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Hey everyone, last week Vindictus(NA) updated one of their original 3 characters(fiona, lann, evie).

Evie the Mage girl of the cast.

Evie Revamp

Her revamp consists of vastly changing, or in better terms adding new ways at how Staff users can play her on top of adding new skills and tweaks to her current skills. Different ways of casting was one of the biggest changes to Staff on top of moving cast, and building up elemental stacks no longer required an order of which spells to be cast first. A new skill the Staff gained was a gigantic laserbeam or a massive blowtorch that you just burn bosses down with, but its extremely hard to utilize well in solo play making Staff a powerful party member boost.

The biggest changes impact Staff users whereas Scythe gets some buffs and a few new strikes, Staff users are probably now the largest burst damage in any party. Solo its a lot harder to perform but Staff is definitely extremely strong when played in a party and can also help with supporting via healing spells and crowd control effects such as freeze and hallucination stuns.

Scythe users were granted new attack strikes on top of pre-existing ones to increase combo strikes and restore stamina to continuously attack and having all marking strikes now passively tag an enemy depending on smash, pulling the marks just make them do a mass amount more damage, this was to make her damage be on par with the new champs and for the new Season 3 content.

Scythe can survive much easier in solo and has extreme mobility due to being able to blink twice in a row on top of having a high knockdown rate on all the mark explosions on targets. In a party Scythe can grant a buff to keep everyone on the assault by constantly regenerating Stamina at a rapid pace. Speed is something all Scythe users should seek out.

While season 3 will give any player a brutal beating, player skill is the only thing that'll help you at that point. I'm gunning near maximum end game gear with crazy stats and still dying when I'm playing recklessly. Having over 10000 defense(which pretty much makes you able to facetank almost every boss on hard/hero mode from Season 2 and under, Season 3 will still shred you to pieces).

Newcomers are probably concerned with "how long will it take me to get there?". Not long at all 1-60 takes generally about 8-10 hours of gameplay if you just speed through main story quests; 61-70 takes about another 5 hours or so then 75-85 is few days, 85-90 did it in 6 hours grinding season 3 content for an event race hosted by nexon serverwide at the beginning of August. Also Evie is on a 2x exp and 2x AP gain currently so if you're interested better hop on it while it's still going until mid September.

Overall it'll take you about a week if you're really fixated on reaching max level(doesn't really do much, once you hit 75 you've pretty much unlocked everything if you're done all the story quests). With Season 3's release of the seal shop, 80 gear became much more accessible than previously and high chance of drops on level 70-80 materials dropped the marketplace and overall pricing and everything to be extremely low and welcoming(from gear costing 200mil back then whereas now costing only about 2-20mil). 80 gear is more than enough to take on Season 3 content. 90 gear is a completely different system where you can modify your equipment parts and those drop very frequently and even the purple rated gear(medium rarity) which can be found easily after a run or two are sufficient enough to prepare your character for all of Vindictus' new content; S3E1, S3E2, S3E3. After that you'll just be gear chasing and trying to get crazy maxed out things(it's not necessary unless you want to be a monster in the party).

Staff Gameplay

Staff users for Evie are probably highly excited and a lot of people seem to have converted, simply for the use of a giant laser beam that hits extremely hard. However the beam itself is situational and it's best used when you have party members take the boss's aggression, so that Evie can channel the beam on the foe for a good 7 seconds ticking damage at 0.2/s intervals. The beam itself requires a Level 5 focus charge. Staff had the biggest impact and change from this revamp compared to Scythe.

Focusing used to only be performed in one way before revamp, Standing. There are 3 different ways to charge up your spells now. One on the move, second standing, and third after a Flying Sparrow assault.

Flying Sparrow casting is probably the fastest you'll perform because it sets you at a Focus level 2 immediately upon landing skipping the first level entirely letting you cast a Lightning Bolt/Fire Bolt/Ice Blast almost instantaneously.

Moving Focus is half the speed of standing focus but you'll be positioning yourself close to your target/boss and landing your spells much faster than a Standing Focus evie saving you time and also covering distance that you won't have to make that a standing focus evie will have to. Especially in certain raids and in a lot of situations (e.g. Bark No. 1, Juggernaught, Druid, Keaghan, Ahglan, Elchulus, Siglint, etc.)

