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Hey everyone, hope all is going well.

Today I want to share about DotA 2's newest Compendium for The Internationals championship tournament.

Because of the amount of stuff there is in this Compendium I felt compelled to write something and share it with you even if you are or aren't a DotA 2 player.

This compendium this time around is filled with even more things than the last. The amount of rewards you receive just for obtaining one($9.99) is insane. If you like in-game cosmetics there are plenty to be acquired with this one.

I'll actually be going to The Internationals myself this time around and completely geek out at the tournaments in Seattle.

Why I think this compendium is worth the $9.99 is the plethora of things you get out of it if you're a frequent DotA 2 player. As in you play at least 1 game every one or two days will net you enough to fill the book by it's completion date.

This Compendium also Levels up, so it's a bit of an RPG too I guess or an RPI role playing item?

On top of that levelling your compendium grants you special personal rewards on your account and various other things as depicted here in this screenshot for you!

The release of the compendium was literally just yesterday and it's already reached the $2.2 million goal(May 10, 2014), pretty ridiculous and awesome at the same time. As you can see through this list there are 13 global levels depending on the community to purchase compendium/buy compendium points to spend on it and various other things.

Just look at the choices given with the rewards. For those who aren't familiar with DotA 2 Arcana cosmetic items vastly change a character's appearance, skills, portrait, and sometimes even voice to a flashy absurd level. It's the equivalent of a Legendary League of Legends Skin, except in DotA 2 you can find parts of them just from simply playing.

The amount of activities and challenges are also available in the compendium challenging you to win 10 games with 10 randomly selected heroes from the compendium, doing so will grant you a blast of points to levelling your compendium or collect cards simply from playing matches and trading with other players in the community.

Not looking forward to the medusa/tusk/batrider victory(I suck with those heroes) Luckily you're allowed 1 re-roll for uncompleted heroes!

You can of course just pay to win your book too. Lol. (Bottom Right)

BUT The Best way of levelling your book is simply playing games and using point boosters that you find from victories or losses! So just play!

And they are definitely treating this like a sport(because it is in today's era!), as you can see there are prediction columns for all combinations and types in across a series of games or a single game multiple pages of them I haven't fully looked through them but here's an image below. Who knows, but the rewards are definitely interesting to consider if you're an avid player.

With DotA2's dynamic, every match is ALWAYS different and in no way structured except the roles of support & carry needing to be somewhat balanced in a team composition for a optimal match, unless you're going for a long game, then you'd pick like all carries... or early game then all supports... oh wait I just destroyed my own point, in that sense yea every game is always different.

To end this off, DotA 2 also has 9 different game modes that offer vast different game play from the general norm. Just think about having clockwerk with a meepo ult and just walk around battery assaulting people O_o... in Random Ability Draft! or.. Rearm on certain heroes...

As always, comments are welcome just please keep it civil among each other thanks!

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