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Hey guys this is my first impression or quick overview of Piercing Blow, AKA Project Blackout AKA Point Blank AKA it's been released in many regions fyi.

The game itself has some old graphics but that isn't a dealbreaker for me since graphics are secondary compared to gameplay. Gameplay for the most part reminds me a lot of Counter Strike 1.6 and old day shooters where there weren't gimmicks like iron sights, or prone and the like or inhumanly perks along with regenerative hp where a soldier could swallow 1000 bullets as long as he took a bullet in the head or knee once every 5-10 seconds or something.

It's very gritty in the sense that this shooter is literally the basics. Pure uncut crack cocaine shooter.

I get that the graphics are a little old but if graphics turn you off, I don't think you're a gamer, because a gamer plays games not become an art historian. The only thing that may also turn you off from this is that there's plausible hackers using aimbot/wallhacks of course. The game is free so that may be an expected problem but I do believe they're policing it. For the matches I've played through sometimes I get shot through a solidwall/pipe which becomes questionable at how that even works with a submachinegun not a sniper rifle(it'd make more sense with a sniper rifle btw.).

But I rarely encounter that, about 2 matches out of 16. For the most part for you skilled shooters out there you already know that being called a hacker is literally a compliment when you aren't even hacking. GetWrekt.

While I'm not very good at shooters I've only played Starsiege Tribes(the original) since back in the day, and some intense TF2 for today's age and old school DE_Dust/2 on CS1.6 a LOT. That's about where my experience ranges for most time spent on FPS's. I have of course played COD, BF2BadCompany etc. and the various other things but nowhere near as long as the first 3 mentioned titles.

Piercing Blow really feels like old school Counter-Strike I can't help but compare it to that because of how much resemblance and nostalgia the game imparts upon me and if you've played one or the other I'm sure you'll recognize the similarities of the two. Even "Fire in the Hole" exists in Piercing Blow.

You can play to earn your items after a few matches you should be able to obtain something. It doesn't take long, you can get 3 free items each day just from playing regularly. I was using a review account so it was difficult to determine the length of time it takes to achieve such. The game itself is easy to pick up, literally walk in charge at people aim and shoot and hope you hit their head, or their body entirely. And by Aim I mean just put the reticle over them and hold your fire button, not look down the scope of your weapon or iron sighting because this thing doesn't exist except for Sniper Rifles(which I don't mind).

Running makes sound(and it is LOUD, not like soft steps like in newer FPSes. it sounds like "CLUCK" in this) which you'll hear if you're planning to ambush someone around the corner else you better hold shift to walk and there won't be any run sound. Combat is generally within the range of close quarters so no long range warfare(by long range I mean it's not so far where you can barely even see a pixel of their character just so you get an idea of what I mean by "long range") or huge map treks.

The difference in Piercing Blow is that your weapon loadout is acquired overtime, not instanced like CS every round in a match you gain currency to spend. In Piercing Blow you just have to accrue points to purchase weapons/items you want to use. They all have their own stats, but the cash shop ones are slightly better. I can't say for certain if they're game breaking changes but comparing the digits they aren't too far off and feels like it would only make differences in last hit situations. Except for the "extra grenade +1" toss cash item, that one to me seems p2w breaking, unless of course you're not foolish in walking into potato mashers, but is still a valid gamebreaking cash shop item upgrade.

The game itself seems fairly live, I'm recording at about 2 in the morning in my time zone on the NA server, and as depicted in the video below there are people rapidly inviting me into their lobby room from the main screen to join their match. It does get annoying but you can disable that if you want on the settings -> community part on the top right, but at least the game is lively and finding a match won't be hard or any kind of queue time.

There are multiple game modes Piercing Blow has to offer, the most popular modes are of course Death Match & Bomb Mission(which basically resemble CS1.6 modes). There are certain rooms where people are just doing knife fights, so if you want some good old nostalgia that exists there for you too. The other modes not too popular is Destroy, Eliminate, Defense and Escape. I haven't really got a chance to play those modes because they take a while for people to fill in the room for it to get going but every now and then there is a room or two where people are running these.

One thing you wanna check out if you're investing time into this game are your quests, you should get right on them on the get go because they help level up your account and grant you skin items or equipment to dress out your character differently, there's daily ones and longterm goal achievement ones. Event ones of course come periodically/seasonally.

There's also skill perks in the game but I don't know how to level them or acquire them I assume you get them over time from playing, since I'm using a review account and for a quick inspection of the game's first hour or two this is what I got from it. There's a great number of skills that'll help your character but there's not too much description telling you what each one does so hopefully they'll update that and be a bit more transparent with information for these skills. There's a lot of them in 3 separate categories with 5-10 levels each. Common Main and Assist.

The shop you can buy different characters they'll either be male or female, but you'll start off with a female I think... Not entirely sure because I only have the Tarantula character. In the video I was looking at my inventory so I didn't realize that I wasn't looking at the shop >_>". There's a lot of parts your character can equip to customize your overall look, so I've seen some look completely strange like a skeletal weirdfaced thing. Or you could be a complete bastard and try to wear the opposite team's colors or have both so you're confusing as crap until you get the hang of what friendly icons look like and what enemy icons look like haha(god damn newb Kradis). The shop also contains where you obtain all your weapons and other secondary or tossables of course. Quite a big selection of parts to customize your character's looks.

So that's my first impression/quick overview of the game guys, I don't know if the game will die or survive, for the most part I found it fun, easy to pick up, a fair amount of customization and things to work towards and didn't really run into any problems other than myself lacking player skill. It's been released in multiple regions around the world slating back to 2008 and have regular tournaments and championships that give out $$$. So tbh it's not a dying game if companies are holding tourneys and handing out cash. Just look up PBIC prizes(Point Blank International Championship; Point Blank = Project Blackout = Piercing Blow).

As always comments are welcome, just keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!
The game can be accessed via this link for the version I played,
Piercing Blow

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