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Hey guys so Vindictus Lann just had a massive revamp well.... NOT really massive revamp but the revamp consists of some small details to both his weapon styles, Twin Spears and Twin Swords, that it's a really massive change. ESPECIALLY for Twin Spears.

What's the revamp consist of?(Video at bottom as usual)

Well for one his Critical Chance Limit has been increased to 65% chance max at level 80 with rank A on Critical Break. Every other character has the basic limit of 50% only. He is the ONLY character in the game who now possesses this unique trait, and has always been the Critical hit boy of the roster of heroes. Practically his DPS charts have gone up the roof with this revamp putting him at level playing fields with the other classes and beyond possibly top end if you ask me(a fully geared Lann is the hardest character to gear up in the entire game of Vindictus).


In terms of skills, his attacks Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury as well as Furious 7 have gotten a major boost from Smash Mastery and two deviation versions of Lightning Fury for each weapon style.

Lightning Fury: Twin Swords now is granted with an EXTRA boost of power and hits extremely hard with Twin Swords.

Lightning Fury: Twin Spears now grants invulnerability and ghosting and stamina reduction at max rank it costs 0 stamina to perform Lightning Furies with Twin Spears. It's basically a free hit that is also a dodge and helps place you in good position if you're blocked/stuck from a boss standing on top of you.

On top of that, Twin Swords and Twin Spears both have new skills of their own.

Twin Swords

Twin Swords receives Critical Damage(AP Skill) boost, which further increases critical damage multiplier(cap of 195 currently for all other chars at max str/int & critical hit caps) Lann being the only one on Twin Swords able to push that cap even further with this AP skill for himself.

Risky Wind is another skill Twin Swords Lann will experience. Upon a successful dodge you'll be granted a BONUS 50% CRITICAL HIT CHANCE to your CRITICAL STAT, and raises the Critical Chance upper limit up 13-15 or something. IT'S INSANE, for 4.5-7 seconds depending on skill Rank. Windrider buff is granted which gives these effects. You'll want this maxed ASAP, it'll happen a lot whenever you dodge an attack swinging right through you with Slip Dash/Nimble Dash.

Coupled with the Sharp buff from Thousand needles you'll have a total of 60%(50 from risky wind 10 from sharp effect) bonus critical hit chance, so that really really will bring you to the 65% critical hit cap, with risky wind raising that upper limit to 80%-ish. With Sharp also empowering Gliding Fury and Lightnign Fury.

So these two attacks will hit with the furious might of a speeding train impacting into the privates of a boss making them grovel to their knees in immense pain! LOL

In the above screenshot with 8912 damage, my Lann has only 19k attack and 48 Balance. Absolute crap balance, but 9k on an attack that performs in 0.17 seconds is well you get the idea; really powerful.

In total essence, Lightning Fury Twin Swords version also increases its damage, so if you guessed it right, just think of it like this. Lightning Fury is powered up by Smash Mastery, increased strength from Sharp Effect, and increased by Risky Wind, and powered up further by its own Lightning Fury Twin Swords version.

Yeah... that damage is going up magnificently and dangerously high exponentially, scaled up extremely. Problems are with Lightning Fury on Twin swords though it doesn't grant invuln and it doesn't ghost through targets... and costs a lot of Stamina to perform which brings me to...

Twin Spears

Twin Spears gets a RIGHTEOUS FINALLY Fury Infusion buff which lets Lann regain his HP back from sacrificing it to use it. Before the revamp Fury Infusion just kills Lann and has no way to redeem the health lost from activating this skill. The cost of the skill eats away 7% of your maximum hp on use, restores your WHOLE bar of Stamina and grants you 22% critical hit chance bonus and 900 extra attack power for 14 seconds at Rank 9, can be activated while moving. AFTER the revamp you can now gain that 7% hp back if you strike an enemy for enough damage within the 14 seconds it's activated and you'll lifesteal that 7% hp back it won't go beyond that, you can only regain the HP you sacrificed which is better than just straight up losing HP like before.

BUT if you Life Flare to 1HP you can use it and heal yourself for 7% of your hp! AND THEN FINGERS CROSSED AND HOPE YOU GET ANOTHER LIFE FLARE IF YOU SUFFER A HIT! Pretty OP in a sense, if you're playing the RNG god. (max life flare chance btw is like 65%)

Another skill Twin Spears Lann desperately needs to max as soon as possible is the Spear Dash. This elongates the dodge hop that was previously horrendous to use to dodge anything(see Furious Dodge Counter on YT, I tried to demonstrate Spear Dash Dodging before this skill ever existed, it was painful to gauge attacks with a 0.2second time frame when every other character had 0.35 and higher).

Spear Dash now reduces stamina cost of that dumb hop and makes its invuln time almost twice as long as before. 0.38 seconds at rank 6, and only about 6 or 7 stamina to perform it as opposed to its previous 15 stamina cost which was retarded for such a weak dodge.

