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Hey everyone, as some of you know Hurk hit Vindictus NA yesterday, more on that on another piece later but I found this a few days later on which was a sneak peak at the 8th character, Lynn.

Looks like she's going to be wielding some BUTCHER KNIVES!

Nah! Just kiddin more like lance/polearm/glaive user. Jeebuz. She also looks like she's in the style of innocent and brat-like features? That's what it feels like just looking at some of these poses.

Here you go, some weaksauce eye candy~

So there's Lynn in a peek shell.

Here's a video too, I promise it's shorter than a minute.

What are your thoughts on what her(Lynn) mechanics in game play might be? We've already got spin2win helicopter boy and slip dash gliding fury, bow/gun ranged, caster nuker, hit clashing wrestler type, block and strike girl, reckless giant sword man, along with blade whip lady.

What I can say though is Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes is still coming up with interesting game mechanics that has me coming back for 7ths already and bosses that are getting more ridiculous or easier but still different between them for the new ones. Perhaps I'll be in for 8ths?

Lynn says bye!

Source: Youku/MabiHeroes

As always comments are welcome just please keep it civil among each other thanks. Stay tuned for Hurk gameplay, and Merry Christmas!(December 23, 2013.).

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