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Hey guys so since the last compendium update to this one, there have a been quite a number of additions to the International Compendium 2015.

Previously I mentioned challenges, but challenges now have included a 4th section - Hero Challenges.

Do certain things with heroes in games in alloted time frames or alloted conditions with certain item effects. Pretty simple, but pretty hard when you roll a hero you don't play often. But don't worry you can discard it and re-roll a different hero with different conditions. All challenges award the same amount of Compendium Coin so the easier the better, sometimes you get hard things like Kill Roshan under 12 minutes vs. Kill Roshan under 20 minutes(EZ), or harder things like Destroy enemy Barracks before game timer reaches 30:00(REALLY HARD unless you're rickrolling the enemy team or have a super early push team).

AND ON top of that you have to win the game for the challenge to register, if you complete your challenge during the game but fail you get nothing!

Compendium Coins spending your compendium coins on single item may be more worth it unless you have tremendous luck in obtaining rare-mythical-arcana sets. Yes I have a friend who got an Arcana set from the 1000 coin redeem a set.... sigh, but it could also flop really hard too, another friend who spent 1000 on a set redeemed a loading screen set and was utterly defeated. OR you could spend 1000 coins on the single item redeem which is 100, so you'll for sure at least get 10 items of any grade. There is no limit to what grade of an item you get. You can get a single arcana piece as well or idk if it's even possible to get the legendary 10k USD butterfly bow for drow thing from this but I assume it's in the pool(because I'm optimistic >_>..). A set only contains up to 5-7 items only, mostly 5 parts for the hero 1 for loading screen and 1 for other or something. Some could be less. 

Your coin charm is the best way to obtain mass amount of coins by predicting victories, but if you break it the only way you can get another one is levelling up your compendium to a certain level... so if you're predicting your coin charm you better know you're winning because the Coin Charm doesn't get consumed when you predict 3 victories, you can keep going, it's just for every 3 vics you get about 750 coins.

So make your choices wisely on what you want more! (quantity or matching sets)

Item Recycling - So this wasn't in the previous compendium update I wrote about. This one was important, and why I mention this after Compendium Coin Spending, becase you'll probably be getting a lot of duplicates or skin items for heroes you don't play from redeeming your coins. For every 10 items you can recycle it into a Mythical Charm of the Crucible.

This charm unlocks into a pretty decent set out of a pool of 82 sets for heroes, and you can't get duplicates. Problem with unlocking them is it's really hard, you have to predict 3 victories to unlock it. If you fail 2 predictions the charm busts and turns into 1-3 charm fragments that you can re-use for recycling into another charm. I've already unlocked 5 charms(meaning I predicted 15 victories) you can do it with friends or solo whichever, but either way you gotta hope you have a serious mindset for victory and your team does as well and hope your team composition isn't going to get stormed to death.

Upon unlocking the charms it'll also grant you 25 points to your compendium level up to 8 times for a total of 200 points which equates to 2 levels.

Arcana Hero Selection has also been placed out for the next hero to receive Arcana sets again based on the community vote. So go make your vote on which hero you want to get Arcana next! Phantom Assassin was last years and isn't on the list this time around. (Here's my list, i'm not changing it, if you dislike my choices too bad!)

Regional Qualifier Predictions are out and are ongoing, North American one has already finished(from the date this was written). You choose a region you want to participate in your predictions this time around. So there's NA, China, Europe and SEA.

The usual All-star match of the players from different teams you want to watch playing together/against one another for the most stupid setups or most hilarious dumb things profoundly created during those matches during the Internationals.(Last year they unveiled Techies in the All-Star Match).

The 10 hero challenge is back, with 1 re-roll per 10 challenge. It gives you 10 heroes that you have to randomly win with and upon completing one set of 10 you get 150 compendium points. Up to a total of 450. I had to do my first 20 with only 1 re-roll since they had it bugged for a while (such griefing...), but its fixed now so I pray for your victories!, Re-rolling will only reset incomplete heroes in your current set of 10 heroes. So complete as many as you think are easy/familiar/comfortable with first before re-rolling or you'll regret playing this one hero you're completely inexperienced with.

All the New Immortal II's can be found in the Dota Blog @ http://www.dota2.com/international/compendium/0/1/0/

Heroes granted Immortals this time around:

Leshrac, Disruptor, Anti-Mage, Faceless Void, Sven the Rogue Knight, Tinker, ShadowFiend(Rare), Anti Mage variant(Extreme Rare)




Faceless Void



Shadow Fiend Rare

Anti-Mage Extreme Rare

I got me some boss bladez. (Anti-Mage Variant, Extreme Rare)

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among eachother is all I ask thanks!

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