A very nice addition to increase his survivability with Twin Spears which used to be non existent before this revamp.

A NEW ATTACK called Belclaire. This move is DANGEROUS. It really instills the risk vs. reward with Twin Spears Lann. Marking an enemy boss with Belclaire will not only increase damage dealt to it by 20%, it also increases damage you take as Lann by 20% from that same target. SO DO GET GOOD AT DODGING OR HITS YOU TAKE WILL REALLY HURT while the debuff/buff is active for its 40 seconds at rank A!

Belclaire also has some neat tricks with it that I demonstrate in the tutorial video below. It's a 4 hit smash where he sort of does a breakdance after a Spear Dash(can only be performed after a Spear Dash), but only the 3rd and 4th hit land the mark on the boss.

You can spear dash cancel it after the first 2 hits if you're quick enough and can follow rhythm or time it correctly. Because if you land the mark it disables Belclaire as an attack and you won't be able to Speardash - 2hit BelClaire targets anymore which is a really really good sideswiping attack on bosses and if you need to be mobile to trigger combos into Gliding Furies.

And with that Twin Spears gets its own variation of Lightning Fury buff.

Twin Spears Lightning fury grants invulnerability for its entire duration and when it's activated(which can only be activated after a Gliding Fury critical hit), and reduces its stamina cost by 1-5. For Twin Spears Lightning Fury costs next to no stamina, or NO STAMINA if you have it at rank A Lightning Fury:Twin Spears, and the invuln makes for really clutch moments of "omg i survived that!", and helps you ghost through targets, so if a boss is facing you and lightnign fury straight at his face you'll go right through them and position yourself quickly right behind the boss forcing the boss to turn around while you get an opening to land a few quick hits in.


ON TOP OF THIS, Gliding Fury & Lightning Fury can be CHAINED into MoonSplitter & GrandHurricane both of Twin Spears Lann's spinning techniques that can go forever as long as you have stamina to burn. So if you've connected the dots together, Twin Spear Lann can technically go on the assault FOREVER.

How so you might be wondering, and for those who don't play Lann?

Twin Spear Lann -> Fury Infusion = Full Stamina bar, -> Spear Dash/Belclaire/AnySmash ->

Get a Crit -> Gliding Fury -> Get a Crit -> Lightning Fury

Get a Crit -> Gliding Fury -> No Gliding Fury Crit -> Normal attack 3rd chain, -> moonsplitter -> get a crit -> gliding fury.

Rinse repeat.

and so on, this of course doesn't make much sense reading it or if you don't play Lann but that's about the only way I can put it in combo input form.

So Moonsplitter and Grand Hurricane also have been changed SLIGHTLY. In that it can be chained straight into its combo AFTER a Gliding Fury or a Lightning Fury, SO YOU NEVER HAVE TO STOP ATTACKING EVER. Low on Stamina? No problem use Fury Infusion, full restore + you're going on the attack so you'll gain your HP back from the HP sacrifice to trigger Fury Infusion.

So Twin Spears has its own playstyle revamped entirely just from a few differences. On Slashing High you can keep it on forever, and for the 6 seconds you don't have slashing high on and waiting on its CD you can just use Fury Infusion, with enough lightnign fury and gliding fury in between you can generate enough SP to keep slashing high on use forever every CD.

Results: Twin Spears plays a lot more fluidly than before, its supremely hard to keep in rhythm after a Gliding Fury/Lightning Fury. Attack speed makes it that much harder but that much more flashy and insane and ownage, you'll get dizzy, his DPS goes rocket high, and his positioning skills and attacks are what makes his survivability a reality now. You will gliding fury and lightnign fury so much a boss will be wondering where the hell you're even standing. Don't even bother using Furious 7 on Twin Spear Lann unless you're in transform generating so much SP that you can't even expend it fast enough.

So which weapon style would you prefer for Lann if you're a Lann user?

To summarise the two:

Twin Swords - Hits like a muthaF... well it hits really hard basically for very little hits(Powerful impact few hits, big big numbers), strengthy dodge.

Twin Spears - Hits very fast and very frequently but nowhere near as hard.(Machinegun-like weak hits, small-medium numbers). More focus on positioning for dodging than straight up trying to tank evade hits.

I can't wait for the Comet Dash!(Practically Cloud's Omnislash 6 from FF7 given to Lann later on as another 4 bar SP skill that locks down bosses).

Here's a video to describe what I'm talking about for both weapons, twin swords at about the 9-10 minute mark.


General Skills & Information for BOTH weapon types 0:00
Twin Spears Skills Overview & Reasonings 3:37
Twin Spears Gameplay 6:28
Twin Swords Skills Overview & Reasonings 9:50
Twin Swords Gameplay 13:24
Stats & Final Recommendations and Armor Type - 18:00

As always thanks for reading! Comments are welcome just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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