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League of Angels 2 has just recently released and I decided to give it a try.

I was granted a bit of review materials but I didn't really have a chance to utilize most of them as I wanted to experience the game and try to compare it against the first.

The very first thing I noticed is the immediate upgrade of graphics, the characters and models and animations all seem to have their framerate improved I don't know if League of Angels 1 was running on 3D or not but League of Angels 2 definitely is. The sounds, music and gameplay have all been improved in both camera angles, special effects, and graphics. Albeit a web browser game I'm not expecting mega detail but with that in mind it seems to be a very well executed game on those merits alone.

League of Angels 1

And this is what League of Angels 2 looks like...

Voice acting however I wish there was a more sound options to disable it, as it could use a lot of improvement, most of the voice acting I found broke a lot of game immersion so hopefully that gets better. 

The story line mission areas seem to have improved and I do like the whole gaining a star rating to unlock treasure rewards a decent objective to get yourself learning the ropes of the game. 

Rather than having an Astral board like in League of Angels 1 I believe that's been revamped into a Nobility section now as that appears to grant bonus stats as you progress. 

Title feature appears to be the same as of League of Angels 1 where in you get a title that grants great statistical bonuses from achievements or temporary arena win ranking and the like per server.

The mount still serves as a stat booster to your character and party but with more effects than the first iteration of League of Angels.

While skills I don't exactly know how they're effected yet you can switch in and out of what techniques you can use possibly later on or after particular levels.

Hero affinities is also something you'll want to make use of as the stat boosts for having all affinities unlocked seem to make a hero grow in vast power as well.

Many of the party members, recruitable fighters, angels are all familiar with League of Angels 1, although most of the Angels remain with the same name a lot of the units and party members like Skeleton King for instance is now named Palmer or given some sort of actual name rather than a generic unit name.

In League of Angels 1 Angels were always an AoE combat ally that can't be touched and only dies when the whole party dies. But in League of Angels 2 certain angels can remain in that position or be part of your general combat lineup as well. Meaning you can cultivate and power up said Angels for frontline active combat.

Equipment upgrading seems to still exist as it did in League of Angels 1, you find equipment and enhance it up per piece per hero, this of course makes gear grinding a super long chase as you grow higher and higher in the game.

And based on just looking at the description window of a piece of equipment you 'll notice... some of these things have 200 levels the weapon itself can gain.... So you'll be pretty occupied for a while.

Augmenting is another way of upgrading your character where you'll have to collect a set amount of prisms and equip them in particular slots for perma stat boosts to a hero/main char. When you've collected a full set you can upgrade a char to the next tier and start seeking the next set of prisms.

There's about 15 tiers of augmenting which I 'm sure finding those materials will take a while. Unlike League of Angels 1 in its early days Heroes can wield more than a singular skill and have up to 3 skills and unlocks as they are augmented past certain tiers.

Hero levels(your fighters) can consume EXP scrolls or just simply fight in battles to level up, they can't exceed your main character hero levels though but making sure they stay up to equal level will also increase their stats.
Recruiting Heroes is pretty similar to League of Angels 1 as you'll have to seek out fragments and get a certain amount before you can summon a particular hero into your party

But you can also recycle away your heroes for fragments or shards or currencies to purchase other heroes, the same with equipments.

Rebirthing requires diamonds though which you can gain in game at a low rate or pay real $ for it, rebirthing returns pretty much all the resources used for powering up a hero, probably to be used for when you replace your line up with different and stronger heroes.

There are also 3 categories of heroes of Tempest, Celestial and Midas.

Everyday there's also summoning rituals you can perform to gain heroes for free and adds mana to an overall pool that if you eventually get enough you can grant yourself a legendary hero guaranteed.

There's also the summon shop where you can buy hero shards and start collecting the resources to get the heroes you want.

Single player events where you can take on other players at the Arena to gain arena specific rewards by battling other people's lineups and test your might and strength. Though the game does have a Battle Rating system and diamond functions I'd suggest only pitting yourself against those in a similar tier or spending fashion.

Multiplayer modes is probably a familiarity from League of Angels 1, doing dungeons or attack modes with other people on your server to gain large rewards of EXP and various other currencies at a much faster rate than single player methods but limited to a certain number of runs per day.

And of course one of the things I liked about League of Angels one was the cross server war, where your server's population and powerful enemies and allies congregate together to duke it out against another server's population.

So if you want some time to pass by by playing an RPG browser game that is turnbased(somewhat), give League of Angels 2 a shot, I think it's a great improvement upon the first. The graphics are definitely enhanced by a lot, the sounds/audio are extremely better than the first being the first had only had about 3 sound effects for combat(that slash noise, explosion, and buff noise... hah) but League of Angels 2 improves upon that quite a bit.

Of course there's always the item mall bit which may turn you off from all this(the whole pay to win thing but I'm not evaluating the game on that since if you play the game long enough you'll reach a high state of powerful characters eventually albeit it just takes longer.) but I played it nonetheless just to pass the time on the side. The game's story seems to have a bit more of an impact than the first and is presented in a better fashion than in League of Angels 1. I definitely like the slow-motion effects on deaths of greater enemies in the story missions and adds to immersion.

Overall League of Angels 2 is a pretty heavy improvement upon League of Angels 1.

Thanks for reading!

As Always comments are always welcome please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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