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I recently came across a mobile game called Sdorica, the game itself seems to represent a very polished looking game and the graphics are stellar.

The story telling elements seem good enough for something that was free. Definitely surprised and shocked of the quality the game introduced itself upon launch.

A full introductory video to the game's story, insane skill effects, and is a puzzle turn-based RPG with some form of Strategy.

The main skepticism that I approached the game with was "What are they charging to make this game for updates and future content and the such" because obviously games being made for free without any cost take forever to get any traction or completely die off. In short, what were they doing to make money was the only question remaining since I was pretty impressed by what's being given.

The game itself has some cash shop gachapon kind of deals, RNG box type of things, they're pricey in some sense but the game does allow you to get those items via playing at a much slower rate. That being said of course the polish and gameplay of Sdorica itself is nothing short of impressive and for myself is a rarity to grant such praise.

Having only touched the surface of the game it appears there are many forms of event quests, venture quests, trainings for abilities on heroes, infusions and advancements for each role/character, there's guilds and online servers involved and it isn't some offline game either so there must be some form of online interaction between other players involved in the game.

Sdorica is fairly new, but for a mobile game it looks like I'll be giving this one a bit more time than usual since I've only experienced a small session playing it being my firstr impression of this game.
Similarly the game art style sort of reminds me of Odin Sphere from many years back for my own nostalgia though its made by different companies entirely.

This game is a mobile app game.

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