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So Vindictus NA has reached its Season 3 prologue with Regina coming soon in July, and various new areas and content as well as the infamous level 90 cap and different gear weapon and crafting system along with new areas, bosses, dismemberment gore, and the call to challenge players to be skillful once more.

Side note:

The new content of Regina and Braha was shown at the 2015 Community Summit at NexonNA on June 27, 2015, if you missed the stream you can check the broadcast at twitch.tv/vindictus in the past broadcasts section, if you want to get a feel for how horrible these new monsters coming in are going to be. Yes I was at the Summit it was nice I was really crazed about it, for winning a contest and probably my 5 years of playing the game and making stuff for the game.

Someone said I had too much attack speed so I blurred out in the photo LOL i didn't intentionally blur it you've all seen my face already on videos, I think I was just too hyper and excited I might've been trembling.

Vindictus Season 3 is designed more in the sense towards player skill once again rather than a gearcheck of atk requirements and various other silly rules. Trust me having high-end god gear won't save your life here. Player mastery and experience will. At the summit the players on the stream were wearing maximum gear all +15 level 90 weapons fully enchanted with passive skills on the equips of insane ceiling limits. Players holding 30k attack and 18k defense and still being brutalized by the bosses. First time for everyone as well, so knowing what the boss can do will definitely change the way you play to being more tactful and careful rather than being greedy and careless like the way it is now in S2 after you're geared. ANYWAYS that wasn't the point of this but.....

Muir himself is an introductory sample to what's to come. Muir himself involves in mini-game mechanics or you suffer instadeath.

With somewhat predictable attacks he does have various types of same attacks that are unblockable(fio can't even block it) and can't be ghosted through in anyway, meaning you just have to position yourself OUT OF THE WAY. You think you can slip dash through it? Or Hurk head charge it? think again, his red fist will fly right into your face and pummel you into the floor. On top of that to kill him you gotta knock him off the ledge and have him fall to his death.

Want a greater challenge? Beat him without taking a SINGLE HIT, that'll grant you the Fancy Footwork title giving you permanent stats to your character.

The story of Season 3 is more of a reliving of Season 1, but in that your character and various NPCs remember everything and the rest of them forgot everything or never existed. Cichol makes an appearance(aka Keaghan) seemingly granting you that chance to redo, and different events unfold.

Muir's a tough foe, I fought him on hard with 8k defense and still lost 3000 health in 2 hits, while sporting nearly 18000 attack he still takes a while to beat down to the point where he's vulnerable to be knocked off the tower ledge.

And of course after much much practice about 10-15 attempts at trying to get the Fancy Footwork title I did it!. Now to do it with every other class that I play... (facepalm). If you're playing right now you have about 2 weeks to get the bonus quality increasing item as part of an event until July 15-ish for accomplishing this feat. The title will remain permanently available to obtain for everyone after that date still you just won't get the event reward item is all.

That'll be it for now just a short article in tandem with a small prologue being introduced into the game teasing what's coming in.

And of course a video of Slardar Sr. Muir for you! I hope you get some laughs out of it should you watch it.

Thanks for reading/watching!

As always comments are welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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