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Welcome to the guide for Fiona, one of the original 3 characters of Vindictus. She had a revamp some time ago changing up her gameplay with a few additional skills and features. You can still play her regularly or make use of her new techniques to make her awesome.

Fiona is a really well-rounded character in Vindictus, she's also the tankiest of the entire cast. She has super high versatility, a lot of solo and party potential, high utility and packs a punch with every hit. She's also part of the original cast and I've come across some god-like Fionas in the past in Vindictus and they pretty much can carry an entire battle within a party of 8 when played masterfully.

Shield Deflection is a skill that Fiona gets to perform in the middle of most of her attacks. It's like an immediate block that either lets you go straight into a full guard, or resume your combo a step before. A step before meaning you go back one step in your combo so if you do a smash you can do it again or a normal attack and so on. This was added to her gameplay style as part of her revamp.

Successfully shield deflecting also restores some stamina to Fiona and boosts the next smash attack by a whalloping 30% damage on top of everything, crits included.

If you're picking up Fiona to play, then within this guide you should decide whether or not you'll be using longswords or hammers and a small shield or a large shield. What I write here is just a preference to which weapon should be paired with what shield and with reasons why. Feel free to mix and match however you see fit though.

For me I find Longswords to be much better with Small shields due Shield Enhancement skill being a longsword-only skill, allowing counterattacks to do high damage. 

While the Hammers should wield a Large Shield in pairing due to slower attack speeds and would require higher defense to negate damage to reduce damage from mistakes or greedy hits. Large Shield gets its own skill Iron Defense which works like Slashing High minus the infinite stamina boost and instead gets a 75% damage reduction at max rank.

On top of that Iron Defense when activated allows hammers to perform a modified butterfly swing just like when Slashing High is activated which allows for a quick full charge stigma crash on an enemy and two strong butterfly swings before it.

Common Skills

These skills are the ones I believe any Fiona should rank up first as they'll be using them the most with either weapon/shield, no particular order.

Guard - Allows for blocking and reduces stamina penalty on non-perfect guards blocks at higher ranks.

Heavy Stander - Allows for blocking stronger attacks and reduces incoming damage after reductions up to 100% at max rank.

Shield Dash - At least up to Rank 9 so it can be activated by holding down Kick on top of being activated from hotkey bar, great for mobility and activating Focal Point

Focal Point - Max rank asap, helps wipe out mobs in almost one or two hits, its SP cost is greatly reduced when activated through Shield Dash.

Slashing High - Max rank asap, grants infinite stamina for a duration and super armor effects and a massive speed boost.

Shield Charge - Is a massive singular hit on an enemy, can be controlled in direction being charged, causes boss stagger, activates a free Slashing High for whatever rank Slashing high is at, makes Fiona invulnerable for its duration of the charge.

Stamina Mastery - To help increase the amount of attacks performed and how long your attack chain can last.

Plate & Heavy Armor Mastery - Most of Fiona's armors are all plate and heavy sets. Light armor sets should only be considered if you're disregarding defense.

Smash Mastery & Critical Mastery - Needed across all characters and just improves overall damage output.

Longsword Skills

When choosing the Longsword some common skills that are worth ranking up before others are Counter Attack, Heavy Stander Counter and Downward Counter.
Shield Enhancement is a longsword only skill and greatly enhances the second hit of Counter Attack.

Shield Bash another Common Skill works greatly with Counter Attack, it can be followed through immediately after Counter Attacking for an extra high knockdown bash to hopefully put a boss to its knees, it costs 250 SP but Counter Attacks generate a ton of SP, 40 SP a hit.

Willpower Mastery is also worth ranking along with Standing Endurance and Life Flare for more Downward Counter triggers and only adds to your overall survivability and increased damage potential.

Longsword Techniques that I tend to use the most from early levels to late levels are in this order

Ivy Sweep to Rank 9 - Grants an additional high damage kick at the end of the 3rd smash combo at Rank 9.

Blossom Blow to Rank 9 - Allows for a continuous loop of attacks in higher levels when this skill can be ranked to Rank 9

Amaranth Kick Max ASAP - The strongest hitting smash available to Longsword Fiona users with an extreme knockdown rate, coupled with successful Shield Deflections you can pull it off twice. Criticals and high attack gear can easily break 20k in damage per hit.

Focal Point can also be spammed repeatedly with a Longsword, it costs 50 sp per 2-3 slashes after activation and consumes 100 stamina per activation, with Slashing High on you can repeatedly spin2win. Though I've heard there's future nerfs about this feature since it removes most of any other technique to play Fiona well.

