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Hey everyone, so today I'm bringing you the Arisha guide for the new hero in Vindictus released in Dec. 17, 2014.

It took me a long while to think of how to present this to you simply because Arisha has so many different mechanics that it's very unorthodox to play her to maximum efficiency compared to the other heroes.

So I made it to max level in about two weeks level 85. Freaking brutal but whatever I did it just to bring this guide haha. WORTH IT!

Arisha's a strange one, her smash attack key is only to toss out mana crystal/retrieve it, and her normal attack key is to make normal attacks into smash attacks.

She has two attack modes, mana blade and regular. Mana blade makes her dps skyrocket beyond anything else, however it drains Mana and STAMINA VERY quickly. Arisha is the ONLY character to date that has a Mana bar and may be exclusive to her(Jan 7, 2015).

The video depicting everything is down below. Do help yourself!

Arisha's mechanics are pretty complex, so I'll go over something simple about her first...

Defense Skills

Her defense tactics have 10 different ways to surviving, yes 10. She severely lacks in the Defense stat itself though, that's what those 10 different ways are making up for.

1. Mana Tracer is like a link teleport to a target that's been marked it also grants short invulnerability during its teleport

2. (MB Mode)Diffusion Warp, swaps position with a deployed Mana Crystal and spikes any target in between or near point of activation with a huge spike of damage. EXTREMELY useful as both a defense & offense technique. During the teleportation Arisha is temporarily invulnerable.

3. Ruin Blade Enhanced - When input correctly you will be granted invulnerability after the orange spark indicating you've successfully activated it. If you screw up the input of WSADADWS then you just get Ruin Blade that eats all your SP, severely weak and leaves you wide open for its entire animation. However you should time this correctly because the first part of charging up the blade leaves Arisha wide open to attacks.

4. Ruin Blade Enhanced Counter Drain - right after enhanced ruin blade you can perform a free counter drain. This slash acts as a block as well and will block anything, even unblockables, will switch attack modes

5. Ruin Blade Enhanced Counter Drain Ext. - Same thing as previous, will switch attack modes

6. Counter Drain - When activated makes one huge slash, if you block any attack with that slash you will gain 100 drained mana switches between regular/mb mode.

7. Counter Drain Ext. - Same as previous without the mana gain.

8. Mana Drain - A very interesting shield block mechanic, partially a parry, and partially a full on block. When Perfect Mana Drain is activated you will gain about 50% more undrained mana into gained mana. Perfect Drain can only occur when you block attacks. Mana Drain is a very unique Blocking technique. It can block everything including unblockable attacks that perform hits(Like siglint Lightning)and aren't grapples(like Keaghan's insta kill). How this skill works though is that you want to use Mana Drain AS LATE AS possible into an attack that's coming into you. Yes that's right not early, but AS LATE as possible. Meaning when the strike is CLOSER to your face, the better Mana Drain will protect you from attacks. If it's a 1 hit strike, doesn't matter, but if it's like 6 hits in quick succession or something if you do it as LATE as possible it will block ALL 6 hits. Still confused? Go check the video near the end slate for demonstration of Jirkal stomping my Arisha and blocking all 6 stomps with 1 mana drain. You can even survive an Ahglan breakdance storm by sitting in it if you time it right.

9. Diffusion Shift - Basic dodge dash, works at about half the effectiveness of a SlipDash(lann)/Storm Step(vella)

10. Temporal Shift(ultimate) - Freezes time, grants invulnerability to Arisha during its entire duration.

Confused yet...? I sure was when thinking how to tell this to everyone.

If that still bothers you the Full SP Combo Video will further complicate things when trying to pull of an Enhanced Ruin Blade.

Arisha is the only character thus far with Quick Time Events; where when a technique/event occurs the player can quickly input a set number of keys to achieve something more powerful.

Quick Time Events:

Ruin Blade - This is the one skill that has the hardest quicktime input. For a full combo to be achieved the input for KB&M controls is WSADADWSASDSWSW. That many keys in total. Pulling the whole thing off is difficult, requires practice, and you have 1 second to input the first WSADADWS, After that you get 3 seconds to place in ASDSW if successful in the first part, the final part SW is only available if you strike the enemy with Ruin Blade for its 4-5 hits granting 100 SP to enable that final part. This technique does EXTREME damage when done correctly, and can cost as little as 250 SP. Requires Rank A Counter Drain, Rank A Ruin Blade for FULL combo.

