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Hey everyone,

For those of you familiar with DotA2 you've already foreseen this update. For those who aren't quite in tuned, here's what's up!

While the Oracle the new support Hero is out for DotA 2, this article will focus mainly upon Phantom Assassin's Arcana and the Foreseer's Contract Event.

Mortred, or the Phantom Assassin got her Arcana today, The Manifold Paradox. LOOKS PRETTY SLICK. Except her legs look a bit like twizzlers and there's a bit of too much glow here n there but whatever I still blew my $30 on it just to bring this to you and because I wanted it :D.

Arcana in the DotA2 universe is widely recognized as Legendary Skins for those of you familiar with a different MOBA game. Arcana completely revamps the char's effects and visual skillsets in every way. All abilities are modified to look or do different effects, and have different effects on enemies as well. Other heroes who have Arcana, for example, are Lina, Shadow Fiend, Terrorblade, Legion Commander and some others.

Another thing to note is you should get this pack if you're interested and play PA(Phantom Assassin) a lot now, because after December 7th 2014, they will go back on regular price(currently $30 on discount) and will not be of Exalted quality.

Exalted items are worth slightly higher in the Market and don't come around a second time. And you'll also be eligible to go on the Nemesis Assassin contract event.

What do you get in this pack?

Well for one Mortred's Blades glow differently as you kill more and more people from contracts, like a soul gathering mechanism.

Contracts? Yes Contracts! There's a Nemesis Assassin Contract going on as well if you buy the pack now and participate! The Oracle and Phantom Assassin struck a deal... see the comic here!

ANNNDD... Everything else that changes like:

Altered voice set (Play video below to experience!)

Different Animations, +Dual Wield(she normally single wields)

Different ultimate effect on any enemy(upon making crits and making a bloodymess it also spits out a spectral image of the enemy getting slashed brutally)

Different enemy death effect(Enemies killed are marked with a memorial on the map) The Swords in the floor mark an enemy death killed by Phantom Assassin, and stay there for the entire duration of the match. It's funny because it also helps determine where areas of interest seem to occur!

Custom New effects for all spells all can be witnessed in the video at the bottom!

Custom hero icon

Custom Base skin with special ambient effects(this means you can mix other skin parts with this set and still have the cool stuff going on! Like this.)

Custom loadout pose and effects. ^

Animated Chat Emoticon(FREAKING ANNOYING AND DISTRACTING.. well not really but still great :D)
Custom Portrait - It looks pretty damn good.

Custom Spell Icons

So... that's.. what there is in that pack but if you get it within the time event you can also participate in...

During this event players who have purchased the Manifold Paradox can participate in the Nemesis Assassin/Foreseer's Contract. If you haven't...

You still can participate! As long as someone on your team has the Manifold Paradox and there is a contract going on with Phantom Assassin on your team or AGAINST your team. If you are Against you will have to help DENY the contract to help your team win! Victory will result in a skin item for your team! The rewards are highly lucrative!

Here are some images of what occurred in the one match I played after a 3 month hiatus from DotA2 due to me working on a CGI trailer.

LOL somewhat ironic. A bounty to kill the Bounty Hunter. My very first contract!

Annnd KILL YOUR TARGET FIRST! Don't die to them! Do your best to get that last hit on the enemy!

And at the end YOUR WHOLE TEAM gets loot!
For us we got a whole set for Invoker, that's a whole bundle!

Another challenge is to PREDICT your Victory before the horn at the beginning of each match. You can opt to predict victory and your team mates dont' have to join in. If you predict 3 wins and possess a Charm of the Defender's Vision to trigger it it will upgrade to something neat and I think is tradeable/redeemable/for crafting later on. If you fail 2 predictions it automatically goes to its semi grade whatever.

The item looks like this and it's 90c.

There are also new skin packs available in a chest that's been made available on the Market.

You can find all the details of all these things at these links:



Oracle's Arrival, Mortred's Arcana, New Skins, Heroic Effiy Info:


Nemesis Assassin Event Details:


Current List of Contracts to fulfill for PA on who to kill if they are present in the match(Is changed from time to time; this list is from November 21, 2014. I will not be updating it.)

Here's a video I made that depicts all the details to you, please enjoy!

Table of Contents for Video Timings:
Arcana Unlock - 0:00
Match Begin - 1:54
Prediction to Win! It's in the Bag! - 3:42
Coup De Grace Super cuts - 5:45, 7:47
Match Highlights - 3:42 - 25:18
Effigy Carving - 25:19
Match ID: 1038459596

Incase you want to witness the full gory replay without edits in the DotA 2 replay system

Blades Level 2 and 3 Evolution (40 pts and 100 pts, points are gained from victories with PA 1 point per win after Dec. 7, 3 points with any hero before that time.)

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

Oh! One last thing, If you want to carve out a Heroic Effigy you probably have received an Effigy Block or two if you owned a Compendium during The Internationals of 2014.
Pretty Slick! You can equip the character with certain items and you can make a nice little digital figurine for yourself. IT GETS DISPLAYED IN YOUR BASE DURING A MATCH!

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