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Hey guys so I tried out Dark Blood Online today on Steam and I think the game is great so far.

Although the beginning is a little slow as usual like in every other online game, this one however has a great cutscene-like hook with your character gaining immense power after having her teacher wrecked; for the mage. 

Of course the video demonstration is just at the bottom as usual

I don't know what the other classes opening is like. The combat I find is VERY smooth and exciting. You can juggle, you can combo input you can cancel your attack mid attack to go into a different combo. You can even cancel your jump O_O.

Monsters making some derpy dance.

If you've played Dungeon Fighter this game will suit your tastes just as much, only it's in 3D characters and a 2D background/backdrop environment. The art style I find is very appealing and the graphics aren't a turn off for me personally but graphics are always subjective. The special effects however some look rather rigid/pixelated or that's what I spotted on some skills but for the most part it isn't a deal breaker and is pleasant eye candy.

A friend mentioned to me it also feels like Lunia and I have to agree. Something to mention was in the past I know this game also shut down and never got a chance to play it. Having played it I don't understand why it shut down since I think the game is fairly awesome in it's hook and start. The map system and game system seem fairly unique, so perhaps it was a niche in the market that didn't survive well but this revive seems to make the game have a new burst of hype as all the channels in the game's server is marked as BUSY and only 1 or 2 as medium out of 5 channels.

BLOODY BLOODY Mess. The game is very dark and gothic imo, it actually reminds me of Diablo 2 days, except this is more in a fantasy-asian style one, that's just how it feels.

The world map of the first town.

There are only four classes out for now, that also branch/upgrade into other jobs I chose the Mage. There's also a paladin, archer, and a warrior. They have 2 job upgrades or paths I don't know yet since I'm new to the game however they all look very different from one another in terms of their job's upgrade. 

What I do like though is that in some quests you get to play as different characters/monsters which is a nice break from your char class and they are part of the storyline as well which makes for some more intrigue.

Playing as Lloyd of the Patrol.

The music in the game is pretty slick and I love ear candy.

However the only problem in the game is the Stress system which only allows you to do so many runs/dungeons a day and it gets depleted pretty fast you can empty it in like an hour or less, reminds me of Vindictus token days. Though I'm not sure what the thing is behind the Stress system as there are ways to alleviate it with Fishing for an energizing potion and something about more things being available at level 20+. So I can't really pass judgment on that yet, but I really do like the game so far even with restricted progression.

Boss with a giant sword, goblin horade i believe?

You even get to play as him later on in a later mission! Sorry about the bottom left but I did stream this game as well~

Here's my first impression video:

As always comments are welcome! Please keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

PS. Yes we all know the most disgruntling thing about the game is probably the stress system however I don't find it that impeding.

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