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After writing about so many guides I made this final article for the end of Vindictus' Season 2.

This is everything I believe you should pretty much know about the game if you're going to be a Vindictus Player. These questions were asked to me many times and I wanted to address it before Vindictus reaches Season 3 where most of the content changes in a sense but still remains similarly the same. But these notes I'm about to share with you are from my experience of playing the game over a vast number of years, and also... is probably the sign that I'm going to retire from the game itself. These aren't facts or anything its just what I've experienced and what it feels like in these parts of the game, so maybe it'll help you maybe it won't, maybe you'll be able to discover something too!

Table of Contents for this Article(Use Ctrl+F and look for the letters in the square brackets [])

1. Levelling Mentality [LM1]

2. Attack Power Goals [APG2]

3. Defense Goals [DG3]

4. Balance [BAL4]

5. Critical Hit & Critical Hit Dmg [CRIT5]

6. Stats, Strength, Int, Willpower, Agil [SIWA6]

7. Gear Effectiveness & Costs[GC$7]

The video version of all this is of course at the bottom~

Vindictus is one of the most unique free to play games on the market and continues to grow with unique content with also some of the most stunning armor visual sets for a gallery of heroes and 9 unique classes that all play vastly different while you get bosses of all various mechanics and environmental gimmicks with future Quick Time Events coming up all for the price of 0$. Impressive to say the least. 

While it does have some Pay to Win systems it in no way restricts the Free player either. The Free player can obtain equally the same gears as a Paying player. It just obviously takes longer. The only thing the Free player can't obtain is avatar sets which provide a small power bonus. But it's so miniscule its negligible and can be disregarded. And even then some of the free players just buy it off paying players anyways, so again they're not really restricted to Paying players(e.g. keaghan, iset, succubus queen avatar sets).



Most of the paying elements of Vindictus involve aesthetic changes. I don't consider runes or whatnot to be pay to win because the free player can obtain these as well from events and even if they break the equipment, the equipment itself isn't exclusive to payers only, and a smarter way is to just buy it off someone who's selling it instead of trying to get it there yourself as a free player. 

Trust me when I don't want to throw real money at it anymore I just farm gold and buy it off someone else it's 10x easier unless you want the adrenaline of instant gratification from paying real $ and doing it yourself, which a free player can still get if they have insurmountable quantities of gold(still obviously takes longer). Pay to win in my books is if they pay real $ to the game and have a significant permanent exclusive advantage vs. a free player. You're all killing bosses and are co-op in it. What's there to argue about?

This information below applies to ALL characters, with some having exceptions on certain elements.

Levelling Mentality[LM1] In Vindictus there a total of 85 levels(Up to the end of Season 2 Content). Of those 85 levels I consider the first 60 to be tutorial for any new player. If you are an experienced player you'll know that it's easily possible to achieve level 60 in about 8 hours of gameplay(I know cause I've done it over 7 times for most of the heroes in a super long stream session per character). For a new comer it may take slightly longer. In the future the level cap that is foreseeable will be 110. 

- Levels 1-60 will pretty much take up the entirety of Season 1 in Vindictus and possibly slightly more if you do all the main quests and side quests. This is pretty much the "tutorial" of the game. Up until 60 you've pretty much faced the "easy" part of Vindictus. This is the fastest levelling part of Vindictus which used to be really slow when Season 1 was the end of content.



- Level 61-70 generally will take place in Season 2's content. Most of the levels from 61-70 will be a partial mid grind sort of. It's not too slow but it's not too fast either. This is where you start getting used to the game and where you should start familiarizing yourself to be a proficient player with the hero you chose. Because by this level you should have all your attack skills unlocked, pretty much all raids unlocked except a few(bracelet bosses).


- Level 71-85 is the Actual grind of Vindictus currently for the end of Season 2. 71-85 will literally take forever or a week of pure grinding or about 200+ Twilight Desert 7080 runs of all bosses except Meses & Zenon. This is the super slow long grind of Vindictus. When Season 3 arrives the exp system will be revamped based on developer blogs and announcements I've seen. By about level 70 you will have access to pretty much all the content Vindictus has currently with 80 being the Gear chase. This will be changed during S3.



In season 3, Tutorial is possibly 1-70. Midgrind is 71-80. Actual grind will become 81-90+. In season 3 the gear system will be changing, where 90 equipment will have different material "quality tiers". So you can acquire 90 much more easily than the way 80 gear is earned currently. Also 80 gear will be revamped to be obtained more easily with higher drop rate in raid runs for those super rare mats that are near impossible to find currently and the seal shop will also be edited to make 80 gear more accessible to new players and old. And if any super rare drop drops in raids at S3 it will be a very bright glowing orange core. Talk about being blatant!.