Counter Drain - A simple version of two heavy slashes. the second heavy slash can only be achieved at Rank A Counter Drain. A very simplified version of a QTE, After the activation the second slash can be accomplished by pressing SW. The first hit can block and if so will grant 100 mana to your mana bar.

Offense Skills:

Most of Arisha's defense techniques are ALSO offense skills which makes everything almost a double function making this character really complicated and knwoing when to use a skill for what situation. There isn't really a solid answer or formula to any of how to perform these, you just need to know the situation and familiarity with the game. Thus why I highly do NOT, recommend Arisha to new players, but the choice is up to you!

Diffusion Warp(ManaBladeMode) is something you should use whenever its available during Mana Blade mode. Think of M.Bison's Cyclone Crusher from Street Fighter, that's what this does, it makes Arisha travel in the direction of where her deployed Mana Crystal is and it will swap places with where Arisha is and where the Mana Crystal is. It's very good for positioning the crystal or using it as an escape tactic to move away from the boss if you need to ghost through them.

Mana Tracer can be a projectile to link and lock on or a grab mark after warping or dash dodging. When triggered it will teleport you to a marked target.

Ruin Blade has invulnerability when done right with the above previously mentioned keyboard inputs and hits extremely hard as does Counter Drain. For each Bar of SP on top of the 250 cost an extra shockwave explosion will trigger with Ruin Blade causing extra damage IF the target is large enough to be hit by it.

Arcane Flurry(ManaBladeMode) is the basic attack strike in Mana Blade mode, it hits extremely fast and depletes your stamina really quickly too. Faster than a twin spear lann spinning.

Mana Edge , get this to Rank A and you can Dive Kick in between or at the end of your smashes in Regular attack mode.

Resonance is a highly situational SP skill, it creates a huge storm and explodes on the spot but takes about 7-8 seconds to trigger. QUITE a long length of time, during that time if you are interrupted or attacked in any way it is cancelled and you lose your 750 SP(3 bars) and do 0 dmg. Very sad. But if you pull it off it'll hit really hard, cancel a boss's current action, trigger break off point, and it's also ranged. Just be wary you need to be in that spot for 8 seconds and so does the boss or target.

Temporal Shift, great in parties, used to freeze time, attack penetration is maximized during its duration for party members attacking frozen targets, makes Arisha invuln during its animation. Great for clearing adds and mobs. Tip when using Temporal Shift is use it after a boss has finished attacking or before they even start an attack, not midway into an attack. If they are midway into an attack a frozen boss can still do damage to party members if they are frozen in a state where hits would register.

Mana Crystal - This is an orb Arisha can toss out in any attack mode. In Regular it has 5 levels. Levels 1-4 do the same damage and level 5 does extreme damage. To achieve level 5 simply hit 5 targets with your slashes and you'll get Mana Crystal Enchant level 5, and when you retrieve it it'll hit a target 4 times extremely hard assuming it tagged it when the Mana Crystal was deployed.


In Mana Blade mode, Arisha ALWAYS throws out a Level 5 Mana Crystal. But you can't retrieve it manually. You have to wait the 20 seconds for it to return or you either explode it with Ether Zone or Crystal Burst.

Crystal Burst is a spike skill to do with the Mana Crystal, its damage varies depending on the Mana Crystal Enchant Level. At level 5 it hits REALLY REALLY HARD... and can trigger break offs too(as well as level 1). At Mana Crystal enchant level 1-4 it does the same amount of damage relatively.

Ether Zone is a damage over time puddle. It basically makes a pool of damage on the floor and ticks 5 times over 5 seconds. It's kind of weak actually compared to Crystal Burst contrary to what people have been telling me. Ether Zone really is weaker than Crystal Burst, it may not seem like that at first but it is trust me. Just check the vid below for the Crystal Burst vs. Ether Zone. Ether Zone is great for generating undrained mana, and highly recommended if you can get 3 or more mobs sitting in it for its entire duration otherwise you'd be better off with Crystal Burst. Crystal Burst at level 5 on critical do do more damage than Ether Zone. Ether Zone does outdo Crystal Burst at level 1 mana crystal though.

Diffusion Warp should be spammed as much as possible, It not only serves as a dodging function but also a great escape or distance closer depending on where you are. If you hit an enemy with it it does a generally about 8x the damage compared to one Arcane Flurry hit, for the cost of 15 stamina at rank A.