Standing focus should really only be used if nothing is going on and you need to save your spells to memory for instant casting later. Great situations for examples is when Lakoria burrows into the floor and barfs poison all over the map being one or when Pantheum becomes temporarily invulnerable when he goes into Lightning form, or when Iset disappears and Havan starts sandstorming the entire map. etc.

Practicing just getting used to charging up your spells in these different ways is quite difficult.

On top of the 3 methods, there's always manual fast casting your spells that a lot of Evie players don't seem to take advantage of since Evie's blue cast bar was introduced.

At every tier of the spell you can move to the next tier immediately when you press the Smash key rather than wait for it to move up on its own which takes eons longer, some may have trouble due to lag issues in the game but lag doesn't really even affect it too much since the particle effects and evie's stance with the staff reflect which tier you're at accurately, the lag only affects the accuracy of the blue bar but not which spell tier you're currently sitting on. So when you're really experienced you can play with just memorization and without an interface really.

Spell Mastery(Fire, Ice, Lightning):

Staff spell mastery used to work only by casting 3 spells of the same element without casting another. After the revamp ALL 3 elements build stacks regardless of what order you throw them out. So just toss out your spells as fast as possible and as many as possible, which is why I wrote all this so maybe you'll get an idea or you're already putting that spell slinging effort to its maximum potential.

Elemental stacks are only gained when your spell makes contact with enemy targets.

Fire grants a burning debuff that does a significant amount of damage(its worth about 16 magic arrows noncrit) on whichever 3rd fire spell you connect to any enemy target,

Lightning's 3rd spell that tags a target restores 90 STAMINA allowing Evie to rapidly keep casting without ever stopping.

Ice's 3rd spell, if triggered, freezes a target for an additional 2 seconds on top of its current freeze time. Freeze works in 4 seconds on first freeze, 2 on second, and 0.5 on 3rd freeze. After that it takes about 2-4 minutes for it to reset. Ice Buff grants 2 seconds on top of those 4/2/0.5.

When you have an elemental buff you'll see respective colors to that element flow out of Evie indicating your next spell that hits will trigger the passive effect.

Rage Conductor/Raze is the new spell Staff Evie has, its a massive no-element beam that requires 5 levels of focus to cast off, not only is there a 3 second wind up time, getting to Focus level 5 generally takes forever if you just build it up from Focus level 1 all the way to 5 before unleashing 7 seconds of hell.

A fast way to get there is to save a Focus level 4 spell(Fire Shock, Guided Lightning, Ice Blow) and to cast one of those off, then consume your Continual Focus buff(assuming you triggered the buff before casting) which will bring you back to Focus Level 4 and then just spend a second or two going into Focus Level 5 and straight into Rage Conductor/Raze. The first 3 seconds during the energy gathering into the staff Evie is invulnerable during that animation. When the beam is going off though you are completely vulnerable to all attacks so ... don't die. You can also guide the beam up and down left and right with your movement keys. It's rather slow so do keep a distance from the target so you don't have to navigate the beam so far.

Continual Focus is something that's been around before the revamp, it's a way to keep casting the same Focus level spell repeatedly, S3 awakenings allow this skill to be awakened with reduced cooldown or reduced sp consumption. TAKE THE REDUCED cooldown, it'll let you throw everything much faster and have you go crazy and be confused at wth you're doing anymore when everything's exploding and fireworks everywhere hahah.

A great change to one of Evie's defense skills was the Mana Amber. It used to be some stupid diamond thing with physics attached to it and could be knocked around in fights and was really weak and shattered to most attacks from bosses on top of it being extremely expensive to perform and has evie fall to the floor and get back up before being able to do anything. My god it was stupid, people who hate the change go get bent. It was very gimmicky and pointless and served no function to her character gameplay. It was only a method of actual defense and wasn't really thought out too well at the time.

But it's been changed, THANK THE LORD it's been changed to a sphere now, with no physics gimmicks attached to it and doesn't shatter and has its own perfect block mechanism to block stronger attacks and severely reduced stamina costs and can be performed in between spells and after certain attacks immediately. The control scheme for it is also much easier having to press your dodge key only once without any direction pressed rather than its horrid scheme in the past where you had press it twice which often resulted in failure or being hit by a boss or broken keyboards.

Perfect Block Amber has a distinct blue sphere rim

Regular block is just a sphere that isn't really perfect in its shape.

That's all I got to go on for Staff, if you want a tutorial video just head to the bottom of this article and check it out, use the table of contents its extremely long because I had to fit both weapons into the video(about 40 mins per weapon, just like Arisha's tutorial 40 mins for her 1 weapon).