Attack power goals[APG2]

In Vindictus there are certain attack power tiers you should reach or aim for once you've hit 60 and beyond. From levels 1-60 your attack power isn't anything too important to be concerned about. That's why I consider 1-60 tutorial mode of Vindictus, most of the stats don't really matter during those levels. But at 60+ they start mattering, which is also where the game starts being crazy.

At level 60 - A good attack power for your character to aim for is about 12000-13000 attack. Anything beyond that great!. Most level 60 raid bosses and just regular bosses of same level can be dealt with pretty quickly at this attack power. I've even done Hero Titan on my 13000 attack hurk in an 8 person party and still land a great amount of damage overall in Damage Dealt at the results. (Being able to do 10-18%+ damage on a raid boss is extremely good in any party of 8, its literally 100/8 = 12.5%). When looking for equipment to buy at level 60, you generally want something cheap or if you're a bit rich well go for the better stuff duh! or save up for 70. 70 Gear should last you beyond 80.

SUPER NOOB PHOTO(Yes I've been around Vindictus that long if you notice what's in the picture...)

At level 70 - A great attack power you should be breaking by now is 14000. If not you're probably lacking in titles, armor quests(from Aislinn and Blawynn), stat items, stronger accessories, AP stat skills. For the most cost efficient equipment at level 70, you generally want the Nighthawk weapons as they are the easiest to make. If you are into more pricier things Champion weapons are generally pretty high up there too. Majesty weapons are equally alright to make but Nighthawk is generally the cheapest and still very good.

By level 80 - You should have at least 15000 attack or at least close to it (could be 100-300 short of it). If not you're really lacking in gear or something. Because the grind it takes from 70-80 takes so long you should literally build enough gold or materials to actually make the stuff you need by that level. Grinding TD itself 200-ish times yielded me about 100mil in a week from just selling drops when it was high peak on Arisha release, nowadays it is probably about half that amount but the gear itself in the market prices have also dropped just as much as its costs. 

At 80+ if you break 16000 you're actually all set for season 2's content in a powerful sense. 15000 is sufficient but 16000 will just help your runs go so much faster. My Arisha sits at 15793 matk at level 85 with a level 70 nighthawk twinkling valor sword +10 unbuffed and generally achieve anywhere from 12-20% on 70 raid bosses on damage dealt, that's a lot for 1 player out of 8.

Defense Goals[DG3]

So Attack power isn't everything guys, if you're dead you do no damage! lol.

While you can play like a monster and block everything or dodge everything properly it doesn't make you void of error or sometimes being greedy and fatiguing your character to 0 stamina. Defense is like a safety net, treat it like one and also lets you be more brave at bosses letting you just whale on a boss without giving any regard to your HP. But having low defense you'll just be like "oh shit i'm gonna get 1 shotted if it's a crit or pray for a life flare". You don't wanna be that person on the floor making love to the dirt hahah.

At level 60 - I expect most players to have 4000-5000 Defense. It's a good range to have at that level and the level 60 gear should bring you there. I would never sacrifice defense just for a tiny boost of damage. Some examples are like Oh but I get a set bonus for 78 extra strength, or you could wear this other piece and gain an extra 400 defense instead... ... . . . . It's like saying you'll take a minimal upgrade instead of a massive upgrade. If you're anywhere under the suggested range I mentioned, even some lower level bosses like Klaus will destroy you easy on Hard/Hero Macha when you suffer a hit.

At level 70 - You should aim to break at least 6000 defense. If you're well above that great! 6000 is a good defense range for most of 70's content. You won't get one shotted but you won't be two shotted either. You'll most likely die in 3-4 hits or a bit more. 6000 is basically a number that if you're a very skilled player you can probably get by in the game without further improving this stat but its still something you should improve so you can do stupid things xD.


At level 80 - You should be well over 7000 defense, if you're under at about 6500 defense that's pushing it in my standards for an 80+ char for the raids that you'll attempt(succuQueen & Revived Blood Lord & S3 bosses). My arisha sits at 8064 defense with 2 level 80 heremon pieces and 3 mhara pieces. With 1 or 2 pieces of level 80 equipment this is easily achievable and with some Passion scrolls on your accessories. My Lann has pretty much about 9000 defense almost and he's only 73. It's important, having more defense means you'll be drinking less potions, attacking more often and healing a lot less than usual, meaning more playtime and less downtime.

