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While this list may not agree with you, this is what I've boiled my list down to this year for MMOs when I was asked a few of these questions.

I'll be stating my reasons why for said title and whatnot.

Most Classic appealing title to me this year was the announcement and trailer and images of Tree of Savior Online. The game itself lends a lot of nostalgia towards Ragnarok Online and looks very much improved of that concept. Staying true with the 2D sprites and a 3D backdrop. The many large monsters that roam Ragnarok also appear in Tree of Savior in different forms and names. It definitely starts ringing classic in my books. While that may not "define" or "align" towards Most Classic, it certainly reminds me of the Classics. Not to mention it's being made by Kim Hakkyu, the guy himself who led Ragnarok Online.

Most Anticipated game is Lost Ark, Lost Ark is an isometric ARPG and looks wicked sick. The amount of classes and skills the game has and its various mechanics make the game an impressive feat to behold. The environments are huge, the story looks interesting. I seriously cannot wait a second longer for this game to be available in NA or just globally even. Partying with friends in this game looks like it'll be a blast among other things. Hopefully all this is confirmed when it's out!

Best New MMO in my books has to be Black Desert although the oncoming opinions of others right now boast that there's not much to do in the game. I'm not so sure to throw conclusions that quickly yet. The game itself looks fantastic to play and I hope they'll keep the HUD out. The mini quests in the game don't look utterly boring and the quests all look fairly active. Combat is definitely flashy and looks like it can be very difficult as the game develops into further stages. So far out of most footage I've seen I haven't seen any "go here kill x monster quests" in this game. So that's my best new MMO title; it's also going to be free to play supposedly. You may not fully agree with this one but that's alright.

Best Expansion I have to hand it to Path of Exile, this game has consistently expanded on its premise and continuously adds permanent new features with every League they pass to completion. The game has expanded so much that going back to it every now and then I don't even know what's going on anymore because there's more content. Masters was a neat feature to help alleviate some of the stresses of acquiring certain gems and skills or equipment. Also there's even further ways of enhancing gear that I've never seen in the game which is a part of building your Hideout Base in Path of Exile. Much to experience and always more content being added on. It is also truly the most Free to Play game on the market with zero pay to win schemes to date.

Game Style & Favorite Action MMO goes immediately to Vindictus, with the addition of Arisha and Succubus Queen and various new bosses I haven't even beaten yet, Vindictus has stayed on the market with its unique features and character adds with every large content patch. Newer bosses now involve Quick Time Events and future heroes being added are becoming more complex to play. With revamps on the way on older characters to define their characteristics more, Vindictus takes away Game Style being completely unique among every class to be played. The game itself has strived for at least 5 years now and I've been a part of it on and off for those 5 years. The game is a gem out there.

Favorite MOBA for me is DotA 2 due to the Phantom Assassin Arcana and the Snow patch that changed some of the game's mechanics and updated further things that happen in the game. Every match has still been a unique experience. Some going horribly wrong, some having lots of stupid things happening, but definitely always a loss or a victory I'm still having fun.

Best Graphics in my opinion, highly subjective topic, is Black Desert and Tree of Savior's visuals. I am absolutely taken away by Tree of Savior's 2D painterly graphics and character art by Maggi An Jeong-won. The two games' graphics are two different worlds but they both scream a lot of detail to my perspective. Lost Ark's environments are absolutely breathtaking though.

Best Soundtrack this one is easy; Final Fantasy XIV:ARR, After Meteor. :) Nobuo Uematsu easily composes some of the best ear candy in games across all the Final Fantasy titles he's ever worked on.

Best Community is something that's hard to get by on but I have to say the community in Vindictus is pretty friendly and even with lowballing trades in private chats that I've experienced people are very strangely civil in this game... to a scary point LOL. And people are always having nice banter on the megaphone or people helping one another out or challenging each other. 

Best PvP I'm going to hand that to Evolve, the monster hunting game although I don't know how well of a game that'll be for its price. Hopefully it delivers, and all the best to every other game out there!

That's my game list of the year.

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask! Thanks!

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