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Hey guys, so I played Skyforge for a little bit, here's a first impression.

I'm still a grand newbie in the game and unfamiliar with a lot of the setting and mechanics. Here's a picture to tell you how little I know about it which is only 4.14% worth of a class.

But that isn't the point here, this is about how the game has impacted me for the first few sessions of gameplay.

However I do know you play as an Immortal or some form of a god in the game where you live in the clouds basically and govern and police the world from threats as a hero. The world itself has constant missions changing on the mission select globe and of course your main story plot that is always there.

So far the game really has very little restrictions when it comes to your class or character. You can customize your character in various ways with outfits and headgears earrings etc. for aesthetics, I think even somewhere you can remodify your character, like height hairstyle and gender I THINK... I don't remember or I could be remembering something wrong from what one of the NPCs told me in the beginning.

When it comes to your combat class you can switch on the fly mid-mission or during a run so you're never stuck playing the class you started out with. Takes about 6 seconds to transform into another class. You can't do it during combat though. However choosing the class you start with does advance you a bit farther down their "skill tree" or Ascension Atlas as they call it, than your other classes.

Combat for the most part kind of reminds me of Phantasy Star Online and Guild Wars 2. You're running through dungeon maps which REALLY gave it a feel of Phantasy Star Online considering the sci-fi and fantasy element of the game. Each class itself plays fairly differently where casters seem to be aim and hold down your attack buttons and melee classes are more along the lines of sequential inputs; like vindictus where your attack combo & strength is based on how many Left click attacks you make followed by a Right click attack.

Each class has their own execution attack as well. When an enemy drops below a certain healthpoint % you'll be granted a chance to just instantly kill them. Happens on bosses too which sometimes is a great boon considering most of the battles I've fought come off as tedious, but I assume this is as such since I'm still in very early stages of the game, much like any other MMO.

The game's graphics really reminded me of Mass Effect, in the video below I even show you screenshots that I dug up that just put me in the same atmospheric feel of the titular game vs. Skyforge. I'm sure the resemblance is there. There are cutscenes in the game too, they aren't shabby and they do play out fairly well.


Of course I've heard rumors of P2W and discussions of P2W across multiple forums and media places but I don't think I've felt the brunt of any of that yet and may or may not be there later. Can't confirm because I haven't ran into it. Yes I read what you guys say obviously! But regardless of that if you think the game is great or bad you'll end up playing it or not playing it even if it is P2W or isn't. And it's new on the market so why not. It's free to play & enter when it's released and it's not planned on going P2P or B2P. I'm not here to convince you, this is just to share the experience to what's there so you can decide for yourself.

For the most part though I don't feel too much uniqueness about my character yet, that's one of the problems with having free customization to looks and class, anyone can basically be each other and copied, hopefully in later levels as inspected on the Ascension Atlas when more skills and other things unlock the options become so plentiful that diversity starts occurring and with hopes that the game is balanced enough to not shoehorn all their skills to be "best combination of skills" for everyone down one path per class.

Upgrading equipment I noticed is more of upgrading a "category" rather than items themselves, but what's curious is that there's a cooldown timer after so many successes/attempts or levels, which of course may tie in to the whole Pay 2 win rumor which I thought was a little weird; to have a cooldown on enhancing a weapon/accessory/additionaloffhand category. The idea I'm getting more from this cooldown limit is more that your character is to grow over time...not instantly when you've already spent time gathering or acquiring materials, not to mention it eats up your ingame currency really quickly. And could be problematic if in further developments if the game decides to also enable item upgrading instead of just the category and still enforce a cooldown. There's also a ton of different enhance grade materials and multiple types of currency.

Overall I think the game is good it's going to be free to play. I've played pay to win games before and still succeeded without paying so that's still up for debate since I haven't really met a brickwall of a pay to win system locking my character from growing or progressing. It's got nice graphics where my computer can handle it on fairly high settings while recording and still not chug and drop to a stop. The user interface is nice and clean and for the most part I do genuinely like how the game system plays out(it's safe to say the game hasn't bored me yet within the first hour), I just don't have enough free time to invest myself further into it yet.

The combat seems a little clunky at first, but that could be just because I'm still a newb in the game and could pick up in pace later on as my character develops a bit more. There's a lot of different statistics to gloss over and understand and various Talents/Abilities that is locked on my class select page. I assume partying should be a lot more fun than soloing in this game even though I'm mostly a solo-type player, because killing boss mobs with 1300+ health by yourself while tickling them with 10-60 damage hits takes a while. All in all I think the game has potential and I like the ideas it has to offer. I would have to play it more to have an actual review/evaluation though.

Here's my first impression video of the game itself. Combat and demonstration of each class in its newbie forms I have unlocked is near the second half of the video starting at 7:45.

As always comments are welcome! Just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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