***Fiona is the only exception to these Defense goals, since she has a shield and also an immense amount of equip that is catered towards defense she should easily exceed 2-3k more than every other character. So at 80 she should really be anywhere above 10k defense easy.***

Stat; Balance - What is it?[BAL4]

Balance is like the damage fluctuation in Vindictus. It is a percentage number from what I understand based on just playing the game because I have characters that have significant low balance compared to chars near the cap; 90 balance. 

The characters I have with really low balance generally don't do a lot of damage to bosses and have the same attack power or more than others. So in theory and in realization, ATTACK POWER IS NOT EVERYTHING. 

The important thing is to have HIGH BALANCE, HIGH CRITICAL and HIGH Attack power to actually wreck a boss. You only need a few thousand attack power above the boss' defense so you don't do twig-like damage to them!

Balance operates up to a maximum effectiveness at 90. After that any further bonuses won't increase it. Because Balance works up to 100 on its own. So if you already see the pattern a bit... 90 is max so you'll have a fluctuation of 10% damage at most. 100 being 100% effective damage on hit.

Blah... this is so rambly and repetitive. So when you attack your damage will roll anywhere in between 90-100% damage with 90 balance. Meaning if you have less balance you're just doing less and less damage overall and overtime. 

My example in the video is basically 19000 attack with 50 balance vs. a 14000 attack with 86 balance user. The 14000;86bal user will ALWAYS hit approx. 3000 damage harder than the 19000 attack at its weakest hit. Get it yet?

19000 * 0.5 = 9500. 


14000 * 0.86 = 12040. 

So what's their average damage? (IN THEORY of how I understand it, this could be totally wrong)

(19000 * 0.5 + 19000 * 1) / 2 = 14250 average damage.

(14000 * 0.86 + 14000 * 1) / 2 = 13020 average damage. 

^ so based on all this you can tell the damage difference really isn't massive. It's actually REALLY close. And in practice it really shows on runs at the end results.

Don't confuse balance effectiveness of damage with attack power caps vs defense damage reductions from boss. This is just how your damage fluctuates on a target assuming you hit full power on them. So with 50 balance in the example your damage of 19000 can hit anywhere from 9500-19000. When you increase your balance the lower number will only get bigger. So having a low balance REALLY drops your attack by about 250-500atkpwr per 1 balance.

When firebolt was a catastrophic knockback bomb for Evie with a 30s cooldown.

A great balance to be at is around the 80-83. Why do I say 80-83 and not just flat out 90? Because you have Transform and Stimulants to buff that up to its maximum utilizing full potential of everything you have at your disposal. And by the time you enchant scroll all your equips if you raise nothing but balance some of the balance increase from enthusiastics for instance will become useless, which is why Fast enchant scrolls drop balance by so much (+5 aspd -8 bal). So you can start raising your balance by a great amount but when it reaches cap you can lower it again and increase a different stat that is weak, like Attack Speed for instance which is extremely hard to raise. Balance is easy to raise, and shouldn't be sitting at cap. It just makes your transform a lot more useless apart from it being a heal. And stims raise your balance by a bonus +15 for balance on exquisite types.

Certain characters benefit GREATLY from having a high balance, like Hurk & Hammer Fiona for instance. Basically if you're a hard hitter you want high balance. There's a reason why your weapons base balance is so low. For the ones that are higher base balance it means you can afford to lower your Balance by enchanting Chance on your weapons or Fasts on your accessories. and improve your overall DPS in other ways like Crit/Speed.


There is one character I've noticed where Balance actually doesn't matter too much even though it should. And its Twin Spear Lann. His damage ratios from spinning are so low that the balance fluctuations wouldn't really even matter too much because the digits are so small to begin with. Speed is where damage comes in for this. For Twin Spear Lann you just want crits and speed. The more you crit the more your overall damage is. I had 48 balance and only 16k attack on a Havan run 7080 and did 18% damage in 10 minutes. It's... unreal. The only thing that really hurt his gliding fury damage though is having a low balance like that. Since Gliding fury is heavy hard hit having a low balance could sometimes make that attack do really little if it rolls a low number. But the spinning damage is such a small number balance doesn't affect it very much.

In short, if you do a machinegun type of hit, balance doesn't matter too much, because the way the attack damage ratios are distributed sometimes balance won't affect it that much.

If you're a character that doesn't make very many hits but hits very hard(like Hurk for instance) you'll want high balance so all your hits hit extremely hard because you only make so many vs. guys liek Twin Spear Lann. T.Spear lann would land like 16 smashes which is like 1-3 Hurk Smashes.

