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So Dragomon Hunter recently came into the picture of the MMO markets.

I actually have quite a number of good things to say about this mmo, and this is coming from a person who generally has a disdain for cute-looking games but being open-minded I always give everything a shot much like another title previously from the same publisher.

This game is ran by AeriaGames, and I think their choice in game titles is improving. Dragomon Hunter being one of them. Everything you do in this game is literally about catching giant-like monsters, so you'll be facing a ton of bosses. Don't treat this too much of a hardcore game, by hardcore I mean it's not one of those massive action packed games, it's more along the lines of your traditional MMO. I found the gameplay and combat to still be enjoyable and quite smooth. The graphics are very nice and detailed with tons of stuff everywhere, but only the towns seem impressive, in the fields it looks rather barren in some areas.

I've played the game casually and have gotten to level 23 so far when this was written. At level 20 you can switch between one weapon set or the other that your class has. Each class I assume has 8 usable skills all unlocked by the time you're 30. I'm trying to reach 30 to unlock the specialization talents of your skills which I would suspect drive a great amount of diversity but I haven't made it there so... I can't show you :( Just use your google-fu for that.

While the game runs in regions/zones(in short it's not open world) there is a F**KTON of stuff to do and all those things you do attribute towards your character's growth and strength.

There's only 1 town currently and it connects to all zones, I found this to be actually very useful since it'll group all high and low level players together forever, so you wont' have a dead empty area overtime. There are a lot of people online and everyone seems to be yelling to do PvP during the day or Party dungeons. There's also the dragomon arena at the hoppalong theatre in the game where you can redeem tickets to go fight randomized Dragomon for mats for armor or simply if you're curious to see gigantic dragomon and what exists in the game. I've come across over 15 different Dragomon already and I'm sure there's much more, since the game goes to level 50 and beyond and this is only the FIRST continent of 6. (How big is this game's universe >_>...).

The game has a LOT of semblance to Monster Hunter online, some have said it is a clone. I'm okay with that but it is portrayed in a completely different style and sits on its own really due to art style, gameplay, and overall themes. The mechanics of armor acquisition is definitely referenced from Monster Hunter since you kill Dragomon get mats from them and then craft armor under their name. Hell even Vindictus does the same, and dragon nest and etc. so on. Not a problem. Wearing the armor of your enemies is always a good thing it just means whoever hired them is now in trouble since someone else is coming for their head.

The experience so far hasn't felt very grindy even though I'm doing a bunch of go here kill this quests, there's a lot of ingame cutscenes introducing Dragomon you come across which is nice, even though the story seems a bit ridiculous and far-fetched it's nothing short of what I expected from a cutesy MMO exaggerating these story elements. So it's very fitting even though it's not my cup of tea. Meaning this game is even better than I expected.

There's a daily hunting board where you can increase influence in a particular faction in Elysium(the town where everything exists), by taking on tasks or hunts on Dragomon or just simple mining exercises. Do these to get a plethora of rewards.

Character Growth

This part will be very long, because there are SO many ways to upgrade your character that I wonder if anyone will ever accomplish it, I've already retired that lifestyle so I don't think I'll be attempting it haha but you might give it a shot~.


Gear is one of the ways to upgrade your character obviously, but your gear can evolve, from 1 star to 5 stars and at 5 stars you get a bonus of a set of stats, PER PIECE.

Evolving takes up a lot of gear advancement scrolls however the great thing I love about the evolution system is that there's no failure reset, if you fail you get potential points which increases your success rate for the next attempt. After a certain amount of evolution levels on there your gear will finally be able to evolve to 1 star or x star whichever star level you're on.

Refining is another way, you spend dragomon mats on your gear and it'll increase its stat percentages up to 130%. After 115% it consumes quite a bit more materials, and it seems to only go upwards, but it'll suck up a lot of materials overall, if you're lucky the refining process will sometimes hop a few percentages and get a lucky boost in the equipment's refine level.

Another is character stats, you can allocate stats to particular attributes and reset them however you wish whenever, they're small boosts but it still counts. Your Hunter Level determines how many stats you can have. Your actual Level determines other things. Hunter Levels are gained by doing tasks, quests, main quests, side quests, hunting boards, dragomon slayings just doing in game activities. Grinding monster kills won't level your Hunter level though.

Titles grants you permanent bonuses too, so acquire as many titles as you can and you'll get overall boosts to your character's ever growing stat window.

Professions, mining, crafting, fishing, cooking breeding, ALL of these as they level give you passive stats too. IT'S INSANE. Meaning you can get more critical hit rate just from levelling up Breeding from raising Dragomon on your Ranch. It'll be VERY time consuming to get all those professions done considering there's 10-12 tiers of those things to go through per profession. You'll have a hell of a time of things to do so really, there shouldn't be a shortage of things to do. So even if you're that resource gathering type of player you'll be strong too! Fishing has a bit of an active aspect to it so it's not boringly standing around just pressing one button when the prompt comes. Sometimes you have to button a mash a little... but I still don't like it, might be better if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend playing with you and sitting there shooting the shits about the day while fishing.

