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Hey everyone!

Here's the Hurk article as promised from the last one I wrote about Lynn.

So Hurk is basically the Greatsword user in Vindictus. Also known as Broadswords, gargantuan blades, buster sword, cloud strife and what have you.

What do I have to say about Hurk?

He's relentless, reckless and rules the enemies with a sword that's bigger than himself.

Have a look.

Prologue & Character Creation

Hurk's playstyle is different from most of the other members of the Vindictus cast. However he has a lot of resemblance to Karok's playstyle; the other brawn in the team.

Hurk's defense mechanism is is very much like Karok, where you must take a hit during his dodge sequence to reduce/survive damage. However the difference is Karok can actually continuously block damage during his attacks as well whereas Hurk cannot.

Not only do you need to take a hit during his dodge sequence you must charge at it HEAD ON. More often than not I've Charged/Energy'ed away from an attack and always suffered full damage and a flinch or a knockdown to the floor. Unlike Karok's absorb shock it isn't direction oriented for where the damage absorbs as long as you attack at the right moment.

Hurk's greatest feats involve charging head on at an attack and also DEFLECTING the attacks back in counter and performing a vicious revenge strike.

In late game/end game Hurk this will happen a lot. You will deflect attacks a LOT. Like this.

Hurk's greatest strengths lie within Deflecting enemy attacks causing them to be wide open for a short period of time allowing your next 1/2/3 smashes depending on the rank of Onslaught to continuously stun a boss repeatedly 3 times per smash and if timed correctly between each smash being slow and delayed could last up to 5 seconds almost.


Not only do these Onslaught strikes stun they also do 50% more damage at current max Rank A(Jan.18, 2014) .


Revenge is a skill that triggers after taking a hit with a successful dodge

Within 10 seconds of taking damage and partially negated with the dodge you gain the Revenge buff. At max Rank A, Revenge grants 300 HP back on your next smash + 25% of its attack damage dealt back as HP up to a cap of 900 hp healed back.

ON TOP OF THAT you also deal 50% MORE DAMAGE also at rank A Revenge.

So think about this for a moment...

Imagine you block an attack successfully with Charge/Energy which are his primary dodge/defense techniques,

1. You get the Revenge Buff.

2. You can deflect an attack if it's a melee assault not a projectile for the cost of 100 SP

3. You now have Revenge Buff + Onslaught available on your next smash within the next 2 seconds, which is generally followed through after a Deflection.

4. If that first hit a critical...(assuming it's max rank, rank 3 currently as of Jan. 18, 2014).

Your total damage would be your smash + 50%(Revenge) + 50% Onslaught + 65% Critical, on that FIRST hit.


The only downside to deflecting and utilizing Onslaught when it's available is it drains SP really fast, 100 SP for a deflection right after a successful charge/energy block, and 50 SP per onslaught trigger, for a full combo it's 1 bar of SP(250 : 100 to Deflect + 50 * 3 Onslaught Strikes).

If you really want the boss to feel it perform an Execution right after the Deflection.

What's an Execution?

If you know of Cloud Strife's Limit Break technique "Braver" that's what this is. Execution is Hurk's strongest strike and only costs 500 SP(2 bars). You can learn it as early as Level 30. Hurk's Level 56 ultimate Terminus is more of a boss disable, I rarely use it but it is useful at times to stop instagib/party wipe attacks.

To use Execution at its fullest potential it's recommended to build up 5 stacks of Awakening first. Hurk gains Awakening stacks simply by being able to land hits per attack. So no that's not based on how many enemies are hit, it's just whether or not you landed the hit. Awakening buff only builds up on smashes and normal attacks, 1 per attack sequence, so if you do like Massacre which is a spin attack it hits twice as a smash but it only counts for 1 point into the Awakening Stacks.

At 5 stacks it becomes a Purple Icon with a hand on it. This is the moment to have a laugh and also to use Execution if you have enough SP to perform it. If skillful enough you can do it after a deflection with the revenge buff and a onslaught so it does double damage. As if 10000+ wasn't enough you can double it!

Here's a shot of just a regular Execution hit with 5 awakening stacks. 13803 damage, it's overkill on a level 8-29 raid boss, but place that against a 50-69 or 70-80 it'll be somewhere 8-9k even with a shitty 13.7k attack and will still drop the boss to its knees regardless of what atkpwr as long as you do it with 5 awakening stacks.

An Execution with 5 stacks of Awakening causes a boss to drop to its knees, and you may say whatever you like in between like "Sit down bitch!" or "Have a seat motherF*!@#!". etc. whatever floats your boat. Either way it's immensely gratifying to perform once it reaches there.

So hands down, Hurk can generate the BIGGEST damage counter EVER.

In terms of attack combos and constant attacks that you'll perform a lot are Execute, Crescent and Full Moon.


Charge & Energy - These are both of Hurk's defense techniques, Charge is performed with Direction+Dodge key. Energy is performed by just pressing Dodge key no direction. Charge & Energy can be performed if you just direction+dodgekey -> dodgekey. You want to level these up first as they will increase your window of opportunity to absorb an attack rather than suffer full damage.

