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Hey everyone!

So today Lynn is out and alive in Vindictus NA, and the influx of events occurring are crazy, mostly to help level up, mentorship and newplayer friend bonuses(+100% exp), goal events, booster packages to help speed up the levelling. I for one am ecstatic to blast my Lynn to 80 before July 8th, there's a goal to get to level 80 for a title and the first 10 to reach it gets a special extra title I think... 

Not to mention a new outfit has hit the shop, the Shadow Leather Ninja outfit. Ninjas, my favorite <3.

And a plethora of other outfits have returned that I know were off previously. I'm surprised they didnt' bring back the vampire bride or vampire hunter sets though, perhaps maybe in October. But here are the screenshots for your eye pleasure.

Lynn IMO looks like a lolita to me haha, but she's supposedly destruction/chaos based kind of character with a lot of hit and run, reminds me of sword Lann actually. This is the character creation video for you and a small video blurb on the bottom right at char select when selecting which character to create. I will be streaming my progress, so feel free to drop by(This sentence will be crossed out when I have streamed out the majority of the progress, so if you need tips and tutorials early come and watch @ twitch.tv/kyrandisx!). 

When I have reached 60+ with Lynn expect to see a tutorial come out here on MMOsite in article format and as well with a video to accompany it and screenshots for details. I know a lot of you enjoyed the Hurk one so I'll definitely put as much and more effort into this one for Lynn next, and then possibly do the previous characters that are released after.

Peace out!

Have fun adventuring and I hope you all enjoy the new character because I know I will.

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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