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With Lynn approaching Vindictus NA next week(June 22-28) I've made some break off guides to help you farm those dastardly items that are freaking hard to get where it requires some precision and skill, below are 3 vids and pictures with descriptions to help you find the golden opportunity to fire those spears at a boss's face/armor piece/break off point, wherever makes the connecting blow for that yummy break off.

These will mostly consist of Season 1 bosses. The next 3 to be featured will be based on your request, if there aren't any high demands then I'll choose them myself(Most likely Flicker/BloodPrince/BloodLord)!, there are a certain few bosses that I can't make a guide off of because you can't get them solo, and being in a party that wants to get certain boss breakoffs they'll tell you how to get them or coordinate with you should you need it(e.g. Thor/Glas)

But for now since I suspect there'll be probably a lot of players seeking lower level equipment for the first little bit, here are the 3 break off guides for this part.

They're very short videos and I tried to make them as condensed and to the point as possible, so do have a view if you're having trouble! If not I hope the picture speaks a thousand words to you and your endeavours :D.

Gnoll Chieftain Helmet

Target: Helmet/Head (Hit normally registers if you pin the actual helmet)

Number of Spears Required : 2.
Difficulty : Very Easy

Opportunities: (Green = ultra easy, Red = Hard, Blue = Easy difficulty)

After Overhead Smash, After Spin Smash, On its knees(downed state), and the hard one is recovering after a break off hit(camping the left of his head if he's facing you)

The next one which I know I had a lot of difficulty doing when I first started is...

Giant Polar Bear Rage Eye

Mission: Dethrone the White Tyrant(White Tyrant's challenge has no break off)

Number of required Spears : 5
Target: Red Glowing eyeball(Its right eye)
Difficulty: Pretty Hard

Unfortunately with the polar bear boss there were only 2 frequent opportunities I could determine as "easiest" to hit.

One being after his overhead smash where he does a miniature lunge but almost stands up when he attacks, and the other where he's roaring left and right, where his head is almost frozen in place during the end of the roar to its right direction(so your left if it's facing you). This break off is pretty difficult so it may take a couple of tries, you have less then 1-2 seconds to react when the window opens up. You can always toss a giant ice boulder and hope it bounces into his mouth and triggers a break off hit too heh.

The easiest opportunity not shown here in the video is if it's in a downed state(knocked down from taking a lot of damage or hits) but that RARELY happens because most of the time you end up killing it before you can even get the 5th break off to go.

And finally a more higher end one but is somewhat easy to get if you know where it is.

Vehemence's Giant Blue Sapphire Bracelet

Mission: Pursuit
Number of required Spears : 2
Target: Sapphire Bracelet on Left Wrist.
Difficulty: Fairly Easy


The best time to pike this break off point is when he stabs his staff into the ground to shoot 2 homing electric orbs at you, you kinda just blindly throw at at his hands where the orbs are emitting from and you'll most likely hit it. Another is after the LONG electric storm he gets tired and his arm sways left and right slightly, which may be a bit more difficult, and finally of course the easiest is on his knees when he's in a downed state from taking too much damage.

So those are the break off guides fellow gamers and viewers. I hope they help you in your journey and part 2 will be coming shortly before/after Lynn's release.

By popular demand on comments here or on the videos, they will determine which 3 will show up in the next part, if there isn't a lot then I'll just choose them myself~

As always comments are welcome! Please keep them civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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