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Hey everyone,

Today I'm going to share just an opinion of why I love ARAM way more than 5v5 of Summoner's Rift. Sure there's more strategy and tactics involved as well as picking in 5v5 than Summoner's Rift. That's great and all but I'm trying to have a good fun time here.

And ARAM fits that intention to a maximum extent.

The things I love about ARAM are:

1) You can't go back to heal(KILL OR BE KILLED)

2) Every fight is 5v5(assuming no one is AFK and everyone is at least paying SOME attention)

3) You gain exp, power, and gold MUCH faster than the other game modes. 3 gold per second, constant exp per second, and you start at level 3 with 1375 gold at the beginning!
POWER ALRIGHT. 29 minutes and you have a impenetrable malphite. I think I had about 1000+hp from all barriers. A very healthy malphite

4) There is cataclysmic chaos almost every minute throughout. (Constant harassing, snowballing, or just straight up tank diving or tower diving) Like having a 14 minute 100% critical Tryndamere wasn't good enough, but being at the enemy nexus. This was one of the faster rounds encountered in ARAM. YES YOU DO GET IP FOR WINNING AND LOSING.

5) Game length isn't even that long 20-30 minutes long. (Rarely exceeds 40 minutes)

6) You're forced to play a different champion every round(unless you get the bullshit roll of the same hero 3 times like me zz..), or you can play the same champion very often if you don't own a lot of champions.

7) None of that bs "MID OR FEED" or "TOP" or "ADC BOT" or "JUNGLER" or "UGH SUPPORT/CARRY OF THE CARRY".

8) Generally everyone is pretty chill in ARAM due to reason #7. Of course you still get the occasional asshole.

ARAM is pretty much the only game mode that has me playing League of Legends otherwise I wouldn't have came back to it. Most of you know I've played HoN, DotA2, and LoL in the past. I hated summoner's rift and moved on to DotA2 for many reasons. These are some supporting reasons why I play ARAM.

Reasons Why I hate Summoner's Rift are:

1) Champion Select - It's not even about who has a faster computer(I have a beast computer and I don't have background programs running when playing, I don't even turn on my own music until we're at loading screen), it's just whoever the server decides to acknowledge first into the champ select screen and then whoever has the fastest fingers types and then plays whatever role they want or whatever, not only is this irritating it also ends up more often than not someone wanting to play the role you want to play.

2) Angered Stranger on your team @ champ select - You not giving a crap and just playing what you WANTED to play to begin with and selecting that role causing conflict in your team before the game even started. This is an added crap problem where that angered person will a) start trolling or b) do something along the lines of "mid or feed". Not that they care if they get reported anyways they'll do it just to ruin 30 minutes of your time(I certainly would if you threatened to report me hell if I care! You ruined my fun to begin with! <- is the general mentality.)

3) Blind pick - Although this isn't much of an issue, you sometimes do get duplicate picks on both sides. on ARAM since the server rolls for you, I've never been in a match where there's been duplicate heroes. I don't play Draft in 5v5 in SR, it takes FOREVER to get a match started. I can fit in 5 rounds of ARAM in the amount of time it takes to complete 2-3 rounds of SR Draft.

4) Generally queue times are longer than ARAM too and there's a fair amount of dodging going on. Where I think ARAM people are more like "ugh whatever" or "omg crap random roll time to exit". WHICH IS GREAT, I'd rather they go "ugh whatever" than dodging and having me requeue like 6 times over before getting anywhere. It rarely happens in ARAM and happens a lot on Summoner's Rift because of probably reasons #1 and #2 on why I hate summoner's rift.

