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Hey guys, so I just played through the beta that started today and wanted to share this with you asap because I was so thrilled and excited that I decided to carry this adrenaline into getting you all this information super fast.

While a first impression mainly only covers the surface of a game, a review of an MMO is much harder to make due to needing lots of time invested into a game before a full on review could be made. That's why I've resorted to making First Impressions instead to gauge if a title would do well in its genre/category or target audience.

Devilian Online is definitely targeted at ARPG(Action Role Playing Game) players. The game has difficulty or at least I think it does since even the first dungeon is already pounding my character''s HP from small mistakes. The game had its debut in Korea at about the release time of Diablo 3(I don't want to talk about this title again :S). I've also been keeping an eye on this title along with other titles like Path of Exile, or Asura Online from that time. These 3 titles all came at the same time from when I knew about them. Devilian was a pretty intense one of the 3 mentioned; devilian being the fourth.

So far I think the game is great, the action is fast, it's smooth, highly responsive, and very active. If you're looking for a challenge come try it. Every class has a Devil Transform ability, think of it like the Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry series, because that's the only thing I can relate it to. Your skills take on a different form too and work differently when you're in Devilian form.

Your character is of a race known as "Devilian" sealed away from humanity or something, the opening trailer was in korean, not fully translated yet so I'm uncertain of what the plot sort of is and could only make a bit of sense of it from the first few main quests. Not only that there are also malicious Devilian out there causing havoc, so you have to fight your own race in the story which sounds like a really bad kind of genocide. Nonetheless it makes for an interesting plot.

Each class has its own specialization of 3 different trees, while I've only experienced the Cannoneer in this first impression, the other 3 classes are Evoker, Shadowhunter and the Berserker. You can of course skill into each of them if you like since you're not locked into one but that might mean you're less specialized in one path.

You can pretty much guess which archetype each class belongs to. Evoker is practically your mage class, Shadowhunter being the assassin and Berserker being the warrior type and cannoneer being the ranged class.

Classes are genderlocked which may be a turn off to some of you but I don't mind it I've played enough games with genderlock I think it's actually better since developers can focus on more detail per character and having each of their sets look unique rather than everyone look generic and the same. Of course there are pros and cons to genderlock but I won't go into that today.

Gameplay itself in Devilian is rapid, intense, bosses that you come across already have multiple bars of HP just within the first hour of playing.

The game thrives on community engagement with one another in some sense where you can gift things to people on your friends list and generate an Affinity with them which grants more freebies of items along with party recommendation lists.

There's also crafting but I haven't experienced very much of it and something known as Talismans that look a bit like card collection that can be upgraded which give your characters an inherent boost.

On top of that there's also titles and achievements(EVERY GAME IS DOING THIS THESE DAYS WHYYYYYYY, well i know why but WHYYYY) Someone please go punch the person who made game achievements a thing in the throat. LOL

I even discovered while just checking the menus that crafting can used to make essences to help increase things like resistances to elements so you're tougher and there's a gauge bar for your level and the recommended resistance which is great, there's some form of transparency in the game that'll help prepare you for your journey.

The game world is PRETTY big while it works in zones each zone is a fairly big size where it does take quite a while to run from one end to the other. On top of that there's also dungeon maps too which can take a bit to trek, the early ones aren't too large but I can only guess the later ones get worse and worse(worse as in more fun for you! Addiction is a bad thing.).

Levelling goes in two ways, one is your character level and the other is your Devilian level. Yes your transform even has a level of its own which is a little crazy. On top of that your Devilian form has its own set of GEAR as well. So you're kind of leveling up two characters in 1. THAT'S QUITE A BIT OF WORK. Devilian form levels a lot harder than regular, where you need to collect souls to actually go towards your Devilian's "exp" which is just a consumption of souls.

Devilian form itself has its own gauge at the bottom between your HP and your Vigor where when you land attacks it'll charge up on its own allowing you to transform, this isn't soul consumption, soul consumption are those red orbs that fly around sometimes when you kill certain mobs.

So guys that's Devilian in a quick touch of the surface, a first impression, and how this game impacted me, I found it to be very enjoyable, if you enjoy ARPGs you should look forward to this game's open beta, the control scheme is WASD and you still use your mouse LClick and RClick and 12345678,f1-f8 + spacebar. So pretty much almost your entire keyboard, it can get wild. I didn't seem to experience any flaws in this game in its category. The graphics are superb, will most likely run fine on low-end computers, whereas the spell graphics are insanely detailed.

I guess one flaw is you can't rotate the camera but that can be neglected since it doesn't affect my gameplay at all, might actually make it worse if it could be rotated since I have to time dodges with small time windows and when it comes out it's going to be free + cash shop of course but I think it's a title worth trying out.

Here's the video for you if you want to see the action in motion.

As always comments are welcome! Please just keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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