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Hey everyone today I'm bringing you a short review of a card game. It's browser based but I gave it a shot to see what's up.

Summoner's Legion by R2 Games.

The game itself reminds me a bit of Magic The Gathering, where you have your HP pool and what not and different races/colors, but there isn't really a resource pool that you have to build up.

The game's mechanics revolve around making a deck of 30 cards and using those 30 cards to battle. Of those 30 cards they can consist of skill cards and unit cards. I'm still at a very early level of the game so it's hard to say what later on would be like.

Reading a Card's stats.

Stars - The number of times you've upgraded it, some cards are maxed at 1-2 stars or have no upgrade, most unit cards have up to 4 stars of quality. So you would 2^4 to make a 4* card + the materials. Meaning you'll need 16 0 star cards to make 1 4-star card late game.

Top left is the Mana Cost to summon them, so if it's 4, it'll be summoned at earliest 4th turn unless the enemy has a unit out that decreases your max mana by 1 while its alive and various other things that could affect you.

Bottom left is a unit's attack power.

Bottom right is its HP.

Some Other attributes:

Armored - Blocks PHYSICAL damage. So if a unit has 2 armor and most of your units do 2 damage you better make your boys n girls stronger cause that guy is gonna take 0 damage until one of your units has a 3 hit counter or you use a special skill to wipe it. Magic damage units will just ignore this attribute and cut right through or if a unit has armor piercing.

Alert - Attacks adjacent units

Counter - Attacks for equal damage when struck if target is within range.

Dodge - Runs backwards if there is space behind when enemy approaches.

and so on.

I'm not going to list all of them there's way too many! If you mouse over the card when playing it's pretty straightforward and tells you what's going on.

Out of the cards you can choose there's 5 different races of cards.

Humans, Elves, Beasts, Undead and Dwarves.

Some Human Cards. I have 3 different pages of different human cards...

Some Elf Cards

Some Beast Cards

Some undead cards

Some Dwarf Cards

Out of the 4 classes you can choose currently are

Warriors, Rogues, Priests, Mages.

Warrior Class & Some Skills

Ranger/Rogue Class & Skills

Mage Class & Some Skills

And of course Priest Class & their skills

ALRIGHT SO you get the idea it's a card game there's a LOT of card choices and many different decks to be had and many different fights to be won and lost. Out of 30 cards, choose from that massive pile that I've just shown in pictures above & various other cards I have yet to discover.

So I'll get right into it. Of those 30 cards you build yourself a deck, what's important is the cost of summoning a unit. At turn one you have 1MP to summon anything you might've drawn that costs 1 MP. Later on you'll get more MP as turns progress.

Deck Building, while this isn't the first activity you'll be doing when you start, you'll be actually playing fights for the first 10 minutes or so just to know what's going on, this is after the tutorial. So on the right side is my current noob deck that I'm messing around with.

+1 to max MP every turn. So at turn 2 you have 2 MP regardless of what you spent previously, you can't save up your mana and so on.

Each turn your MP gets refilled to maximum so try and spend as much as you can. For instance if you were at turn 7 you'd get 7 MP so you can summon say a 3 cost and 4 cost card.

Battle is quite active, even in PvP, in PvP you're fighting another player in real time, not some bot-automated setup or anything.

Unit cards have many different effects, some buff others, some are straight advancers(think zerg rushing), ranged, special effects, armored, revenge on death, alert(attacks any adjacent target forwards and backwards), ambush(double dmg on first atk). Just to name a few. A FEW.

There are MANY MANY different cards in this game, and none are really duplicates(except same cards duh but you use those for upgrading), there are similarities but those similarities make all the differences. At later levels or deeper depths into the game the cards can be upgraded as well. But that requires your level to go higher and requires you to have 2 of the same card to power up into its next stage. As mentioned earlier you'll need 16 of them to get one to four star quality.