5) Criticized about your gaming prowess due to rank, or "skills" - First off I find this to be the most pathetic insult a player could ever give me. If you're going call me a newb and I just got matched up with you what does that make you really? (Actually if you call me a newb I expect you to carry me then and I'll partake in taking no responsibility at all to help the team cuz i'm a newb :D ...REALLY.) Not only do I not play ranked and not try to go hardcore into tourneys and championships because its for reasons like this one why I don't play them. Validation of player skill. Much like how most of the obstinate idiots that play the game say "Master Yi is a no skill champ" <- SURE Fine. 


when you get rickrolled and owned by a person playing a champ that requires no skills, you clearly SUCK more than them by a mile because by definition you just got owned by a person that used a champ that takes no skills AND you knew this information ahead of time, why make your life more difficult? Just pick the broken hero then! The designers clearly don't think he's broken and had to remove his AP part of him. 

6) ELO - People always talking about ELO and whatnot, your ELO is hidden, get over it. It doesn't matter what it is you're still susceptible to the system they're matchmaking you upon. Bringing it up is just reiterating reason 5.

7) The Meta - Is fucking annoying. Not only is every round super structured to 2 bruisers top duking it out at top, 2 nukers/map gankers duking it out in mid, and bottom 2 attack damage carries and 2 supports duking it out and 2 junglers per team. Tell me this isn't the match you always play in Summoner's Rift and I'll agree that you don't know what you're talking about. It's boring. 

8) Tournament/Ranked vs. Normal Games - I'm not sure where this came from or why people keep comparing a normal queue player to that of championship players or even high ranked players playing normal boasting elitist attitudes like "I'm Challenger rank screw you guys you should listen to me cuz ur all newbs and dont know fuckall what you're doing" or somethign along those lines. I queue Normal, that is all. My meta in my games dont' apply to championship standards. Trying to do championship standards DONT get you anywhere in Normal. If people don't cooperate you are fucked for trying to do championship meta or ranked strategies. Because people don't give as much of a shit in Normal. So for all you crazies out there that are trying to boast your e-peen. Normal players won't give a fuck, they'll rage maybe that's about it and think you're an asshole and wont' care, or you get reasons #5, #2, or #1.

So there you have it guys, 8 reasons for both. I don't have very many comments about Dominion or Twisted Treeline. I think those 2 are alright. But I just have seething hate for Summoner's Rift and impetuous love for ARAM. Never will I get the chance to ever have a 529 damage Riven in SR like I did in ARAM in 26 minutes time.

What you want a reverse for both? okay fine lol.

Here's the things I hate about ARAM:

1) I fucking hate the AFKers in this game mode, when people leave, THEY LEAVE, and don't come back. It's a MIRACLE if they come back. Because it's such a whatever mode it's generally they are gone and wont' be back.

2) There isn't really much organization in this and very little chat in the 300 matches I've played, which is fine. I like the silence, people aren't bickering and generally people playing it and watching others argue, when it does happen, they normally go "chill out man it's just aram". IT'S JUST ARAM. If it was taken more seriously it could be pretty chaotic but thankfully it's not. But this reason is more to top off the part about organization. ARAM is messy, and expect half the time to go into a crowd trying to initiate a fight and no one comes with you and watches you die like a meter away.

3) Fighting against a team with 2-3 healers is vicious, your chances of winning are almost NIL if they properly chain disables on you and heal each other. However there have been times where I've won matches against 2-3 healers(sona,soraka,nami <-- BRUTAL). We won because they didn't have enough damage and my team had a lot of burst, so we just take down one person really quickly before they can even heal them.

4) Some champions are inherently VERY broken/overpowered in ARAM; Lux, Ziggs, Heimer, Master Yi, Katarina, Zilean, Karthus, Fiddlesticks, Nidalee etc. You get the picture, it's mostly long ranged(can cast nukes or spikes greater than the 650 unit range) champs, or huge aoe champs. For instance like Morgana, you tag anyone with her Q root it's like game over for that person if they're anywhere close up front. Facing against them is a nightmare and after having experience playing with ARAM you just learn to facepalm when you see those compositions.

