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Hey everyone,

I had the opportunity to play Evolve the yesterday on Hallowe'en no less.

The game itself is 5 players. If you party with friends you won't be able to play as the Monster. The game is 4v1. May seem unfair but the Monster is extremely powerful. It's a game of Hide and Seek basically. The Hunters get to play as 4 different classes, no duplicates in every round. You can play as

Medic - Keep the team alive/Mark the monster/open weak points on monster

Assault - Damage dealer/tank against the monster

Trapper - Immobilize the monster/minimal damage/tracking the monster

Support - Artillery support damage on monster/Targeted shield on ally

If you're the monster you're playing solo, single player, not in a friend party.

Monster - Eat neutrals, survive, hide and seek, EVOLVE, At stage 3 evolution go destroy the Power Relay; The hunter's defend objective. Regenerative Armor, not health.

The monster is ALWAYS faster than the Hunters. So as a monster it's advantageous to use speed. As a Hunter you have to coordinate. Following the Monster's footsteps in the map is practically useless and going on a wild goose chase unless you can coordinate with your team for a few to track and the rest to corner him elsewhere. The Trapper helps the Hunters by forcing combat with the Monster with mobile arena/harpoon traps.

Every class has its duty and unique role to the game. I found the gameplay to be pretty interesting and the maps to be very open and many different paths to take. The game itself lends to a lot of map learning.

With future updates stating that different Monsters will be introduced to the game this game seems like a winner. It's also being worked on by the fellows who worked on famous franchise Left 4 Dead series.

If you have XCOM on Steam you can try this Alpha out for free.

Here's a video to help illustrate some gameplay.

The game is also very pretty and the characters aren't stale, there's a lot of conversation between the 4 classes which helps the atmosphere overall.

Give it a shot... a shot at the monster.

Monster - Goliath game play

As always comments are welcome!# Just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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