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Hey everyone,

Vindictus recently updated its content again with new raid and whole new mission map. The story continues to unfold as your hero traverses deeper into the mountains of the elf forest, Ben Chenner and witnessing the spread of the corruption screwing everything up. In episode 1 of season 3 we already trek through Regina the elf queen. Supposedly her children are Braha & Ancient Braha... I might have this wrong(a mother spawning these freaks LOL) is a result of some elves experiencing some serious corruption.

I didn't fully read into it because I was excited to just play through the new maps and raid.

Before you reach Braha in the story you first have to traverse through Ben Chenner's Trailhead, this map has some minigames involved such as the Raft ride where you gotta protect your engine from invading corrupted elves on rafts, and the boss fight has a trap minigame where you can knock him off and have him flailing around everywhere while you mash him in the face as he's recovering from being blasted from an upper level, quite entertaining and satisfying when you accomplish it because the boss Akadus flops around like a pancake as it happens. Braha himself is a massive beast that performs mostly unblockable attacks and the second half of this article will detail his raid.

Ben Chenner Trailhead

The trailhead consists of 4 areas, lots of dangers exist and dubious traps await to incapacitate your hero, via gravity drop from bridges giving out, or archers sniping you from the cliffs or angry mauling bears that hit like a rocketship. And these archers can aim too, they are very accurate and hit VERY hard. Boasting 10,000+ defense I'm still getting pierced to death if I'm not paying attention.

The bridges if you're not just running across them and attack or do some sort of dodge attack or any damage to it they'll generally give out and if there's a vine trap under, you're going to get spiked like a mortal kombat environment fatality.

The river raft ride is the third area, in this segment you'll want to use bombs against the small groups of enemies and try to use spears to peg the larger incoming rafts and hit the engine part with the spear.

Bombs take a LONG time to recharge at their station whereas spears are instant. Try not to let the corrupted elves destroy your engine! If you do the raft ride takes a lot longer and MORE enemies come as punishment. If you're going after Titles complete this part of the mission without your raft engine taking any damage, without it being destroyed, and spearing 5 enemy raft engines by yourself. Party members piking an engine don't count towards your count of spearing an enemy engine.

After that part you'll have reached the depths of the forest where another miniboss will meet you after landing shortly after the docks.

Sometimes the minibosses can spawn as a different version known as Barchadus, who wields a lot more damage and HP than the no named minibosses on top of dropping much more loot as well.

The trek to Akadus' area has a lot of archers in the way and crazed exploding elves in your way. This area is great for trying to obtain the Spinebuster title where you have to kick 30 of these green bomb fruits, big area to kite the bombs and sprint kicking them before they get a chance to explode.

Akadus also from time to time likes to zip down a line and be annoying and spray arrows at you too. This isn't assassin's creed.

When you reach his lair, Akadus is pretty much some form of an assassin that has explosive arrows in his bayonetted hand crossbows on top of teleporting around the place. Some ways to have him stunned for lengthy amounts of time is getting him to the top area traps and having him get blasted by the coordinated color switch on the opposite end sending him flying to the middle like a flopping pancake.

His attacks aren't too difficult to determine for most players who have reached this area by now, your experience with the game by this time should be well versed in most of Vindictus' bosses. (Takes about 2-4 weeks for a newcomer to hit max level and be here if they're playing hardcore and partying up with people could be less).

Check the video just below for all this in action.

And after going through that ordeal you'll have reached Braha in the story's progression.


Braha is a giant dual boss. There's an Ancient one and a regular one. No idea what's the difference but they both have a ton of nails to drop on the floor and just use their hands to combat and occasionally their mouth via bite or barf. ALL of Braha's attacks are true unblockables. That's the first thing you should know, so your strongest defense here is POSITIONING. On top of almost all his attacks being unblockable he also has an environmental effect where as more damage you deal to him the less you'll do overtime down to 50% effective damage which is really severe, but dont' worry there's situations where if your party coordinates well will be able to perform a lockdown on Braha and have you switch sides and if successful be granted a 200% damage increase that'll decay back to 50% overtime based on how much damage you do. The damage and detrimental effect is mutually exclusive between each person, so your Braha attunement bar at the bottom is based on you only, not party effected.

I'll outline Braha's attacks here to help you with survival.

