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Hey guys, so Vindictus recently had its game updated with another raid in its Season 3 content.

The foe they brought back is Glas Ghaibhleann which you might remember from Season 1 many years back. However his Ancient form is back in this alternate timeline in the current game's story.

He looks much more badass this time around, except he's bald. Nothing wrong with that but I've just been seeing too many baldy's lately. :P

Lord Glas Ghaibhleann is much more terrifying than the first one you encountered. He's fast, hits extremely hard, has a few new tricks up his sleeve and if you can't cancel his environment effects you'll get overwhelmed with these "black" holes. They'll flush you down through some wormhole and slam you into the floor and cause your death instantaneously. So don't get sucked in.

Lord Glas isn't too hard of a fight I found him to be a very approachable solo-able raid boss, I only solo him if I can't find a party but the duration of my run is nearly doubled or tripled in length and I don't like to forfeit free time so I often look for parties but I'm awake at odd hours when the server community is normally asleep so that's why I mentioned this. It's just between Braha, Regina and Lord Glas I just find Lord Glas to be a lot quicker and more easily accomplished than the other 2 if you're attempting to solo them. Braha and Regina are the other current raid bosses of Season 3 Vindictus. Lugh Lamfada is the fourth one after Lord Glas.

His attacks range a span of triple swings of his blades and feet stomping, as well as lifting off(which hurts like a train) and sometimes energy bullets out of his hands at everyone and of course a dreaded map wipe... that'll be discussed further down!

Once Lord Glas reaches 9 bars and a half bar of health remaining a short cutscene occurs and any time after this cutscene Lord Glas starts utilizing his own form of Reverse Gravity which takes up the entire map. So if you're caught in it you're dead, nothing can save you from it. Except for the blue gravity holes that cause instant death as mentioned earlier.

How this works is during the casting of his Reverse Gravity you have a short time frame(3-4 seconds) to reach one of these sinkholes that are sucking in things, but during his cast of Reverse Gravity it'll repel things outwards trying to keep players from staying in its zone. This is where your safe zone is during his Reverse Gravity, they'll turn from blue to white when they're safe.

But after he's done casting be wary that you're NOT running into the hole anymore because they flip back to blue immediately and more often than not I always see one person every so often run straight into the blue hole and just die immediately after going for the ride of their life literally.

The sinkholes themselves expire after a long time but it's not enough to survive where they disappear fast enough before another is made by Lord Glas. Overtime the map can get overwhelmed by these sinkholes making the fight increasingly difficult and making instant death a higher possibility and positioning to hit Lord Glas becomes much more difficult due to vacuum drag from the blue sink holes. But there's a solution to this, just highly dangerous and well worth the effort.

Erasing Lord Glas' Barrier & Blue Sink Holes

After the cutscene Lord Glas starts using Reverse Gravity and environmental weapons start getting distributed on boxes on the sides of the map. Goddess Spears. Lord Glas's worst nightmare, just like Goddess Spears from the Avatar of Destruction fight to pin him into the floor. Only this time around since Lord Glas is at his original strength you won't be pinning him down at the feet. Instead you'll be tossing these things at his face or his arms during his Reverse Gravity cast to interrupt his concentration.

Sounds easy right?

NOT REALLY. You have to be extremely quick, with an open window of about ~3-4 seconds you have to land one of these hot spears in his face or arms and then STILL make it to a white repel hole to survive the Reverse Gravity.

If successful on both parts in that you pegged him in the face with a spear or in the arm and lived to tell the tale, you'll be Chosen by the Goddess with some strange blue energy buff. The duration is very short so the next part you better get moving quick else it'll expire and you might end up just running into a hole and dying.

The next part you go grab another spear, YOU NEED another one to make use of this chosen buff. Once you have another Goddess Spear while the buff is still active GET SUCKED INTO A BLUE HOLE.

I KNOW IT SOUNDS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE BASED ON EVERYTHING WE'VE GONE OVER SO FAR. Since running into a blue hole mentioned previously equals death. But with the buff and a goddess spear in hand, the fall through the hole is a bit different. Your hero draws it pre-emptively and guess where you land.

RIGHT ON LORD GLAS' SPINE. Like Spinebusting champ.

You'll crash right on his back instead and stab him with the glowing spear delivering an impact of 30000 damage be granted the Heavens Piercer title if you don't have it and have him kneel to you and your party for a few seconds and erase ALL blue holes on the map on top of making Lord Glas being susceptible to knockdowns much easier(since I see him knocked down much more frequently after this cancel event) and will just use his basic attacks for a duration before Lord Glas resummons his barrier.

Lord Glas resummoning his barrier is very obvious. It's when that huge blue energy circle appears under his feet and he does some prayer-like thing, and immediately after he will always do a sword drop which summons a Blue hole again in the map, with this knowledge you should know not to stand on his sword drop and take this opportunity to continue whaling on him. Giving you the chance to survive if he does perform his Reverse Gravity, though the safety zone is the only one after a cancel for his map wipe it could sometimes be problematic if it's in a corner and you're fighting him in the opposite corner making a dash to safety be very far.

Some things to note are that more than one person can have the Chosen buff during the Reverse Gravity phase, and if you both have spears and get sucked in one of you will die. So make sure if someone else has the buff as well KEEP AN EYE ON THEM, it's very obvious who has it, they have a blue pillar of energy glowing on them, and if they walk into a hole with a spear(assumedly) then you shouldn't do it, but it's funny in these early days because people fully know how the cancel event works so they just run in and die with the buff and without a spear. So be careful! There are many ways to get insta-killed in this raid and only one way to make them all disappear. Drop a spear on Glas' Spine and be a real Spinebuster.

I hope this helped you out on your journey,

There are also some Hallowe'en events going on Vindictus which you can find at their main site. As well as a new hairstyle my Vella is sporting in these images and in the video. And some new outfits.

Here's the video depicting all of this. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading or watching!

As Always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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