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Hey everyone, so today I'm gonna tell you about my first hour or so in Swordsman Online in the Closed Beta.

I was lucky a friend gave me a key and I went straight into it. The game is about 8 gigs big, not too bad(I generally gauge a game's content by filesize too and what kind of game 3d/2d).

The graphics are pretty good, they're not a dealbreaker, nor are they spectacular, but the goal of a game is to instill fun, discovery, and a sense of accomplishment. Looking good is always secondary.

Here's a look at the ingame.

I gotta say though there's quite a bit of cutscenes in the game, WHICH IS GREAT.

Movement and navigation are pretty smooth, however combat so far to me has been a little clunky, but I'm not going to pass full judgment on that yet since I'm still at newbie levels(level 7), and generally being new and low level to any MMO generally is slow and clunky. So I'm expecting to see character progression as my char levels up, which should be nice if this expectation is met as I play.

Some rooftop jumping

What has me intrigued is that character creation is EXTREMELY detailed on the face with slider bars everywhere if you should choose to do so, body not so much probably because your character is clothed 99% of the time. (the 1% is where you take it off for a glance).

Here's a character video creation vid for you just so you know the options available. Enjoy! I tried to make my character as hot as possible...

One thing I wanted to mention is that there are certain schools which are GENDER specific.

As such those martial schools would be Shaolin and Five Venoms, one being male and the other being female respectively.

You can see this in the screenshot below at the top right.

I thought that was rather peculiar but if I knew that beforehand I might've made a male char as I was checking each school out.

There's Sun and Moon, House of Tong, Wu-tang, Harmony, Zephyr, Infinity, Splendor, E'mei and the previous two I mentioned.

A total of 10 martial arts schools, each with their own different weapon and fighting style. Quite a bit to take in already, as I think about the future ahead in character progression should I ever choose to venture into PvP it would mean knowing my enemies techniques, and that's a LOT of them.

But having gender lock on two of the schools didn't matter too much because as I watched the skill videos between each school I eventually went to...

School of Sun and Moon, a dual wielding class with giant daggers. One of my beginning school's techniques lets me hook enemies and drag 'im to me and has them dazed, like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Combat itself became flashy, and there's some sort of ultimate focus skill or something that wiped a lot of enemies out in a flash and caused an inferno to burst around my character, how smooth it is I still don't know because I'm a newb in the game. But exploring the different menu options, HUDs and skill windows I noticed there's different styles that I could potentially unlock later on which my friend mentioned where he learned a new style, so these schools that you join also branch off into other sects where you define a certain trait or technique of that school even further, you could evolve into partial melee and ranged or pure speed or pure maneuver, DoT focus and various others as described in the descriptions. Or even make a custom one of your own where you mix and match(I assume) of techniques you learn as you go.

Here's where I discovered that your school/cult techniques evolve into different styles.

Apart from that all the voice acting in the game is in Mandarin, no English dub(thank god...), and English subtitles.

To sum things up what do I think of the game so far?

I think it's pretty good but hard to truly say due to this being a first impression it's definitely not boring enough where I drop it like a hot brick(and my expectations are pretty damn high... or low?). Things I've thrown into consideration are that the game is Free to Play, it's in closed beta, it's early game, don't know too much yet. I hope it'll be fun and not too grindy, so far I'm level 7 in ~1 hour so I'll believe it's relatively well-paced. I'll be playing with a friend who's using the Harmony school, I was originally going to be Tong but I didn't like the idea of standing there and just shooting stuff. I definitely had way too much fun just making my character and doing ridiculous things and making my character overly superficial. Heh.

I look forward to unlocking new styles and trying to reach end game if the game holds my interest that long and then sharing the experience from this point to endgame! If I come across something I find noteworthy expect to see it here on mmosite.

Minor gameplay video to be added to this piece.

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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