see your loot again, which sounds very amusing if you're the one executing such acts and also extremely detrimental the one on the receiving end.

Again these aren't the problems though. I like the game's overall graphics and what it's presenting. Build a base, build houses build roofs, go treasure hunting resource collecting. A simulation game with open world PvP and everyone living in the same map and you can destroy other people's buildings and structures if you can gather the materials and tools to do so(which I haven't figured out since the game has little to no help in guiding any kind of player to anything). They marketed the game that way on their main website but there are restrictions. Please note at what it says in the bottom left of this screenshot in the crafting window.

The problems however on a large scale in my own theory and in basic design principles, let's say we have an instance of 100 players go into the game there wouldnt' be space for anyone on such a small map. You can make it from one end of the map to the other in about ~3-4 minutes via walking. Think of Ragnarok Online's Prontera, if you're familiar with ragnarok online, and walk from one end to the other, that's how big this world map is.

A lot of the crafting recipes beyond basic wood and stone require you to find them in Abandoned Forbidden Chests and even then its an RNG chance that the scroll is even in one. And if there is a scroll in it, there's an RNG chance for it to be the formula you needed, else you go pay for it at the cash shop with real $. I hope you see the glaring problem with additional content to this game now? Not only in a long term or the grand scheme of things does this shun new players to the game, on top of also restricting current players to near nothing and cause a bunch of grief for anyone coming in when there are other simulation games where you can do pretty much the same everything in different graphics styles for a much lower cost/ripping of your wallet.

In the video at the bottom I've even outlined some of the stranger things I've come across, such as the marketing scheme of the game claiming to have siege wars and such but the Ballista itself was a cash shop recipe item that required about 3$ USD in translation to unlock it else I have to spend days/hours wandering this small map trying to find a chest that MAY contain a recipe scroll that MAY grant me the ballista recipe and even then I MAY not have the proper workshops/tools unlocked to actually craft the damn thing. Yet I can make the projectile haha.

I had a steel helmet unlocked but I can't even make steel since the steps to reach the item is so far off and blocked by cash shop schemes and boring grinding of walking around a map searching for a chest for hours/days/weeks just in hopes to get something that progresses towards it while being halted at a standstill of using only basic schematics of crafting and collecting useless things that don't attribute towards it.

The worst part is if you add more players into the game and this chest that rarely spawns, everyone will be fighting over it and eventually get bored of just walking around and getting killed by credit card warriors making the game an empty ghost world. There were so many people's small areas that I walked by that didn't see development for over a week and remained static, and you know what that means? They quit the game.

But that's all I have to say about this, the game itself should tell you what direction it's going and my prediction is it isn't going well if it's going to continue like this, some may join the early wagon of "it's new" but whether it'll last I can definitely tell you that water well of content is bottomless and requires your wallet to be the same in terms of funds which I'm quite sure most of you don't have a bottomless wallet of funds.

The game is definitely in its alpha stages, there are very few resources online to figure how to make anything or collect particular resources, even their forums are very sparse and bare there is next to no tooltips on most things in the game to tell you how to gather or get something and there's a help button at the top right of the screen that provides no help to any question you ask regarding the tasks you perform the most in the game. Ultimately the game has a working cash shop which is baffling. Something as unfinished as this should not be charging players for crafting recipes it is beyond ridiculous. It would've been less offensive and blatantly rude if they asked for donations to help with game development or if they had cosmetics or something to help with game development rather than barring actual game content with a price tag. Even updating the game requires you to redownload the client repeatedly and reinstalling the game, they have no versioning or updating of its current client which in turn over time could be a huge file later on.

I can only say I'm disappointed because the game has good concepts, but their limitations and restrictions in the game just kill it. As far as I'm concerned I'm not even sure how they're having their assets tested if they're using the community/players to test it when they have to pay to test. Hopefully things take a turn for the better because this does not look good for the long term.

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other thanks!

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