Stat; Critical Hit Chance & Critical Damage+[CRIT5]

Critical Hits are a very easy stat to understand and very simple to calculate what your chance to crit against a boss is. Just look up the boss in the game wikipedia or ask people and they might know. You should get a general idea. The maximum chance you have to crit against any target is 50%. It won't go any higher than that until Season 3 and I think Lann is the only guy who is having his Critical Cap raised to like 60 or 70. Absurd.

Critical Chance is literally that number there in your Character Stat window, and subtract whatever the boss' critical resistance and that's your critical chance against them. So for instance my Arisha has 92 critical, and lionotus has 70 crit res. So the chance is 22% on every smash, or approximately 1 in every 5 hits for that target. I think if you have 130 Critical or so you'll have 50% on all the bosses. Lionotus is the current boss that has the highest Crit Res I believe...

Critical Damage is a different thing though this is how big the multiplier is on your crits. It goes up to 95% total currently. At Rank 3 Critical you'll do a bonus 65% damage on crits. The 30% missing is from your stat, Strength/Int. Int applies to Evie and Arisha. For every point in Strength/Int you gain 0.015% more Critical Damage. Caps at 2000 of the stat, totalling a 30% bonus Critical Damage to your targets.

Critical Hit damage is a flat bonus not reduced by any damage modifier like defense/balance when it occurs, meaning its an end calculation in determining damage. That's why for Twin Spear Lann crit and speed would increase your damage much higher than having high balance.

Feel the love of a groin kick on magnitudes of piercing power.

So when you put all this information together, here's a full damage breakdown and attack caps in Vindictus

On the example target Lionotus:

Lionotus has 9606 Defense and 70 Critical Resistance. To do 100% damage you'd need 19606 attack, and 130 Critical for 50% crit chance. Sitting at 2000 Str/Int depending on if you're a str dmg char or int dmg char, and at 90 balance, with your defense at about 9200. 

You'll be destroying Lionotus in about 5-10 minutes by yourself if you just constantly smash him and if you take hits the damage will be so negligible you can just running drink potion to heal it off or if you're a hurk even a revenge will just heal you rather than take damage from the negation block. Damage caps work in that if you have 10000 attack power above the target's defense you'll be doing the most damage you can to that boss. That's why for certain lower level raids for most of S1 raids having 19000+ attack power doesn't do much since you're already at full strength against the target. Keaghan himself only has about 3000 defense so 13k attack you're already hitting him as hard as you can. The only thing to further that damage beyond is having Balance, Critical Hit Chance, Crit Dmg+%, and most of all Attack Speed.

Stats; Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility[SIWA6]

These are the main stats of the game. One of them will be irrelevant to your char. 

That'll be Strength or Intelligence. Intelligence applies only to Evie and Arisha. Strength applies to all the other classes out so far. The only thing you need to know about Strength or Intelligence for their respective characters is that you want them above 2000, for maximum bonus to the Critical Hit Damage %. After that its just bonus damage to your PhysAttack/MagicAttack.

Agility helps with your stamina recovery as well as improving defense at 1 every 2 agility. For every 105 Agility it also reduces the time it takes for your stamina bar to reach full stamina by 0.3 seconds. Further improved by Battle Respiration AP Skill.

***Lann is the only character that gains extra damage bonus from Agility, with every 40 points of Agility granting a bonus 1% overall damage to Twin Spears. Every 47 Agility points increases Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury by 1%. And every 38 points increases Furious Seven by 1%. Which is why Gliding Fury hits like a *****ing truck with enough Agility***

Willpower is worthy of gaining for every character, it helps with a series of things and most importantly it helps with Critical Hit Chance & Life Flare activation. You also want this stat above 2000. At 2000 will power and R6 Life Flare your life flare has a trigger chance of 65%. (30 from stat+35 from APSkill) 65%. ITS RETARDEDLY HIGH. That's literally 1/3 hits will actually kill you when you take fatal damage whereas the other 2/3 hits will more than likely bring you to 1 hp. It also raises your Critical Hit Chance by 15% total at 2000 willpower. 

Gear Effectiveness & Costs [GC$7]

Gear is something I get asked about a lot. I'll just tell you about what I know and you can make the choice.

From what I've gathered from playing for lengthy absurd amounts of time in the game...

At level 60 your gear is pretty negligible. You should at least be equipped with level 60 gear though, it should grant you a decent amount of defense to reach the goals I mentioned in the Defense section, and they should all be +5'ed +6'ed at any given moment. You shouldn't spend a lot of gold at this stage in the game. You'll be reaching 70 sooner or later but not like forever later like it is from 71-80.(I assume you're playing the game from time to time not like a freakshow like myself). So its more worth it to save up for 70 gear than spending it all at 60. 60 Just try to find simple gear that fits the job and gets the job done for those S1 59-60 raids.

