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Hey guys, so recently DotA 2 had a massive game change... well not really game change... okay when you put everything together it is a massive game changer.

Update 6.84 brings a plethora of new things to the table and changing up the entire gameplay with new items, new abilities, adjusted abilities, new mechanics, new aesthetics and of course... new meta.

Coupled with the Compendium DotA 2 has had a lot of content injected into it over the past few weeks. Compendium is for The Internationals 2015 this time around and offers even more than before. Yes it's aesthetics; those clamoring saying it's stupid well, go tell off the other 2 million players+ willing to pay for it(myself included even though I'm preoccupied with other projects). The Prize pool itself is already at a staggering $3.6million and previously last I checked(3 hours ago prior to this check it was only 3.3mil) it was only 300k less. That is absurd.

In any case you can find the mass of details in these following links should you wish to browse through it yourself but I'm going to highlight what has caught my interest in terms of the big update patch & the compendium itself.

Links :


Patch 6.84 Highlights

Gold Redistribution gains/penalties/losses/bonuses

So one thing I want to quickly get into is the bounty on monster drops(aka gold earned from kills and things). While that's been lowered overall various other things have been adjusted. A lot of gold income or gold per second has been lowered in a sense, while I haven't had a chance to play, based on friends who play the game fervently they've told me while gold feels like you gain about 10% less overall the games do go quicker and not get elongated.

Among that assisting in hero kills also is distributed differently where the poorest hero(in terms of overall networth) gets a 25% increase in gold income for assisting in kills where the killer actually gets 25% less, and the ones in the middle just get no bonus or penalty. Meaning that'll give supports a higher incentive to do things rather than farm and carries to also go kill with supports(which is what they should be doing...). While a lot of creeps/monster kills are lowered hero kills have been increased with a 10% extra. So basically you'll be rewarded more for just going to slaughter enemy players rather than farm all day.

Additional creep spawn are also now sent earlier in the game, probably to make up for the gold reductions and also to cause more pressure to lanes that aren't monitored and to also possibly speed up the game. Small details that trickle into big changes over the duration of a game.

Hero Abilities/Adjustments

A lot of heroes have been adjusted in this patch as well, nerfs and buffs of minor kinds. None really game-breaking but just to diminish funneled popular choices where you see certain heroes in almost EVERY game on one side or the other rarely ever "unpicked/drafted" Some hero abilities have new debuffs attached to them or have extra effects. Bounty Hunter for instance got a good paragraph of changes this time around where a lot of his abilities grant more information, making more strategy available especially the part about "Track now shows how much gold the enemy is carrying". GREAT for making a targeted kill on someone you think is holding to save up for big items and you can go kill the greedy mofo and make him/her suffer. D:

Other small changes like Io's Relocate double click to fountain can be a small and useless change to some, probably most, but a huge difference for those trying to rescue heroes in the midst of heat. Some crazy changes are more aligned with Invoker's new max level Deafening Blast where it's a circular blast which sounds retarded... considering what it does. Troll Warlord got hit with some serious debuffs probably due to the overwhelming popularity of him being picked repeatedly in almost every game. BUT you can see all the details yourself in that link above. What I really want to get into are the new abilities.

New abilities... they're not necessarily new but they're the Aghanim Scepter ability upgrades. Aghanim Scepter abilities generally modifies a character's ultimate so much it really functions as something else when the Scepter is obtained. And it functions in a positive sense not a detrimental one. They add many new possibilities to the game and always works like a trump card for any dota2 match.

The heroes that have been granted Aghanim Scepter upgrades are,

Alchemist, Centaur Warrunner, Legion Commander, Lifestealer, Naga Siren, Furion(modified), Lina(nerfed), Luna(modified), Outworld Devourer(balanced?), Pugna(nerfed), Techies, Tinker(nerfed,buffed,balanced), Tusk, Weaver, Wraith King, Morphling, Lone Druid

Source - DotaCinema

Want a specific Hero? Here's the timings:

Alchemist - 0:11

Centaur - 0:27

Legion Commander - 0:56

LifeStealer - 1:11

Luna - 1:49

Morphling - 2:25

Naga Siren 2:59

Furion - 3:10

Nyx - 3:27

Techies - 4:11

Tinker - 4:47

Tusk 5:10 (LOL HAHAHA)

Weaver - 5:32

Wraith King - 5:44

Lone Druid - 6:23

That's a LOT of heroes that got aghanim scepter upgrades and modifications.

Alchemist's Aghanim's Scepter while not inherently great, it does help you get a scepter to someone else on your team really quick considering how fast Alchemist amasses gold compared to supports generally wanting/needing an aghanim scepter as a BUFF. So it doesn't even take up an item slot for the targetted hero which sounds GREAT, stats bonus the item it provides and ultimate upgrade if it exists.

Centaur's ultimate improvement makes your team practically invincible considering it reduces all incoming damage by 70% and lets you dash through obstacles, great for team chasing, killing, initiating sounds rather devastating for the other team if their effective damage output is cut down to 1/3rd for a good 3.75 seconds. That's all it takes to wreck one or two people and the rest just follow.

Legion Commander has a pretty funny improvement if you ask me, the duel lasts FOREVER until someone dies or if they're removed 2000 range apart. Not really much can save you from the duel except chen sending you back to town or a wisp relocating one person. Just so you get an idea 2000 range is about 1.5 screen lengths apart. Not very many heroes can displace heroes that far apart, and even if you push one or the other 600-900 units away with items like force staff or something else the moment you're pushed you'll start charging towards one another again. Good for locking down someone in a fight I guess.

