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Hey guys, so most of you know Arisha already from Vindictus KR or Vindictus anywhere since she's now out everywhere in all versions of Vindictus.

I have to say she's probably one of the more complicated characters involved in Vindictus. She boasts 2 different attack modes, regular & mana blade. Her SP skills involve some Quick Time Event inputs, that no other character possesses at the moment. And She also utilizes a mana crystal attack object that has various utilities and uses.

Not only that her defense mechanism is a bit of a parry, and a light dash that is hard to time. Her OTHER defense mechanisms however work upon the Quick Time events previously mentioned and teleporting around everywhere like M.Bison with Cyclone Crusher! lol. She is ONE difficult mage to play and I wouldn't recommend this to any newcomer to Vindictus unless you want a serving of being pummeled into the floor for those who aren't familiar with Vindictus' bosses and such.

This however is just a short article to express how strange she may be to play. She has a MANA Bar on top of an SP bar. Something no other character has and truly a unique character to the roster of current heroes available in Vindictus.

In regular attack mode you gain Mana just based on successful hits and attacks, the Mana Crystal when deployed charges up to 5 stacks when you make attacks in regular mode. At 5 stacks if you retrieve it it'll tag any enemy it hit on its deploying flight out on its way back up to 4 times. At 5 stacks the crystal hits pretty hard and gives you a lot of undrained mana. 

To drain mana you need Mana Drain which you learn at about level 20 or 22. It's also a defense block, doing a Perfect Drain will grant you about 50% more mana on top of your undrained mana. So you can fill up the whole bar at about 3/5 segments filled in Dark Blue.

When that's filled; it doesn't have to be full. You can switch to Mana Blade mode.

During Mana Blade Mode Arisha's damage output goes insanely high as well as SP gain, your attack speed goes up as well. You'll swing the blade around you in a vicious manner and all hits are smashes. Every slash takes up mana though and any action you perform costs mana.

I'll be writing a more extensive guide about this later like the other Lynn and Hurk tutorials I've written in the past.

The QTE(Quick Time Event) stuff I mentioned earlier happens during with Counter Drain skill and Ruin Blade Skill.

Ruin Blade, costs 250 SP to activate and will eat up ALL your remaining SP. But the Ruin Blade attack does like jack all unless you place in a combo input within 1 second. For KB&M Controls that I use the input you have to place in is WSADADWS, it's a bit of an awkward input at first but you have 1 second to do it. After that if successful you'll see an orange spark and a heavy slash + a mega shockwave occurs with it. Like this. Aw damit my face is in there. ohwell :P

FOLLOWING THAT if you have Ruin Blade trained to max rank you can ADD ON an additional Counter Drain with pressing ASDSW right after ruinblade within 3 seconds. If you succeed in that you can FURTHER ADD ON an extended Counter Drain by pressing SW after, for a full combo...

So that's just an example of Arisha's full combo.

Here's the video depicting a tutorial of me trying to show players what I've been doing. So easy to mess up! But very fun also!

Thanks for reading/watching! As always comments are welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask

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