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Revelation Online Closed Beta Test 1 went live just a few days back

After having a bit of time with it the game has a lot of work to go through.
I found out after playing that this first test is mainly focused upon server stability and testing the game's live environment.

Many localization issues are still extremely apparent.

I've come across
chinese characters, russian characters and unknown fonts. So the game itself is currently being multicultural with 3 languages in there +1 unknown jarbled font seen in certain cutscenes. There's a LOT of work to be done before the game even reaches near Open Beta or release.

That being said, the game plays alright even though I don't know what's going on... again. I played the CN Beta about a year or two ago and the gameplay feel, feels slightly different. I'm not sure if it's the class I've selected or because I'm playing on the european server with a bit more latency than usual which is natural or I've become jaded.

Upon entering the game you'll also want to adjust your screen/graphics settings immediately as you can't do so until AFTER character creation.

I couldn't find any game setting options in the launch menu on My.com's launcher. I mean there is a Game Setting option there but it has nothing to do with adjusting your graphical settings within the game. But because of the bottom low-end default graphic settings the game does cater to a large range of pc specs so you won't need an ultra powerful computer to play Revelation.

Hopefully this game doesn't boil down to "this is the best build" mentality over a course of time when more players get more experienced with the game as that defeats the entire purpose of having any customization if certain choices are just streamlined and overtuned beyond other skills.

Prior to level 49, from what I've discovered with very little time in the game, is that skill customization or cultivation whatever that is, is what I'm assuming to be different paths to your abilities since upon opening the skill window it looks like a wheel panel that can be scrolled.

The problem with this beta test is that it's a server/infrastructure test for 2 weeks, but that being said half the population or more doesn't even know what the heck is going on in game.

My assumption is if you're trying to test servers or dungeons or stability of things make sure players know how to get around first. AUTOPATHING DOESN'T COUNT WHEN CERTAIN AREAS ARE INSTANCED. I don't understand a server stability test if everyone is just standing around watching their character hover or stare at space while they auto path.

More than half the content I've experienced
doesn't even seem to play out in any sustained area or party-required/incentive areas. I just autopathed most of everything and just let my character autowalk to things without giving much of any input into the game.

I see more people standing at NPC's in crowds than actually playing and I see no reason for them to just AFK at the NPC unless they're auto pathing and went AFK or even worse testing their own bots for F2P release.

I'm going to be hyper-critical in this first impression with 2 hours of play into it since everyone's hyping it so hard in the past weeks because

1) There's a lot of hype
2) There's a price tag involved already.
3) I've played this game once before but now that this is supposed to be the Western release I expected more than this.

I'm not one to get caught up in hype to join into this game with uplifted expectations.

So far the game has played like a bland auto walk quest completer due to no real understanding of multiple language texts within the game.

If they delayed the test further for more localization and translation before entering closed beta phase I don't think this game would have such a negative reception.

Apart from that mess of negatives above, the game has flight systems with wings which seem to be interesting, there'll be flight combat as well indicated with flying skills. Again no idea how to obtain any or get around to getting it. Made it to level 35 in less than 2 hours.

The CBT's max level is 49, the windows I've looked through indicates levels go up to 80.

Skills can apparently be leveled which seem to be ok but again I have no idea what any of it does or if it unlocks anything at max.

There's about 12 gear slots that can hold equipment that can be refined. I'm concerned of this because there's also a Quality grade rating. So not only are you going to probably face RNG nightmares of upgrading 12 different pieces of gear but also be trying to find obviously a god-tier grade of quality on the equipment itself later on 12 times over. I'm not exactly sure what most are expecting but if it's f2p I can guarantee there'll be real $ tied to that.

Attribute allocation is something a lot of games don't have these days, it's surprising to see it in Revelation Online. I always prefer RPGs to have stat allocation as it allows for different experimentation of builds, just hoping that the design itself isn't streamlined into overtuned abilities to make mainstream builds that kills diversity.

There are preset allocations that will divide your points up into certain categories by a percentage for you if you don't wish to repeatedly allocate all of it yourself, to try and shift your overall outputs into a different area of focus.

I don't know what the Path tree is for other than stat boosts or what happens when you reach the top, seems kind of pointless to have this tab here.

Crafting, there's a lot to craft in this game I'm sure... again No idea since there's language barrier issues involved here or where to even begin.

Factions , looks like there's a lot to be fulfilled within the game, this should keep you occupied for a long time also. Be friends with everyone/area/region/place etc.

Soul Grid looks like some kind of rune/constellation connection page to forge yourself "runewords"(D2) to get a list of bonuses I THINK... This is probably highly inaccurate but clicking on the Details tab yielded a lot of information about different combinations.

Honor, probably something to do with PvP.

Rank , same thing, probably something to do with PvP as it's talking about weekly rankings or events.

I mostly just did the trial of kings as it bursted my level up forward at like level 15 to 35 in about 30 minutes.

Also don't click that egg thing in the top left it brings you a russian mail website out of game. lol

Anyways if you want to check out actual game play here it is. There's also some emoticon options that allow you to interact with other characters which was pretty neat. Most of this video is a mess just a heads up... much like the game in it's current state.

CONCLUSION: Revelation Online... Playing it will give you a revelation of something, should go and try it if you got access to draw your own conclusions.
The language barrier and localization problems is a pretty huge negative downturn. I don't have much good things to say about the game since more than half of it couldn't even be understood. Hopefully everything gets a lot better once texts are translated, my impression is mostly negative since this is considered to be the upcoming Western release, of course I expected a bit more than this.

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