Impenetrable - This is a buff granted to you when you successfully block an attack with Charge/Energy. Leveling this will reduce that damage taken by a % up to 65% + a % based on Willpower stat.

Revenge - To heal your health back from damage you've taken, triggers when Impenetrable negates damage.

Deflection - MAX THIS ASAP, gives you a wider time window to block bosses attacks and throw them back.

Onslaught - ASAP, The higher this rank goes, the more Onslaught strikes you're allowed to perform after a Deflection, it goes from 1, then 2, then 3.

Execute - Not to be confused with Execution. Execute is a stab/lunge technique for Hurk, it's easy to perform requires a Normal Attack * 2 -> Smash to perform it. So it's quick. But an even faster way to perform it is RunDirection + Smash makes it trigger instantly almost like Dante's Stinger from Devil May Cry, and hits equally as hard. It's great for closing the distance in on a boss and poking them in and out because it strikes pretty damn hard and has a long reach distance.

Crescent - At first I thought this attack was pretty slow, and didn't level it up early on. Don't make that same mistake as I did, Crescent is one of the most useful attacks and stronger strikes Hurk has available to him as a smash. It also follows up into Full Moon. This slash does a full circle from ground to front to behind Hurk, and Full Moon does it even wider where Hurk does a mini jump. This is his final tier smash. To perform it on the ground regularly it would be Normal Attack * 4 -> Smash. It takes a while to perform but, the shortcut is to RunDirection -> Smash -> Charge/Energy -> Smash, which will perform Execute lunge -> Charge/Energy -> Crescent.

Full Moon - When this becomes available to you in later levels this is the 2nd smash that follows Crescent right after, so Hurk does 2 full swings of his sword and these hit brutally hard. However this one attack after Crescent is EXTREMELY SLOW. Be careful when you use this! Because due to its slow attack nature and low attack penetration(meaning there's huge delays when you hit an enemy, it's not lag, every attack has different delay, if you use a Focus Stimulant that delay goes away and your sword flies through like hot knife in butter) and will leave you wide open to suffering full damage from enemy attacks.

The rest of the skills is up to you, but this is what happens the most during my gameplay of Hurk from levels 1-70, learning later on that these are the ones you'll be utilizing the most.

If you notice the combo involves Run Direction -> Smash -> Charge/Energy, in the midst of that combo if timed properly watching your enemy as you fight with that initial lunge you can actually block an attack with that charge/energy in between and go straight into a Deflection -> Crescent/Full Moon buffed with Onslaught and also stunning the boss for a few seconds if you have the SP for it.

Tutorial/Deflection Explanation

Here's a tutorial video on how I've played Hurk and just demonstrating ways to perform his Deflection attacks and explaining some mechanics as well as which skills to master first at the end.

End-gameplay Hurk

Here's a battle between two broadswords. I died 3 times, but this is just to show some endgame Hurk gameplay what he can do against Raid bosses in general. It demonstrates most of his combos, a very strong Execution strike here and there, and how you can destroy bosses by being able to hug them almost n .

Some hidden nuances that aren't on skill descriptions that you'll learn through playing Hurk.

1. Ultimatum - SP Skill midstrike makes you invulnerable for about half a second or a second during its swing.

2. Judgment - You're vulnerable in between the first and second slash even at max rank there's about a 0.25 second gap where you're not invulnerable(I know this because Thor was hugging my face while I was slashing it and I suffered a shock of 1000 damage, the skill says you're invulnerable for 0.77 seconds at max rank but that's not how fast the attack takes to perform so be careful!). It's still a long time invuln, nearly 1 second.

3. Execution - This super strong attack renders Hurk invulnerable for its duration while performing. You're vulnerable for the first 0.25 seconds though so if you get hit with something in the first quarter of a second it could completely cancel and waste 2 bars of SP and also place it on cooldown for 2 minutes.

4. Terminus - Can completely miss and waste 4 bars of SP if Evie/Vella someone else in the midst of disabling a boss with their level 52 ultimates. Also try to face the camera or your view direction at the boss/target and have them be directly in the middle of your screen so they'll be the target you want to rip your sword straight through, I've had times where I used it with the boss in sight but not in the middle of where I'm looking at and it completely misses and Hurk just charges into air like an idiot lol.

5. Deflection - Pressing the Smash key/click at the right moment will make you invulnerable for a few seconds costing you nothing. Requires you to not be in mid attack though.

6. Massacre - Hurk's greatest SP generator. Massacre makes SP gain like mad, but also leaves you open to suffer damage without ever flinching, meaning like Ingkells' Maelstrom(his spin attack after the stab) in the above video where I was doing a massacre had my HP just go from full to nearly empty is pretty devastating.


Hurk has a big sword and uses it very well. Lol?

Hurk hits heavy and hard, I find his gameplay is a little slow going from Lann & Vella to Hurk. It's devastatingly slow but seeing those huge numbers and the ring of sword deflection is really satisfying though and the constant rage he presents is really fun. Onslaught strikes also sound like breaking your target's bones.

As always comments are welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask. Thanks!

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