Tantrum Slam - Braha will slam his hands twice on the sides of the arena, causing weakness(drops your stamina to 0) if you don't dodge the first one you'll suffer this effect. You want to quickly move AWAY from the middle when this attack happens, most people will get caught by it, I get caught by it a hella lot, and if you don't move away or use Slashing high to counter the effects of weakness you'll get pounded by two fists plummeting into the center causing a massive shockwave.

Arm swipe, braha will plant his arms on both ends of the arena and slowly drag his entire arm across, how you dodge this is to go hug his chest and go under his armpit. Ewww! Yes under that smelly ancient old armpit of the arm that's being swung across, get a good whiff.

3 Targeted fist smash, if he's looking at you, you want to dodge to the RIGHT when this happens, if he's looking at someone else STAY AWAY from them. So knowing this info if someone's trying to lure a fist into you you should also be prepared to know how to run away and watch them get squashed instead. It looks like this when he's performing the targeted fist smash.


Knuckle Crush is generally really quick for those attacking him at the chest you usually won't see this coming, if you're attacking his arms you'll see it coming but it's still fairly quick. The main hit area is actually at the chest so even if the fists fly through you on the sides you might not get hit!

Hand Clap is normally pretty slow he'll drop both his arms menacingly into the floor hold for a second before crushing his palms together extremely hard. If you're anywhere that's not at the edge of the sides or at the center of his chest up close you'll get smashed either by the hands or the shockwave in the center it makes. Karok can Clash this attack.

And he has a variant attack where he uses both hand clap and knuckle crush in succession which really should get you moving because suffering both attacks will probably kill you or drop you to 1hp if life flare occurs if your defense is anywhere under 8k.

The Nail Drop is actually an attack that ISN'T a true unblockable, you can dodge/counter/whatever you want with this attack, but he'll drop three gigantic nails in the way preventing movement through them. Get rid of these ASAP. It is important to destroy these as fast as you can to free up moving space because it is essential for the cancel event and could screw up everything if left alone and he uses this attack twice which lands a total of 9 nails on the field each sequence.

Hand grab(Instant kill) - Braha will roar in the air a bit you'll notice sound shockwaves emitting hopefully, and then he'll raise HIS left arm seeking out whoever he's trying to grab. The best way to dodge this is to dodge to the left after you notice his head reels back signalling that he's about to grab someone, hopefully you're not close to his left hand, his body will turn with the person he's aiming for.

Barf(Cancel Event) - Braha will do a barf attack periodically every 3-5 minutes after the battle starts. When this attack starts you'll want to chuck a bomb that you grab from the side station at his mouth. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CANCEL THIS ATTACK WITH A BOMB TO HIS FACE and making sure no one on your team is standing the switch until he throws his fast at the wall

A successful blast to his face/mouth will piss him off and have him throw his fist straight forward and anyone in the way will probably get crushed to death, so dont' stand there and after the fist is thrown walk on the switch to drop the metal gate on his hand locking it in place.

If BOTH sides do it properly then you'll get to jump across Braha/Ancient Braha's back to the other side and be dignified with a supreme power boost of 200% extra damage that'll decay overtime as you do more damage to the other side's Braha. Don't die from falling from the jump either.

After making it across to the other Braha unleash your strongest attacks and buffs right away as your damage will do absurd numbers and mass DPS, and between 8 members who are decently geared you'll drop about 3-4 bars of his hp each time.

So in reality a fast Braha raid will take about 11 minutes. 15 If you screw up a cancel event, 20 if you screw it up twice or have undergeared people. Fastest one I've done myself is about 9 minutes, had an extremely strong party. But you'll mostly get it done in about 15 minutes or so. and 20+ means people either aren't cancelling his barf properly on both sides or people just aren't geared enough/attacking playing skillfully enough to do enough damage to be fully attuned to one braha before reaching the other to make use of the massive damage boost.

Undergeared players won't really feel the detrimental effects of the 50% damage loss, so their damage output can still do a hefty amount of damage to Braha, I've done it with my undergeared lann sporting 17k attack and 63 balance and still yielded 15.99% total damage to boss' hp in a 15 minute Braha run while my monster evie sporting max stats almost does about 29-36% total damage to boss' hp in about 9-11 minutes on an 8 player pool. Player skill is still highly involved in how much damage you output while holding a decent weapon. (I recommend anything that gets you over 18000 attack and 70 balance).

Here's the video of Braha. I hope all this helped you out and good luck on your adventures guys n girls!

Thanks for reading/watching!

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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