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In Tree of Savior there are Treasure Chests hidden throughout each map. It's also worth exploring every map to 100% so that when you visit the town for Wings of Vibora NPC, in either Klaipeda or Orsha, you can trade in that knowledge for bonus EXP cards of various levels helping in the process of speeding up your character levels so you don't have to grind as much.

Collection Sets when complete serve as a permanent statistics boost to ALL YOUR CHARACTERS in your team. It is very worthwhile especially if you have other characters that are harder to level(support classes) and have a larger boost of magical attack, crit rate, physical attack, hp recovery, sp recovery, total increased max health and others at level 1 making the first 50-90 levels rocket speed compared to your first character. You may think, for instance, Physical Attack +2 is very little but combined with multiple collection sets that provide the same bonus it can easily go up to +6 to +20 which is already over 3 enhance levels on a weapon. Small boosts but added together make a very large pool of bonuses.

Below is a video I've indexed in chronological level order and location hints that'll help you locate them in case you're frustrated at trying to find some of these. Some of them are very well hidden behind objects that you might not ever come across unless you're waving your mouse around, I don't know how you would detect them if you're playing in keyboard mode apart from walking up to it and mashing spacebar.

Make sure to use the rainbow bar at the bottom to help with navigation between transitions.

Video Timings - Area - Map Level - Hint
1:58 West Siauliai Woods Lv1 - Left of Entrance to Klaipeda
2:11 East Siauliai Woods Lv6 - Topmost Area of the map
2:26 Miner's Village Lv12 - Northwest of the Fake Chest
2:51 Crystal Mine 1F Lv16 - Near the Entrance to Crystal Mine 2F
3:04 Crystal Mine 2F Lv20 - South of District 4
3:15 Crystal Mine 3F Lv22 - In a small cove halfway into the map
3:27 Srautas Gorge Lv26 - Southwest of Statue Goddess Vakarine
3:42 Gele Plateau Lv29 - Southwest area of the Forest Guard Cabin Area
4:06 Nefritas Cliff Lv32 - At Virve Ridge behind a flower 
4:17 Tenet Garden Lv35 - In the open at the Levanda Habitat
4:26 Tenet Church B1 Lv40 - Bottom of the map near the Tenet Church 1F Entrance 
4:40 Tenet Church 1F Lv44 - West side of the Central Altar area
4:55 Veja Ravine Lv46 - South area of the Sparmu Parvis
5:17 Tenet Church 2F Lv48 - East of Auka Altar
5:28 Vieta Gorge Lv49 - South of the Blind Ruins
5:52 Cobalt Forest Lv52 - Northwest of Andale Village
6:06 Cobalt Forest (Monster Specimen) Lv52 - East side of Map, Interact with the Old Well
6:31 Guards Graveyard Lv53 - In the first "Large" room against a wall
6:40 Septyni Glen Lv55 - East of the Statue Goddess Vakarine
6:59 Gate Route Lv 58 - Next to Believer Virgis behind a tree pillar
7:08 Gateway of the Great King Lv58 - West of Abandoned Old Workshop
7:26 Ramstis Ridge Lv61 - North of the West Entrance behind a pillar in Mazonas Rest Area
7:47 Sirdgela Forest Lv61 - Southeast of Tyla Rest Place
8:09 Kvailas Forest Lv64 - Southwest of the Sirdgela Forest Entrance
8:21 Overlong Bridge Valley Lv64 - Far East side lower end of the map
8:44 Akmens Ridge Lv67 - East side of the Rodama 1st ruins behind a cliff
8:58 Gytis Settlement Lv69 - West of Soldier Dennis
9:12 Tiltas Valley Lv69 - East side of Excavation Team Camp

9:27 ====ORSHA REGION====
9:37 Lemprasa Pond Lv1 - At the end of Cabin of Lumberjack area
9:49 Woods of the Linked Bridges Lv8 - East of Statue Goddess Vakarine
10:06 Paupys Crossing Lv12 - Northern area of Atsylka Rest Area
10:21 Ashaq Underground Prison 1F Lv17 - Left side of the Punishment room behind the wall
10:40 Ashaq Underground Prison 2F Lv21 - In the Supply Room
10:56 Ashaq Underground Prison 3F Lv25 - Southwest of Felon Prism at the bottom of the map
11:11 Koru Jungle Lv29 - South of Saunu Brook
11:22 Knidos Jungle Lv32 - South of Viramka Slope
11:32 Dadan Jungle Lv36 - West of Ruivara field up a cliff on the left
11:47 Nevellet Quarry 1F Lv42 - Bottom of the map behind a Wheel
12:01 Nevellet Quarry 2F Lv43 - In secret Main Room near Miner's Box
12:16 Novaha Assembly Hall Lv45 - Directly south of Statue Goddess Vakarine
12:30 Novaha Annex Lv49 - Southwest Edge of Map
12:41 Novaha Institute Lv53 - Southwest of Veidna Hall in the dead end room
13:00 Karolis Springs Lv57 - Under the Karolis Candle words
13:13 Letas Stream Lv61 - Right near the Pelke Shrine Ruins entrance
13:24 Pelke Shrine Ruins Lv65 - Under the bridge in Aukle Parvis
13:33 Absenta Reservoir Lv68 - SouthEast Area in Heralve Vacant Lot
13:44 Sienakal Graveyard Lv70 - Left side in the Topmost room on the map 

I hope this helps you out in your journeys.
As always comments are welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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