Hammer Skills

While hammer has a much larger utility range compared to the Longsword, it also hits much harder but fairly slower as well on base attack speed compared to the longsword. Since I prefer Large Shields with Hammer it is highly suggested to rank up the common skill Taunt and Iron Defense.

Taunt attracts enemy aggression and increases the chance a boss will go after you instead of party members. Having a boss attack you is actually more beneficial then when it's not. Utilizing Shield Deflection properly will keep your attacks ongoing on a target since blocking with Shield Deflection restores stamina and boosts your upcoming smash by 30% extra damage.

Iron Defense makes Fiona kind of immortal and only works with Large Shields, on top of Large shields granting extra defense compared to small shields, Iron Defense also gives her a temporary up to 75% damage reduction at max rank, super armor effects and lets you perform a modified Butterfly Swing and modified Stigma Hammer smash.

There's only two attack techniques worth ranking up to maximum as soon as possible with the Hammer.

Butterfly Swing - A repeated swing and is the 3rd smash in her combo, the initial swing costs 9 stamina and successive swings cost 26. When Slashing High is on the smash combo can be repeated infinitely due to temporary infinite stamina but can also be swung differently while Slashing High is on, the modified swings do much more damage and ends in a quick Stigma Hammer attack. This modified Stigma Hammer attack does NOT stagger enemies.

Stigma Hammer - A super strong single hit smash, can be charged up to 3 times. At maximum charge the Stigma Hammer attack will be a guaranteed stagger on a foe, great for cancelling event attacks or movements and many other situations. 

It can hit extremely hard and go beyond 50k if you're fully geared and land a critical full charged stigma with Shield Deflection buff. Shield Deflection will stop charge and if successful will be able to throw your smash right after. Stigma Hammer is the only smash that can't have a Shield Deflection AFTER attacking, it can only be performed during its charge.

Due to not needing Counter Attack, Heavy Stander, and Downward Counter, if you were to choose Large Shield with hammers, you'll have a surplus of AP that I highly recommend putting into Defense Mastery instead. While also investing in armor mastery early along with stat boosts and Critical and Smash Mastery to exponentially push that Hammer damage even higher.

One tip to remember is to perform Perfect Guards to skip your combo straight into 3rd or 4th level smashes, rather than winding up by performing a number of normal attacks. Perfect Guarding lets you skip the first 2 normal attacks, so for hammer if you perfect guard and attack after you'll go immediately into a Butterfly Swing or if you do two normal attacks you'll go straight into a Stigma Hammer smash instead. It is much faster, safer and generally a boss is wide open after attacking you to land these stronger strikes with this method.


Armor isn't too much of an issue with Fiona, she mostly wears Plate and Heavy armor sets. I went with a Shining Will set (level 56) until level 70, this fiona-only set grants so much defense it's not even worth getting 60 armor IMO and enough strength boosts along with it. 

At level 70 I went with a typical Everlasting Armor set mixed with 2 pieces of Phantom Heavy Set. 

Finally at Level 80 I went with 3 pieces of Skeleton Armor for Stamina boosts while sporting 2 different Armageddon Plate pieces. Had I reached 90 I would've went with the Braha Set.

I went with these particular sets because Shining Will Set grants a lot already as mentioned earlier, if you happen to find a Stone Enchant Scroll slap it on there and during your blocks and attacks that you suffer you get a chance to activate a 1 minute buff that gives 2000 Defense bonus.

At 70 I wore the Everlasting Armor set because it's cheap and easily made, while the Phantom Heavy set may be a bit more of a challenge your grind or leveling journey should you bring you through those areas repeatedly enough to get the materials for it.

At 80 Skeleton Armor is a bit harder to come by these days, since the bosses that drop the material are a bit frustrating to farm out, the Stamina boost was mainly the goal here, Armageddon Pieces are always sought for but the materials are real troublesome to get so it might be worth buying it out instead or farming out Bravery Seals to trade for the materials.

Enchant Scrolls

Any piece of gear can only hold 1 Prefix and 1 Suffix enchant

Shield Enchants that Fiona players should consider,

Diamond - Suffix - Grants a small defense boost but the more important one here is Critical Resistance +3%, in Season 3 a lot of bosses have a high critical chance, boosting that particular stat is massive for survival.

Extreme - Prefix - This is an excellent scroll to put on your shield if you've reached attack caps or somehow obtained yourself a +15 level 70/80+ weapon, the attack loss is a great trade off if you're already above 20k attack for season 3 content for a huge defense boost.

Fresh - Prefix - Good for Longswords since I prefer attack speed to be paired with longsword since they don't have any repeated attacks like the Hammer that don't require SP.

Invincible - Prefix - Pretty decent defense boost and is generally inexpensive.