5) Most always just attack the first champion up front. While this is more of an additional reason on top of 2. More often than not you see a tank charge straight at a group of 5 and you think they're being stupid, but then like they survive stay in there, and no one hits the enemy nukers/carries and we're all busy trying to kill this half dead tank that isn't dying. Which is where priorities and organization are lacking in ARAM. Of course this is generally solved by just stating an order of whom to kill first on enemy team it often doesn't happen. It goes the same people don't push at all either sometimes, 4 people could be dead on the enemy team, 4 are alive on your team and they're at the tower trying to kill that last guy while the tower is busy raping all 4 of the people on your team and you're just sitting behind the monitor going "KILL THEIR DAMN TOWER WTF". And then the reverse situation happens and the enemy team bulldozes 2 of your towers in 1 go and breaks your inhibitor as well and you grief a bit more.

Sooo yea that's some of the reasons why I hate ARAM but still outweighs Summoner's Rift by a mile.

The things I love about Summoner's Rift:

1) Jungling, it's nice, it's quiet, generally not much in your way, make gold, hide in some bushes and jump out going AMBUSH MUTHAF**KER at someone in a lane.

2) I get to pick whatever hero I want granted that 4 out of 5 people on my team MIGHT choose the hero I want to play, so it's a very low probability someone's goign to choose the hero I want to play.

3) Teamwork and close moments during the game that give that adrenaline rush going "OMG CANT BELIEVE I SURVIVED THAT SUCKERS", everyone's going baron GO NAO!, but then I ask myself... this kind of situation happens every like 2-3 minutes in ARAM minus the baron part. sooo..... yea.

4) I can go back to town and heal and shop?

5) There's a lot more map to explore, run around and hide, and pathing. But to really boil it down i'm there to kill their nexus and the enemy players. ARAM has that catered into 1 lane and streamlined it into a single hallway with some bushes here and there. and Poros.

6) Last hitting and farming gold determines who wins that lane, but not the game. The game still entirely depends on the other 4 on your team. Which I hate, because it's not even about player skill, it's about if you can work with 4 strangers who barely give a rats ass of who you are, which exists in ARAM just that you're forced to work in a group of 5 instead of laning.

So those are the things I love about summoner's rift. The things I love about not missing.

One last thing I remembered shopping and healing and whatever in SR is just "recall go back whatever". In ARAM it's an actual strategy to die properly by execution on tower rather than enemy kill because enemy kill grants them money and exp. Tower Execution grants them NOTHING. So there is strategy involved in ARAM, including getting your champion killed at the right time so you can respawn for the next battle which will actually make it or break it.

Anyways, thanks for reading if you made it this far, mind you this is an opinion, whether you disagree or agree this is just one perspective out of many others.

I remember someone told me Master Yi isn't broken on their forums somewhere lol yeah right... just look at these god stats and think of how devastating this is and look at the game timer. 1 vs 5. Yes I did charge the enemy by myself against 5. Whoever told me DotA2 has broken heroes that can 1v5. Here's your example of it in LoL, The kill order was Lux first, Jax Last, TF & Jayce after Lux with a ghost walk + youmuu + highlander speed buff to close distance quickly through bushes in middle, she takes 1 critical alpha strike & 1 hit to kill, thats -70% cd(highlander passive) on my alpha strike cooldown 8.4 seconds - 70% results in a 2.5 second remaining CD, and that 1 strike after to kill her makes alpha strike go down to 1.5 second, I activate barrier because I'm in the middle of 4 others that are obviously going to pummel me and try to survive. Wuju Style hits over 100 damage in true damage activated on top of that 465 basic attack damage with 39% + 30 armor penetration, so anyone who has less than 100 armor is going to suffer at LEAST 400 damage per strike. Alpha Strike hits 4 people, so within those 5 champs at least 4 got hit real hard. And guess what within that next 1.5 seconds Im already hopping after the confusion and instakill of lux and then on to someone else. It's like the YiKatarina. You get the rest. My kill score is literally almost half the kills in the entire round even if you're skeptical of this breakdown.

Some ARAM Matches

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