Dragomon Glyphs will increase particular attributes also towards your damage towards certain dragomon or just inherent effects to boost your character's power.

Achievements is another one, earning achievements unlocks you titles which gets you more stats. So really. GOOD LUCK HUNTING GUYS.

And I'm sure there are more other things, OH.

And slotting your equipment with Dragocite to give them passive boosts.

Don't forget to enchant your armor and weapons and gear to get more stats too.

Also be sure to check out the Hunter Archive, by collecting outfits mounts, weapons and certain things from world races or hunting competitions you can get more passive bonus stats to your char. I assume if anyone ever fills out all of them their character will probably one shot everything in the game or something I donno.


Don't forget to equip your pet too, it's like another character altogether. HAHA, twice the stuff you gotta get O.O...

Your pet can also take on different classes too if you obtain them over time, which you will if you just kill Dragomon and get pet-class books that'll increase their EXP towards learning a new class, kinda like your own pokemon/tamagotchi/digimon etc.

Theres also a Daily Events Button under the map make sure to check that list of things to do to get daily rewards based on how many you get accomplished it's just a lot of work to get it all there haha.

Ranch - AKA your Dragomon Farm

While I don't know how to breed dragomon or steal their eggs and go hatch them at my Ranch this little feature has dragomon you can also put in a pasture or something and record its behaviors once a day based on some mats you'll need. And this is how you'll be able to acquire Dragoglyphs as far I can tell, and also learn new emotes/dances and other social actions your char could perform. You can only keep 5 dragomon at a time in the stables to go under Recording/observation to obtain their rewards. After that you can put them in your ranch pasture or something.

After a certain number of recordings you'll also unlock that particular monster as a Mount too. There are HUNDREDS of mounts in this game, so you can ride all sorts of things. Sometimes you can even ride Dragomon after defeating them and wreck shiet up, they hit so hard its unbelievable how the Dragomon don't wipe you out in one hit prior to riding them since they perform godlike damage when you're at the wheel.

Your Dragomon farm can also be attacked or something I'm not entirely certain what the features there are yet since I'm still too newb with the game, it's some sort of defense thing to defend against waves of something to train them maybe, no idea at the moment.

Cooking food in the Ranch is to feed your dragomon also, possibly to help or speed up growth rather than a basic slow wait and check- back-way-later timer.

Mysterious Merchants - This tab kinda lets you throw away your excess Dragomon Materials that you've outleveled and don't need anymore for particular armor sets of that level tier. So it's great to throw them whatever you don't need and to exchange your Dragomon Points into mats you don't need in order to fulfill these orders, sometimes you can get evolution scrolls, ores, enchants other things. Inventory space isn't too bad but you do need to clear up every now and then. I think the game has enough inventory space to work with but if you needed more you can obviously have that problem be dealt with via Cash shop but I haven't had overflow problems which is nice considering how many items there are in the game and how each and every single mount/dragomon/enchant/dragocite/material takes up a slot.

Bank is quite generous too, they have its own material page so make sure you utilize that instead of putting it all in your normal common page.

There are some flaws to the game being text translation not being complete is one of them for some of the things in game. I find that navigating the world to be a bit trouble some, but its more of a quality of life issue rather than a gamebreaking experience issue, for instance when your world map is open it'd make much more sense to have the same arrow as you do in the minimap to show which way you're facing, instead I always to figure out my orientation before running with the map open just to make sure I get to the right area.

The sparkles on the floor that show you where to go when you click Quest Text is another problem sometimes its hard to make out where the heck it's going at all, it'd make much more sense if it was a aura flame flow or something towards where you have to go rather than static sparkles on the floor, and I haven't really messed around too much with settings but it'd be nice if I could scale down some of the UI elements in the screen since I don't like having so much clutter on screen at any given point(the less the better, because with less UI taking up gamespace the more cinematic overall gameplay becomes).

But that's about it guys, as far as I've experienced anyways, check out this video below for a preliminary preview of the game. I think it's worth a shot, and if you like collection-like mmo's this one is high up on that list, the graphics are very clean I find the combat to be okay, it's good, it's not great, and it's definitely not bad.

It's very friendly to newcomers of MMOs and for you hardcore players out there it's gonna take you a while to get everything. There's enough quests in the game and daily hunting boards to keep you going where no monster grinding is required(Monster grinding means you need to kill so many monsters in order to level up that sometimes the kill count reaches beyond 1000 and more due to lack of quests but Dragomon Hunter has tons of things you can do to level up.).

First Impressions Video:

As always guys thanks so much for reading/watching! Comments are welcome just please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks~!

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