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KOPlayer is a relatively new Android Emulator to bring mobile gaming to your PC.
Some features to highlight are its multi-instance function allowing you to run two or more instances of an Android app so you can play multiple games at the same time or the same game at the same time with if you wish with different accounts. 

The interface is fairly clean and easy to navigate. Home buttons and Back buttons that would be on your mobile device is shown clearly on the right side of the emulator when launched whereas other programs like BlueStacks is nonexistent and requires some research.

KOPlayer also supports gamepad connection should you want to play your apps and mobile games with controller instead of keyboard & mouse.

The emulator is fairly new so you may come across some lag or crashes with certain games that require more computer power or simply is not compatible with the emulator yet. I've had a few errors and crashes myself but apart from that there isn't much of an issue when utilizing this emulator. (Seven Knights RPG)

Installation was simple, quick and easy. Very little difficulty for end users, go to the website of www.koplayer.com download the executable installation, run it and off you go. The emulator does require about 2-3GB of space for it to work on your computer and possibly more depending on what apps and games you install to play it. 

Recording the screen is also a fairly easy task for those wanting to make videos and content from mobile apps. KOPlayer comes with its own recording software built in to the emulator itself. There doesn't appear to be any frame drop either while recording. The resolution of the video recording is limited to 1280x720 size. You can however mess around with the custom resolution settings of the screen display settings in the context menu and set it up to be well beyond that limit if you wish, though that will take up more power from your computer overall.

If you set a custom limit the video recorded will also be near that same resolution size... (Tested a 1920x1080 custom resolution but video output size was 1776x1000). Nonetheless the output video is written in .avi format(uncompressed full quality) and doesn't seem to show any signs of detail loss or pixelation.

The multi instancing is very easily handled with a click of a Launch button or close you can open multiple instances as if you're gaining a ton of smart phones all of a sudden to go mass mobile gaming. But if you'll need a separate account for each instance to make use of this. Also adding apps of the same program will also eat up more hard drive space as each instance will have its own separate directory for the same app. 

So if you CLOSE the instance it'll just simply exit and turn off the resources for one instance. 

However Deleting an instance will actually remove all its actual app data and the various other components that occupy hard drive space for that instance. If you however recreate a new instance that you deleted you'll have to redo the initial setup for the instance again along with any apps that was previously installed. 

The initial and first instance cannot be deleted so if you were to have all your main games mostly played use the initial instance to hold the apps you play the most.

Give it a try if you're looking for an android emulator.

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