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So after Master X Master's alpha ended, the few moments I got to try it some features stood out that I thought made Master X Master a unique title.

1) Utilizing 2 heroes

2) PvE Modes

3) A lot of equipment/skills editing etc.
4) Control Scheme

Entering Master X Master as a complete newb with nothing but anticipation for a western release(finally it came), Master X Master stands out in the previous 4 listed ways.

In Master X Master there's 2 heroes you can play in game, swap at a moment's notice with a cooldown, and different attunements and attributes each hero has along with multiple abilities that don't share cooldowns which mixes things up a lot.

The roster consists of many heroes across NCsoft games' universe much like Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard. Characters like Jinsoyun and Poharan hail from Blade N Soul and some heroes from Wildstar along with environments from Aion like the Fire temple. I do like this universe mix of characters coming together into a game.

The interesting part I like most about Master X Master's MOBA is the control scheme of WASD movement with mouse aim control. You can of course choose the second control scheme being the traditional RTS movement right click to move and such. But WASD just felt so much more natural in gameplay and implied a more action-based type game compared to a rightclick strategy game on clutch clicks such as League of Legends/DotA2/HoN etc. It would probably be more in tune of something to the affect of Smite just not in third person.

Another thing that stood out a lot was the PvE modes the game has to offer. The game was very welcoming and I didn't find it intimidating at all. While there's a lot of things to learn about you wouldn't be overwhelmed coming into Master X Master. The tutorial was pretty straightforward ended pretty quick(thankfully, I hate long tutorials). I never understood why the other MOBA titles never introduced a PvE mode in their games. Considering the mass amount of detail written with each hero/champion's background story you could craft an entire subworld within its PvP environment and have different game mode types that exist within and overall provide various gameplay details. While mixing equipment and "nodes" that Master X Master uses into PvP I don't know how well that would work for balance. I assume it would be a much better design path to separate the two and have one affect only one aspect of game(PvE, PvP).

I am however a more PvE oriented person but I don't shy away from PvP either. I literally play MOBAs for a PvP fix as I find them generally more balanced than your large world MMORPG games in regards to PvP since balance is hard to achieve in MMORPGs with too many elements/variables involved.

The skills and editing is different than most MOBAs I've tried, each character doesn't seem to be limited to just 4 skills(3 + 1 ult, generally 2 actives 1 passive 1 ult is a very fluid design in most MOBA heroes), in the roster panel the skills can be swapped with other utility skills and various other combinations on top of skill points added during a match changes or adds effects to the skill. The best mix about Master X Master is that you have to adjust 2 heroes, not just 1. So that already makes combinations of Masters and builds be all sorts of experimental and learning/exploration and different game mechanics to be explored upon. On top of equipment itself being able to be changed, and nodes as well that seem to look like they can be upgraded. I didn't have enough time to research/look into it but that's what the game seems to suggest.

Most importantly playing the PvE modes reminds me a lot of games like Cannon Spike from the Dreamcast in the past. With multiple tiers of difficulty I assume it can get pretty hard and hopefully in future content more stages come out. The PvP modes I take it would have similar maps coming out but I only managed to try some vs. AI matches in a Deathmatch round.
The verdict on PvP against bots was pretty quick, I found the game to have very little downtime during a match which is good, it means there's less of you sitting around watching a respawn timer and more playing on average. I tried to find a player match but the queue time or player matching just wouldn't sync up to anyone, I'll assume it just an alpha kink to be fleshed out and shoudl be solved by the time its released. Overall I'm rather surprised Master X Master left a pretty good impression on me just at it's surface level.

For something more in-depth and detailing of a question most always ask "is it worth playing" requires more time as online games are a much larger pool of timesink than single player titles to actually come to a conclusion of "if it's worth playing". But if you are into these types of games after this description of my entrance to Master X Master then I highly recommend it if you're down for some quick arcade-like action.

I really feel like this game would be pretty fun played with friends going up against bosses in its PvE mode.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments, just keep it civil among eachother is all I ask thanks!

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