After that your 60 gear should also help you be able to easily beat 50-69 runs in S2 without being one/twoshotted, if you're being one/twoshotted you need more def especially on 50-69 S2 runs or you'll have a nightmarish time when you hit 70.

At level 70 the most cost effective gear parts are Nighthawk/NighthawkLight and Mhara/Apocryphal(Mhara for Int, Apoc for Str). Nighthawk weapons are generally the cheapest and decent(My arisha uses +10 nighthawk at level 85). Majesty weapons are pretty good. Dragon weapons are way up there but very costly. Champion type weapons are generally on the speed side and a much better version of Nighthawk(for most chars), somewhat costly.

In terms of armor, if you're skimping out on gold but need upgrades from 60, just get Nighthawk armors for the Chest, Helm and Leg portion of your character and for the Hands and Feet get Mhara/Apoc for it. These are the cheapest level 70 gears that can be made and the materials are also easily obtainable via market or dungeon runs/24 man raid runs.

REAL GOLD IS SHOWN IN THIS PHOTO... called tokens.. =.=.. LOL(I am way too oldschool)

At level 80 assuming you have level 70 gear on, if you even obtain 1 or 2 level 80 gear pieces for armor you should be able to easily break 7000+ defense. 80 Gear you'll generally obtain from getting super rare materials from Havan, Kraken, Juggernaught and the Annwyn raids for the Armageddon armor. You only need 2 or 1 of the rare materials and aren't too bad to buy from people either. 

For level 80 weapons the most easily obtainable weapon is the Lakoria Fang created weapon, because Lako is just a punching bag boss and really easy to deal with, just annoyingly long and tedious to find the actual materials due to horrible drop rates. The rest are really difficult and annoying to get such as Quintine Sands from Iset or Lightning Fragments from Pantheum, or Bark Fragments and making dark essences, or an armageddon weapon being the most costly of all of them 2 cromm tears 1 golden brooch 1 hellguard fang 1 druid fang; like wtf.

In terms of scrolls, well... if you learned anything from the above sections you'll know that Attack power isn't everything, which is why I consider scrolls like Explosive ultimately useless for what it gives and what it takes away, and scrolls like Valor and Bloodlust much to be sought for over Maelstrom & Divine Punishment, and why Leopard would be a boss of a scroll on any level 80 weapon with consideration of attack caps and what you need if you are wielding a level 80 weapon doing S2 content...

Accessories are something you should really look for/invest your time into; Thunder Rings, Crescent Moonlight Rings, Ocean Depths Monsters, Amethyst Belts, Ruby Belts, Peridot Belts, Erg Core Brooch etc. These things are ALL worth a lot of money and provide MASSIVE stat increases to your char, as well as stuffing Passions and Warlords or Fast or Subdued and The Dead etc. on them just make them crazy good, more so than armor and weapon.

But that'll all change in S3 when the seal shop is improved and drop rates are highly increased in the s2 raids for gear to be more accessible to level 80s in preparation for S3's content(minimum level req = 85). So expect a market crash or sell all your shit right now. LOL. Accessories don't seem to be affected... sooo yea $$$.

Level 90 gear won't be obtained like how level 80 gear is. A lot of top players lost retention and left Vindictus due to horrible drop rates that I myself despise and am moving partially away from Vindi itself because of it; they're revamping the 80 gear system and making sure the 90 gear system isn't the same deal as it is right now to prevent that. But I still go on to play from time to time just to do stupid things like clear a 7080 TD with a 13k attack Hurk with 4k defense, and to see if the market is still retarded or not. \o/ Praise the sun.

Information Video:

Video Timings:

Table of Contents:
Levelling Mentality  -         0:39
 - Level tiers and what they mean 1:30
Attack Power Goals - 3:00
Defense Goals -   5:48
What is Balance -   6:48
Attack Cap & Other  - 9:12
Stats -   11:23
Gear  & Costs   12:31
My Equipment and recap   13:58
End Slate                         16:17

So everyone I hope this helped ya out with what you should know what you're getting into or what you've gotten yourself into in the world of Vindictus, until S3 comes that'll be it for now! Unless you want super cuts on my channel or even in ARTICLE FORMAT... D: , that'll be it for now about Vindi. :)

Dopey Picture for you and my super eearly days of vindi when there were only 5 quickslots.

Thank you for reading this far or just having a glance at this wall. 

As always comments are welcome! Just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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