Mana Tracer uses only 50 SP. This skill should also honestly be used to a maximum effect, 50 SP is not hard to gain, the cost is rather a small hinderence but when you're in Mana Blade mode, man does SP generate EXTREMELY fast. Mana Tracer only costs the 50 SP when you need to utilize its warping feature. When you need to mark targets you can spam it as much as you'd like for 5 stamina cost.

The weirdest thing you need to get used to is to actually toss out your Mana Crystal repeatedly. This little orb thing should ALWAYS be out no matter what. If it's not out you're missing in either, damage, building charges, or placement for escape w/ diffusion warp or setting up an Ether Zone/ Crystal Burst. It should NEVER not be deployed.

Crystal Burst Vs. Ether Zone(IDC ANYMORE!)

Crystal Burst hits a lot harder when the digits grow much bigger. But when they’re small Ether Zone out performs Crystal Burst. It’s very confusing, there’s a huge debate on it. I don’t care if people agree or not, this is just from experience from what I’ve seen, which is why I recommend Crystal Burst over it. It’s becoming a preferential thing at this point. My reasoning behind Crystal Burst doing more is simply crits. Rank 3 Critical 65% bonus damage on Crystal Burst on top of Strength bonuses. Highest Burst I’ve achieved was an 8.3k on Maios 70-80 Twilight Desert. With Ether Zone hitting 6.9k on Maios over 5 seconds of the same Mana Crystal enchant level 5. If you still don’t believe it just do it in PvP. Crystal Burst can wipe a person’s hp in half if it crits on top of mana crystal hits that can shave off more hp, Ether Zone it barely does anything in PvP unless the person is foolish enough to stand in it for a full 5 seconds, on top of that the damage is so negligible in PvP as well.

Why Crystal Burst? Crystal Burst can achieve Critical hits, and not only that it's also instantaneous, for mobs that move around and bosses that move a lot it works well and will hit hard on crits. The problem Ether Zone has is that you have to be stationary and hope the boss is on you sitting in the puddle meaning you can't move around very much or the boss can't move around very much for the 5 seconds to have its full effect take place or you'll be losing out in damage vs. other Arishas using Crystal Burst. You’ll get a lot out of Ether Zone if you’re soloing since the boss will be on you permanently but I really don’t like standing in the same spot in any fight, it leads to dangerous situations for later bosses that you should be preparing yourself for. And please please don’t tell me to go look at S2 solo raids, that’s just for the top 10% of people who do crazy. Obviously the majority of the players won’t be attempting such things. This is to help you, not to stroke my ego. So if you don't agree with this that's fine, if you disagree that's great, all I would request is that you input why you disagree with functionality regarding mechanics involved or even pictures. My reasoning is simple, because Critical Hit AP skill grants so much boost, and with Str calculated in at high digits the gap grows really big, and you would want Crit on Arisha anyways because Arcane Flurry hits so much as well as Diffusion Warp hitting insanely hard, meaning Crystal Burst will crit more often than not.

While there may be some things missing to be mentioned in this article here's the video depicting most of what I know about Arisha and I hope it helps you in your travels!

Video Timings:
Information Timings(Mostly talking)
1:13 Background Info of Arisha vs. Other Heroes
3:53 Skills Investment (short version, no reasoning behind why)
5:54 Random Arisha End game Theory
7:44 Skills Investment (long version w/ reasons)
12:05 Ruin Blade Explanation possibly simplified from full SP combo video
13:17 & 4:50 How to Dive Kick
13:49 Temporal Shift Tips!
16:13 Armor & Stats
17:25 Transform Reasonings, top 2 stats you should be concerned about when deciding which way to go
Action Demonstration Timings
19:11 Understanding how Mana Drain works
23:04 Mana Crystal usage, and how it works
27:15 Crystal Burst vs. Ether Zone
28:50 Dodging & Advanced Tactics
30:43 Resonance Miss on Downed Boss(TAKES FOREVER)
31:14 Diffusion Warp Explanation
End Slate Super Edits
31:57 Ending, Super cut, Mega Cut, all things Arisha, all SP skills, dodge, slash, dirty dancing, resonance shots
37:43 Conclusion - Good bye! What's next, some random voice acting at 5 in the morning. lolol
Full SP Arisha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clHr2lRGhTo

As always comments are welcome! Just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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