Lifestealer's improvement on his ultimate really changes up his entire function of his ultimate, rather than incubate in someone he can reverse that now and have someone sit inside him and get healed as well.

Morphling can now turn himself into an allied hero with all his stats and cast non-ultimate abilities for 20 seconds when it dies morphling re-emerges. That's a pretty insane aghanim's scepter upgrade. He basically has a choice of replicating someone and doing what they do. IF you have a chaos knight on your team you can possibly stun someone for up to 4-8 seconds in total or 2 people for 2-4 seconds with the chaos bolt as an example...

Naga Siren gets her own upgrade where it heals allies in the radius for 6% of their max health for 7seconds totaling a whalloping 42% health gain. Not only does this reset a battle you also lopside it and bring your team back to full force fighting. Generally the Song of the Siren is used for escape or to reset a battle since ability cooldowns are counted while it's going on and sets all enemies to an invulnerable immobile state.

Furion's ultimate gets a bit modified if you have the Aghanim's scepter where if it kills a unit now it spawns a treant... this is not silly at all, coupled with some of the new items this turns one team's side into a zerg horde that can really destroy lanes quick and have them overrun.... so do be wary.

Nyx Assassin gets a new ability of Burrowing upon acquiring the scepter, it's pretty neat while he can't move or do anything basic it sets him up like an ability turret and remains invisible while he's burrowed. Burrowing grants him a plethora of buffs such as shorter spell cooldowns, increased cast range, and his defense technique gets modified into an instant stun around him.

He still has his original ultimate Vendetta, so if everything goes to shit use Vendetta and it'll unburrow you immediately and you'll be ready to spike someone.

Techies Aghanim's scepter sounds excellent, it sounds SO TROLL. I'm not kidding. It causes all his mines to be undetectable if they're near one of his minefield signs. So it could be a real warning or you could simply be screwed to the depths of hell. He can only have one sign out at a time though but hidden behind a tree that camera angle could betray you really hard or even on top of a cliff.

Tusk gets a new scepter ability making more of the brawler he is, Walrus Kick. On top of having an uppercut that launches enemies skyhigh, you get one now that blasts them in the face and knocks them 900 units away from you and with anotehr slow of 40% for 4 seconds on a 12 second cooldown. ... 12 SECOND COOLDOWN...

Weaver has a pretty simple Aghanim's Scepter ability, reduces the CD to 20 seconds and lets you target team mates with the ability now. Need to rewind someone back a few seconds to save them now you can! Support weaver.

and finally

Wraith King's scepter upgrade is more of a zerg charge, for your team people who die near you in battle become a wraith for 5 seconds, they can continue doing whatever they want/can within that 5 seconds and if they kill anything they'll get the reward for it. It's like an extra life, considering those 5 seconds you won't have an HP bar. The enemy will literally still be facing the same x number of heroes in a battle for an extra 5 seconds if Wraith King lives.

So there you have it AGHANIM SCEPTER ABILITIES... That was a lot... which also brings us into the NEW ITEMS.

New Items Highlights v6.84

I'm only going to talk about the ones that interest or stick out to me, you can of course find all the details at the v.684 link above mentioned at the beginning.

Lotus Orb, it works like a Linkens Sphere(which gives spell shield for 1 targetted spell) but instead this removes debuffs on being placed on ally or enemy. Yes or Enemy. But it gives an echo/reflect. So if you get targetted with a spell Lotus Orb will RECAST it back at its source.

So imagine this, Furion casts his ultimate it bounces around, 5 people on the opposite team get a Lotus Orb and since the way his ultimate works is that every target it hits is a targetted spell(because linkens blocks it), it'll recast 5 Furion ults back onto furion's team and have 5 beams bouncing around everywhere. You get the idea now right?

Source - Relax You're Fine

Octarine Core, this is one of the newer things to Dota 2, Spell Cooldown reduction, while this mechanic isn't really visible in Dota 2, where others are familiar with it in other MOBAs like LoL, this is one of first items that grant Cooldown Reduction, a reduction of 25% 1/4. Slap it on with Aghanim's Scepter for certain heroes that cooldown on certain ultimate abilities will become REALLY short, on top of that it gives spell-lifesteal of 25% off heroes and 5% from creeps. Pricey pricey item though 5900 gold cost total.

Boots of Travel Upgraded - Yea this thing got another recipe and it lets you target friendly heroes. I expect this to be a call to action for all heroes to gather at one guy to start something tragic for the other team, this will probably make late games very intense.

And apart from these 3 highlighted new items there's a few others, but a lot of the other items have been modified in terms of price, and cost of their actives and various other things. Do have a look if you're curious or play the game!

And the Compendium...


A peek inside for those of you don't have it and curious what's in there this time around.

On top of that there's also a slab of other things to do, challenges, daily things, votes, predictions, to gather points to level up your Compendium. So get playing if you acquire one! (I don't have time :( bought one anyways because the milestone rewards will flow in and those are worth something)

Challenges that I mentioned earlier...

Compendium Activities

And of course the famed Immortal Equipment for heroes that are literally massive aesthetic changes for hero abilities and particle effects and the like. THE DISTRACTIONS THAT MAKES WINS POSSIBLE OR HAVE YOU STARING IN AWE.

I got the blue one.. you could be the lucky one to get a gold one and give GOLDEN SHOWERS.... huehuehe. Yes all Immortal equipment has special VFX changes to the hero's ability in some way or an item ability.

Do check out the links for more detailed information(Same links found at beginning of article). Thanks for reading or checking this out!

Compendium Information

v6.84 Patch Detailed Notes

PS. I won't be at TI5 this year, due to preoccupations of making a game trailer of my own...(part of which can be seen in my blog profile background)

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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