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Hey everyone, while everyone is on a pokemon Go addiction I figured I'd bring a different title to the table.

Still very large popular title but I was very impressed with this particular new final fantasy app by Square Enix, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

It has every trademark of a final fantasy game, plays like a classic FF game. However you have an energy bar that is fairly low in capacity at beginning being the only downside. Playing it in sessions from time to time it's really enjoyable. 

It takes turnbased combat to a different level, very active and quick, multiple activities to do and lots of character growth. Some of the higher impressive characters are barred by real money payments but that wasn't really a turnoff for me, you can still earn the realmoney currency via playing/daily quests/achievements, just at a much slower rate which I'm fine with as long as free players have a way to get it and not exclusive to paywalls it remains playable.

The main storyline is reminiscent of the traditional final fantasy theme(FF1-FF6), few heroes, tragedy, castles, magic creatures, world destroyers very classic.

Battle is simplistic but also has different elements to the turn based strategy. Activating your character's attacks and timing their animations to land at the same time can cause chain effects. Hitting an enemy with repeated elements also grants bonus damage, and overkilling an enemy can grant more limitbreak crystals. Limitbreaking everyone at the same time + an esper invocation looks like absolute chaos.

The exploration maps are also fairly big so there is a bit of running and exploring to do in game and some revisiting of previous finished areas if you can craft keys.

The soundtrack I have to give a maximum shout to it being extremely good. It gives every feel of an FF game and more with many varying ranges of tone and fits the theme entirely.

Boss battles are also apparent in the game, notable characters from the entire franchise series is available in the game and I'm sure more will come. 

Tons of recipes and crafting recipes to discover and plenty of material farming, you can also grant yourself these things from paying money as well.

The Espers in the game have a full CGI graphical playback on invocation which was breathtaking.

Friend system seems fine it's an additional party member on your worldmap quests/vortex runs, gift sharing for friend points to summon more units/materials to upgrade your heroes.

Overall for a free game app it's extremely polished, impressive soundtrack, amazing CGI scenes for Esper invocation during battle a pretty decent storyline and overall really detailed and smooth gameplay.
Definitely give it a try if you like turnbased games and the traditional over the top explorer sprite game if you haven't yet.

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