Resilient - Prefix - Same as Invincible

Tricky - Prefix - I wouldn't take this scroll because of the Critical Resistance Loss of 3%, it grants only 1 critical rate and 145 defense but the loss of the Critical Resistance would just mean I would suffer huge damage if a boss landed more crits, and in season 3 that's a pretty big problem.

Longsword Enchant Scrolls to consider,

Enhanced - Prefix - Pretty decent overall scroll, is meant for Longswords only, gives a pretty good speed boost and balance boost and small crit boost. Pretty much everything and has a decent chance of succeeding, easily farmed.

Righteous - Prefix - Really good, has an insane amount of speed boost, balance boost and crit and attack, only problem is it's a rank 7 scroll, insanely expensive, and takes forever to find if you're going to farm it.

Bloodlust - Suffix - slightly faster than Valor but less Balance than Valor, hard to find.

Valor - Suffix - Grants a solid chunk of Balance, small boost to attack and decent attack speed, super easy to find and inexpensive.

Judgment - Suffix - VERY good but again like Righteous, extremely expensive, hard to find, and low chance of success when enchanting.

Leopard - Prefix - I don't recommend this for longswords because Enhanced exists, the attack loss just isn't worth it when Enhanced does nearly the same job but with little to no penalty.

Hammer Enchant Scrolls to consider,

Ornate - Prefix - This is an insanely good Hammer-only scroll, it kind of beats any other scroll that should go on Hammer really, in terms of cost, effectiveness and bonuses vs. pretty much any other scroll. Get this on the Hammer hands down.

Spirited - Suffix - Great for what I'm recommending, it gives a pretty big attack boost, and grants +6% critical chance with NO penalties at all.

Judgment - Suffix - It's good but it's also hella expensive, Rank 7 scrolls dont' come by easy, this a bit like Spirited enchant scroll, with slightly more attack power, small atk speed boost but penalties of Balance -1 and Critical Resistance -1%, I don't think it's worth getting compared to Spirited, as Spirited enchant scroll is less sought for making it cheaper to obtain from someone else.

Chance - Suffix - Huge Crit booster, +12% crit, but a massive Balance penalty, and hammers being low Balance already you'd have to find a way to make up for it with armor scrolls. Use this only if you have high balance from other enchants and infusions and have high attack power and don't need attack anymore.

Armor Enchant Scrolls to consider,

Temporal - Prefix, Chest only - is almost the always go-to enchant now since it gives more Critical chance, it's rather difficult to obtain though.

Master - Suffix, Chest only - Almost everyone in the game uses this scroll on their chest armor, it is practically a near no penalty big Crit booster and the scroll is easily farmed/obtained and super cheap to buy from others.

Armadillo - Suffix - This scroll gives a good chunk of extra defense, gives +5 extra max stamina, and a penalty of -100 HP. Since your defense already skyrockets high, the HP loss isn't a problem for Fiona here, and the +5 stamina is what you really want from this enchant. Works only on Heavy Armors, thus why I would aim to go with a Braha set at level 90, relatively cheap and somewhat easy to obtain this scroll.

Reinforced & Memorable - Prefix & Suffix - Expensive scrolls but these are pretty much current Season 3 end game scrolls you want on your armor for Fiona if you're wearing Plate/heavy armor sets.

Sentinel & Tutelary - Prefix & Suffix - more cost effective scrolls and more easily obtained than Reinforced & Memorable, grants decent defense boosts and critical resistances.

Echo enchant scrolls can only go on hands and feet, if you're able to obtain these you'll get a +8 Balance in total and a pretty big boost in attack power and defense considering it's being granted from Armor.

Enduring Enchant Scroll - Prefix, Chest Only - Use this if you need a big stamina boost, a total of +15 when you have Cloth Armor Mastery at rank A. This scroll is very inexpensive, very easy to get and can do a lot when you have a higher Max stamina capacity.

When you have Armadillos and Stamina Mastery with Passion Enchant scrolls on Accessories you should be able to easily reach beyond 200+ Max Stamina, once that's acquired you should start enchanting your armors with the other more expensive scrolls.

Alright guys I hope these recommendations and images helped you out, if you need a full video tutorial here's one right below.

Table of Contents within the Video:
Common Skills - 2:13
Longsword Skills - 8:14
Hammer Skills - 12:56
Armor & Enchant Scrolls - 19:59

Hammer & Large Shield - 24:29
Longsword & Small Shield - 30:16

=====Ending & Highlights=====
Montage of being awesome - 36:01
Continuous ButterFly Swings - 38:41
10 Crits in a row - 41:15

As always thanks for reading/watching! Comments are welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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