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Master X Master is a new MOBA upcoming by NCSoft.

I've been awaiting this title for ages it's finally here in closed beta form and slated to release this summer 2017. I've had dislikes and likes on other NCSoft products but this one I am quite enthralled with.

Master X Master isn't your traditional right-click bash QWER MOBA that you might be familiar with LoL, DotA2 or HotS.

It differs itself where you use WASD movement and QERC skill triggers and LMB and RMB for basic attack/dodge.

You also use 2 Masters at a time, so no more controlling just one character, think about combining your skills and chaining them together with another Master on the fly; switch with just a scroll of a mousewheel.

15 second cooldown, sometimes you can mess it up or do some crazy things.

Using Sonid and bashing someone out of a crowd with his ultimate and slide kick dashing into the person adding a shotgun of scatterball to the face and switching to Jinsoyun right away for melee slashing/air dash and an air launch or a shockblade prism around the person to prevent them from escaping.

Characters hail from all over the NCSoft universe of games from Blade N Soul to the depths of Guild Wars all the way to retired games of City of Heroes and to the skies of Aion. Certain PvE stages also take place in those environments and extremely nostalgic for those familiar.

Another unique thing regarding Master X Master is the PvE modes, if you're more into an arcade match, some bullethell, and boss bashing the PvE stage modes in Master X Master provide a great amount of variety and difficulty. In the video at the bottom myself and some friends only made it to Extreme Difficulty, at Nightmare I assume things would get quite hard.

Characters can be powered up by utilizing nodes out of matches. These transfer into every battle by synergizing a composition of nodes that work for two Masters. It will be difficult to setup depending on how you build their Traits/re-build their Traits in a PvP match or how you use their skills and which one you take with you to PvE/PvP.

Masters themselves are attuned with elements which so far seems to only affect PvE. Masters have 4 skills to choose from to take into battle, 2 of which can be brought in and the other 2 won't be seen in a match until its over and you activate them in.

Master X Master isn't a traditional skill unlocking either that you may be familiar with the other known MOBAs.
You have your ultimate at level 1. Your Ultimate works on a gauge that fills up periodically or by doing certain events/finding certain power ups and exhausts 1-2 gauges at a time. Your 2 Masters can hold up to 4 and share the ultimate gauge so with a lot of gauge held you can swap between two masters and throw out both their ultimate attacks in quick succession.

In the Titan Ruins Master X Master has elements similar to Heroes of the Storm, fighting for capture points for mobs to help push, a huge titan spawns every 100 points, capturing enough Titan shards to your base also allows your team to vote on who should turn into a Titan Incarnate should they activate it to cause devastation by player control for a short time and can even push with a spawned Titan.

Levels aren't universal like they are in HotS, they are player mutually exclusive like LoL and DotA2.
Rather than go on a kill/death/money spree the game revolves less about items unlike LoL and DotA2 and more about straight killing of enemies and gaining points for your team to win.

Destroying the core is another objective to win. Running out of time with more points than your team results in a victory. Reaching 1000 points in the Titan Ruins yields a victory.
There's even a boss room in Titan Ruins that's a separate map from the overall stage, when killed automatically summons a Titan for your team but curses your towers and various other things.

Stages and your skills there are upgraded at the Bridge where you can see everyone walk around and buy items and things, in Stages you don't level up you take with you whatever gear/items you have and skill upgrades are purchased with ingame currency so you have a lot heroes to choose/upgrade from over time. Bosses themselves have a weakness gauge that appears at certain times, utilizing a great amount of damage can stagger a boss to its knees for a period of time granting bonus damage and a quicker kill for a higher ranking at end. This same gauge is also apparent on Titans in the 5v5 match.

Overall I think the game is very approachable, easy to high learning curve depending on what Masters you select, and a great range of difficulty to appease most players.

I'd definitely give Master X Master a play if you're looking for a new MOBA to try as this feels like a solid title from NCSoft and brings a lot of unique things to the MOBA scene.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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