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Vindictus KR or more well known as Mabinogi Heroes teases its 10th character, what appears to be a Male Mage with about a dozen swords. Looks like your wishes are finally coming guys for those clamoring for a male mage since evie & arisha days.

The first S3 character appears to be coming after Episode 2. While the teaser is exciting it's more interesting to see how he'll bring another different playstyle into the game knowing the roster is already pretty diverse and distinct between each hero. What do you guys think?

And on top of that there's also the second weapon type that's still missing for Hurk, Lynn and Arisha.

I speculate Hurk might get an Axe or a massive lance later on and Lynn will get hand claws or something. Arisha possibly different castlet-type and a different weapon much like Fiona style(sword,hammer, small shield,largeshield). And of course the incoming Evie Revamp is due before any of this on the NA servers. If you haven't even seen evie's Revamps yet you'll want to have a look, including a giant Laser beam attack known as Raze mnuahahah among other things such as Meteor Storm and moving focus charging attacks and memory saving them

One of New Defense skills - Mana amber remodified for staff.

Of course this could all boil down to trolling where this is just Brynn's brother or Brynn himself...

I'll definitely be making guide for Evie later on for staff users.

Thanks so much for reading!

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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