Getting two of the same card I find is somewhat difficult as you have to keep opening card packs(costs silver & gold) and hope you get a draw of the card you're looking for out of 5, and out of that 5 out of the plethora of many different cards in the game. On top of that I can't seem to find materials quite easily to combine cards either which is magic dust. I'm still unaware of how to actually obtain the resource apart from doing daily events/hot events/devotion events and dungeon boss rewards. There's also this collection panel of cards for you to go and collect certain cards for rewards and things. If you're one to try and obtain everything go and challenge yourself I guarantee this'll soak up tons of time.

The game so far has its own campaign feature which serves as a tutorial for the first 3 stages then it gets progressively harder unless you're constantly improving your deck and being aware of synergies you can use with your cards, it has an Arena for PvP, BlackSmith to upgrade your main classes(Warrior/Mage/Priest/Rogue), Alchemist area to combine your cards and upgrade their strengths. Guilds for... banding together. Barracks to train certain mercenaries in your deck to become really powerful, and Dungeons. Dungeons is pretty neat I like partying up with 2 other players and sending armies and buffing whatever I can on my team to go slay a boss summoning an army themselves. It gets pretty hectic but always seems to end in a zerg of heroes or minions charging at the boss later on.

So I'll go through Arena first, Arena is where you can participate in 1v1 or 2v2 PvP. Real time combat with other players. Not against bots. This area is strictly for Player against Player. Sometimes queuing can take a while. The game is fairly new but it doesn't take forever or very long either. Longest I've waited in queue was only 3 minutes. The worst to fight is an AFKer but then again that's a free victory also.

Deciding where to summon my first guy of 1 mana cost...

1v1 is entirely dependent on yourself, however a 2v2 fight is vastly different. Take a friend with you in 2v2 and go on a VOIP call or something and thrash your enemies its quite entertaining.

Bring a friend.

Dungeons are vastly different as mentioned previously you'll be joining 2 NPCs or other players to take down a boss that will grow inherently stronger and more max mana than you at a faster rate but there are 3 of you in comparison to make up for that strength that the boss gets. It gets pretty hectic and I'll show you with these images, else check out the video at the bottom!

Early on in the dungeon boss...

About to use a warrior skill here...

One of the NPCs decided to cast Blizzard as my main went in for a Heavy Blow on the guy at middle top lane.

Boss struck down 2 of my units and has 3 advancing at me in my lane

You're not restricted to your lane either, you can summon your units in your ally lanes too to help them out or defend.

And of course you all have this important question it's a free browser game there's probably some money scheme involved. There is for some bits, but you can gain Gold which is actual real money currency converted to ingame currency to buy things.

But you get Gold from just doing daily events, accomplishing achievements and weekly things and PvPing. So participate in everything!

Silver is the ingame-only currency and can be bought with Gold conversion at the shop. However opening card packs will require Gold or Silver. But for the most part I feel the game is more play to win than pay to win because I'm getting by just fine without spending and it's quite a lot to think about.

I have about 37000 gold that I got from just starting the game I think there's some new player bonus that you get that'll grant you that amount when you start so you can make your cards and decks and purchase packs to get you started. There's also the honor shop which can only be bought with currency gained from PvPing in the Arena. 

EDIT: it was brought to my attention that I was given 37k gold. I made a new char on a different server and see if making gold was hard and it isn't made about 300 in about 2 hours. not too difficult, for the review video i played the game for about a whole day and got 2k from just doing the ingame activities, it really doesn't change much except getting more cards, but VIP levels seem much more in terms of game advantages which I don't have.

PvPing currency gain is obtained weekly and is granted to you based on your medal ranking accrued from wins. Losses don't count toward anything so the more you play the more you'll just advance your medal and greater reward you'll get.

The game is more about strategy and tactics than action-skill/reflex, and compositions of decks that have good synergies with early/mid/late units/skills put together with well thought out decks that will pummel even people with stronger cards. You should definitely give it a try if you haven't and like card games or strategy games. It's pretty good.

PS I've read in the chats while playing that one of the main classes is kinda broken with a skill they have but I'm assuming that'll receive the nerf hammer sooner or later.

Video Review presentation of the game just so you can see live action.

Thanks so much for reading! As always comments are welcome, just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

You can find the game here at this link~

Summoner's Legion   Review   Strategy  

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