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The reader's choice awards are here for 2016 on MMOsite.

While everyone's vision of their favorite game to dominate a category will vastly differ among all of us, here are my personal picks and opinions regarding the choices I have a high affinity for. My choices of course are highly biased towards my own tastes but I encourage you to vote for your favorite titles and give them support!

I don't really play many browser games or mobile games but they are mentioned near the final parts of the video at the bottom.

My choices for Client Games

Most Classic: EVE Online

I chose EVE Online due to its continued growth throughout the years, while I haven't played it myself I have ALWAYS heard people talking about EVE, making comparisons of EVE with other titles throughout the years, seeing continued growth and most importantly player population has always been on an increase over the years. The title itself is probably the only sci-fi spaceship game on the market at the moment and will likely last a lengthy amount of time from this point onward. With it opening doors to being free to play while merged with pay to play systems it is still treading on solid.

Other notables: Aion, Cabal, MapleStory, Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Runescape

Most Anticipated: Lineage Eternal & Lost Ark(Equally)
Lineage Eternal has shown interesting new innovations as mouse-drawing movements to perform attacks. The game itself represents in familiar diablo-esque presentation of being an isometric dungeon crawler. The action and the gameplay looks very unique that most games have not ventured into which brings a fresh experience to the market.

Lost Ark has shown impressive visuals as well with strange classes that utilize multiple skill tree usage within one class. Their current unveiled classes hold a lot of immense indignation upon foes but the unrevealed classes are yet to come. It's got sci-fi elements to it, it has martial arts elements to it all taking place in a fantasy world. The introduction of bosses looks like some extreme fun with some friends to take on.

While the hype level is supremely high for both of these titles I'm hoping none of them fall hard on delivery and that we all just get another 2 games to enjoy on the market.

Other Notables: Albion, Crowfall, Closers, Bless, Lawbreakers, Master X Master, Moonlight Blade, Maple Story 2

Best New MMO: Black Desert Online
I chose Black Desert Online for this particular category. Not simply because I like the game and fanboy it, but also because it plays like an ACTUAL MMO. Too many times have I jumped across different MMOs only to reach the same theme-park bland run of the mill title with barely any substance of difference with players mostly asking "what is there to do end-game?" <- If this is the only thing that matters who cares about the first 90% of content then correct?
The pure shock to the audience and players coming in expecting the game to be like a "themepark" MMO not only made this choice more distinct but rather easily picked. Out of most titles that released in 2016, I cannot name another title that is openworld and more freely explored than Black Desert. Not only is it open world and filled with exploration for new players, none of the game's areas are obsolete where in most other cases there are plentiful amounts of MMOs I can name where you NEVER revisit the spawning areas of where your character began their journey or parts of where they went through for any purpose other than nostalgia of your starting days. These are simple reasons why I've chosen Black Desert for this category.

Other Notables: Overwatch, Paragon, Tree of Savior, Paladins

Best Expansion: World of Warcraft Legion
While I haven't played World of Warcraft this is a sizable expansion granting 10 additional raids, increased level caps, prestige system, standardized pvp system and the chase for artifact weapons. There's probably more I'm missing as the expansion is rather large and seems to have brought WoW back into its own spotlight. I'm not one that's really into WoW, but I will give it props to being able to draw players away from multiple MMOs and reinvigorate their title to check out this entire new expansion it has to offer to gamers. That fact alone is why I chose World of Warcraft Legion to have best expansion.

Other Notables: Archeage, Black Desert Online, Blade N Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, Vindictus

Favorite MMORPG : Lost Ark
I definitely loved Lost Ark's presentation and game style. The boss introduction on their gameplay trailer hit home with wanting to bring friends into this game in the future just to experience the gargantuan monster you'd have to take down cooperatively being one instance.

Favorite FPS : Ghost in the Shell Online
I played this for a few hours, not really much of an FPS player. I thought Ghost in the shell was easy to jump into and the game played very smooth. It followed a lot of the anime's themes and characters and the abilities they each have.

Favorite Action MMO : Black Desert Online
The action is just very quick, fairly accurate that can be better with some fine tuning to the game itself(it has gotten a lot better over time). The skill canceling and the utilization of two weapons(regular & awakening)per class was very fluid and smooth. There's horse combat and guild war sieges that is all very engaging within the game. Even watching the TRI-server tournament held by Youtuber & Streamer BladeBoques was an insane feat to watch top players compete against one another.

Favorite MOBA : DotA2
I simply just have a strong affinity for DotA 2. While other games such as League of Legends are still going strong, there's new titles like Paragon up and coming. Hyper Universe is another one that appears to be sidescrolling but looks really fast-paced. Master X Master is another one coming up. All these games!

Best Graphic : Black Desert Online
Hands down by far, I know this is subjective but I'm evaluating this on the merits of Black Desert Online pushing graphical standards beyond belief. Almost the majority of players were hooked on graphics alone prior to the game's release. The Picture the Seasons event that was held just recently attests to that. Black Desert is still taking on new levels trying to push their graphics even further with talks of utilizing Silicon Studios' YEBIS technology for post processing effects further enhancing visuals within the game.

Best Soundtrack : ??
This involves multiple games because soundtrack for evaluation within this category has to fit the theme of the game and what the game is presenting to you. Tree of Savior had a pretty good music score but it's not a choice on there. Black Desert has suitable music scores for all their pieces. Final Fantasy XIV has an amazing music score. Vindictus still has magical ear candy for every new boss fight/area they release. I don't have any particular pick for this category so these are just multiple mentions.

Best Community : Black Desert Online
I mostly only chose this simply because I made the most friends in Black Desert out of any MMO I've ever played. Why I don't get involved in most communities across so many MMOs over the years is mainly because of spam of different sorts. It could be bot spam, it could be trade spam being the most common and frequent ones that have me disabling the chat upon login. I consider most of the chat to be useless if it is filled with bot services/goldselling services or riddled with WTB/WTS messages so I generally disable it as it's a useless piece of UI I barely ever make use of in those MMOs.
But because Black Desert is fairly clean with the rare botspam popping up(easily disintegrated with chat filters), and no trading, people talk about random things instead or start throwing memes at one another to spark a war or you see people talking about secrets or different strategies and boss calls on spawns instead which make a much more interesting in-game text radio than a trading advert from bot/player.

Best PvP : Blade N Soul & Black Desert
Blade N Soul for your small-scale PvP. Touted for its 1v1 Arena matches, 3v3 arena. I don't hear too much about the faction battles or other things, I still see the game mainly surrounding itself over 1v1 Arena and the smallscale PvP the game has to offer.

Black Desert for your large-scale PvP. The complete opposite of Blade N Soul, I wouldn't fully weight Black Desert for small scale PvP since particular classes serve a much greater purpose in huge crowds and wars of large scale PvP. Black Desert is definitely the game you'll want to play for large-scale PvP. I consider large PvP to be anything beyond 5v5+.
And these are my main picks and preferences for the Client Games section, here's the video going over each of them and a bit about the Browser and Mobile sections near the end.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Enter here to vote : https://goo.gl/pbCRrz

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