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Hey everyone Tree of Savior just hit closed beta on Steam recently. I was lucky enough to get access to it.

So far by the title of this article you can already tell I'm extremely biased towards liking the game as it is created by the man who made Ragnarok Online back in the day, Kim Hakkyu. An immense thanks to him already for gushing for an english release synchronously with the KR version as well.

In other words, THE HYPE IS REAL!@#!.

For original Ragnarok Online fans you'll want to keep an eye on this game, not only are game mechanics similar and familiar it is also overhauled to an extent where it'll get extremely intense later on. Obviously rag has been developed much more due to just length of time and is the only game along with Arcturus being compared to Tree of Savior because of having similar styles but Tree of Savior is already very impressive just on first experience and has many systems introduced very quickly without being tediously boring in introducing these systems to you. The video at the bottom is just my first 20 minutes of gameplay. My literal first 20 minutes.

So a disclaimer, this isn't a review, a first impression really shouldn't ever be considered a review(which i don't know why so many of you in the past keep telling me FI's are reviews when they aren't)it's more of an experience at just first glance. It's like a first date, not a meats and bones evaluation.

Character classes have many branches and different paths you can take on top of skill point allocation and character stat allocation. The stats themselves aren't exactly too funneled into one way of "what's best" so you can craft your own character to be a strange mess that'll work as long as you have some thought placed into your build.

These are just a FEW of the classes that are officially announced. There has been a statement of a total of 80 and more coming.

The combat is already very smooth while my character attacks rather clunky and choppy I know this is just an early on thing. Having to utilize focus casting and charging while on the move and jump releasing an energy bolt already speaks miles about what the game can do. After about 10 minutes in enemies already start utilizing the jump function as a form of dodge rather than a gimmick to just hop around the game. The graphics and representation of characters as sprites and environments as 3D is very well portrayed. It creates a fine separation between player characters and bosses.

Players are represented with extremely high detailed sprites/3dmodels/3drenderedinto2dsprites with equipment and weapons being able to be swapped out for customization. The assets themselves are 3d models and 2d sprites. A mix of both for player characters supposedly.

The bosses however or significant monsters appear, to be full 3D models and still blend well with the character sprites and game environments without having a jarring polygonal edge effect.

While most of the gameplay demonstrated in the video it was only the very surface of what the game has to offer and based off that I can already tell this will be a great experience for open world MMO lovers, and those who want a heavy character progression with medium to high difficulty as indicated with jump function and various party formations & big boss monsters with large HP bars. Though some of this is just theory, that's what I'm basing it on because the introduction is very hooking.

The game itself isn't very power demanding for computer specs so you won't be needing a massive computer upgrade to play Tree of Savior as well. The game has very low specs so even those who struggle to play newer 3D games you'll definitely be able to play Tree of Savior with very old technology of 2 technology series generations ago. (We're at GTX Titan X & Radeon Fury X? You need like a base minimum of GTS 450 recommended to play which is a graphic card not even stocked anymore) and 4-8gb of RAM. The closed beta itself is only 4.3GB big so its a nice small package of a game.

The game sounds are very fantasy themed. At certain points I thought I was playing a final fantasy game... but half of a game's immersion is sound on top of good gameplay. Even the music is brought back from artists like SoundTeMP and SFA(Ragnarok Online music artists & Granado Espada music artists). So even the overall field melody and in game music will be reminiscent towards some theme of Ragnarok Online or Granado Espada's musics.

In the future after the game is released and more time is invested in I'll be coming back with a much more in depth article of a review of Tree of Savior so stay tuned!.

Thanks for reading/watching!

Comments are always welcome! Just please keep it civil among eachother is all I ask thanks!

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