Scythe Gameplay

Scythe itself hasn't changed very much with the Evie Revamp, it was granted two new attacks and modified how marking targets with curses worked and some slight changes to some other skills.

Scythe itself is just a speed class, while it starts off very slow as you get more geared into the game you'll eventually just speed up and swing that scythe like a twig eventually.

One of the new attacks is called Horrific Scream, evie plunges her scythe or tears it out from down under depending on which way you swing it into her foe and grants a mass amount of stamina back. It helps you keep on a boss permanently before you can get her Insane Reaper buff going. While its just one extra strike, it also chains with Blade Shift(a blink attack) and Demon Splitter(a quick smash) and then finally goes into Horrific Scream which kinda restores everything you just spent so you can go infinitely in that loop. But Mark of Death and Bloody Thread are her 3rd and 4th smash marks which take forever to land which is where Blinking comes in.

Blink itself was modified with the revamp where Evie is able to perform it twice in a row before needing to stand before being able to use it again. The mobility is so extreme, literally the majority of bosses in the game will never catch you if you just run and potion drink on the move. And eliminating the hop prevamp from Blink means you can also just blink behind a boss and position yourself super quick to land those Soul Skewers and Dimensional looms to mark targets with Marks of Death and Bloody Threads which are her strongest spikes for damage. Following those combos you would use horrific scream in its quick combo after Demon Splitter from blinking or just first smash to restore your stamina quickly. Increasing attack speed only makes this process go way faster and keeps a constant spike of damage on the boss every few seconds or so.

Marking targets after the revamp no longer requires pressing the grab key after a smash, doing that now only greatly increases a mark's effect and damage. Just landing the smash itself now marks a target with the same power it had before the revamp, pulling just Enhances the mark to make it hit extremely hard when Evie snaps the fingers.

Arcane Gate is a new SP skill for Scythe users, requires 750sp and drains all remaining sp on activation, Evie slashes a rift open and jumps into it giving you permanent blink invincibility(only vulnerable to some attacks) for a good 5-7 seconds and for every strike after jumping into the rift, the first strike marks a target with Life Drain, second strike marks a target with Spirit Bind, third marks with Mark of Death, fourth marks with Bloody Thread and the gate exit explodes all the marks and if all of them are tagged an arcane gate is summoned and deals massive damage. If there are pre-existing marks on a target they'll all be enhanced when you land the respective strike for the mark. If there are already enhanced marks on the target it won't do anything except the slash damage. So use Arcane Gate when you have no marks on a target preferably.

Void Star was changed slightly, where while sprinting if the grab key is held you'll cast Void Star and consume 250sp but Void Star won't be placed on cooldown and you can cast it immediately again from quickslot/hotkey bar if you have another 250sp. You can only do this with rank 9 void star. It's also a very great skill for mob clearing and dungeon clearing and overall speeds up your runs for a lowcost SP skill that hits pretty hard.

That's all I got to say about Scythe, if anything players using this weapon will want to aim at increasing your attack speed to immense amounts. In the video below I demonstrate the importance of speed with 42aspd and 119aspd peaked, with even a slight hint at having 382 attack speed(which isn't really obtainable in an actual battle, it's just a short 2 second buff in a race mode, it is however possible for a player to reach up to 275 speed and possibly slightly higher if fully geared).

Here's the video version of all this, a super long tutorial and guide approximately 40 minutes of each weapon since they differ in playstyles greatly. Do use the table of contents at the beginning and the video timings unless you wanna learn everything!

Here's all the video timings:
Staff AP Skills - 0:40
Staff Rage Conductor Concept - 9:15

Scythe AP Skills - 10:22
Arcane Gate & Void Star Damage Breakdown - 11:20

Common/Other Skills - 15:16
Equipment Recommendations - 19:52
S3 Awakenings(Advanced) - 1:02:42
Speed Focus - 23:53
Quick Rage & Spell Slinging - 26:04
Quick Tier 2 Spell - 27:04
Tier 4 Spell Shortcut - 28:32

Horrific Scream Aiming - 31:50
Marks - 32:30
Arcane Gate - 32:44
Dual Void Star - 34:23
Arcane Gate Aiming - 35:49

Under Pressure:
Staff Gameplay - 37:01
Scythe Gameplay - 48:22
ENDING - 1:11:00 - You made it! It was very long I know.

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks! Cya later!

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