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Dark And Light is a recently remastered game that shutdown in 2008 and has now come back, it's inception was in 2006. I only learned of this history due to trying to find solutions for a rocky beginning to my session with Dark and Light, though the main menu notice here states that only slightly less than 1/3rd of the game is complete.

Though the game is now re-released on Steam under Early Access it faces several usual problems most Early Access games have.

Some minor concerns is just some polish on UI elements that could use improvements in general, spacing of text near borders, game optimization issues, some multiplayer problems and not too much game intuitive features which could be either a pro or a con in your perception of either no handholding or some handholding or too much handholding, but Dark and Light proceeds with not too much handholding.

Within my first experience here the problems I encountered were unresponsive attack controls which I have no idea how it happened on my end, also messing with Key Bindings did not change much of any of the controls which is a critical problem as many features are unassigned and cannot be mapped. I'm sure there are solutions but for general users I don't think doing 3rd party google research to solve the problems is a good impression on first time adventurers.

While this was problematic for a good 5-10 minutes I ended up triggering suicidal death to my character by inducing a heart attack on him and then respawning which actually fixed my controls to be responsive again. So if all else fails, kill yourself in game :| ...

Aside from those problems, Dark and Light does yield a Sandbox experience.

You'll begin your adventure at least learning some basics of making tools, weapons and some basic spells to help you guide through the night and your immediate surroundings.

From the short session I played of Dark and Light, there will be war systems involved in servers that are either officially hosted by the game itself or by players hosting their own dedicated servers. So far it seems a server can hold 70 players on a map.

You can choose different factions to be a part of and you'll probably end up fighting one another over resources or house spacing of some sort though you'll have to declare war to do so. I had too many problems with stuck loading screens and frozen infinite lag trying to connect to a server so I opted to play Singleplayer for now just to get a grasp for the game. Playing Singleplayer would probably also give you the opportunity to learn how to begin anyways before jumping straight into a multiplayer server.

Level ups grant stat points to be allocated and there are plentiful amount of activities to perform just to start off. The bestiary consists of about 50+ monsters for the map I launched into. I'm uncertain if your characters are instanced between each server or if your multiplayer experience would be carried over from server to server.

Mods are another feature in the main menus indicating in future development there'll probably be additions of either player made or extras added by the devs themselves to add more flair to the game in different flavors.

The graphics in the game are decent and the whole medieval feel is there. I'm not exactly sure of any interactions with NPCs apart from being able to donate them some gold for possibly favor and some items they sell for gold which I've only found from barrels I've destroyed.

Activities and quests are linear from top to bottom on the quest list though you can view the other ones which I'm not entirely certain why when you cannot progress them until the upper most quest category is completed and should be locked in my opinion.

Materials and the numerous amount of items seems slightly problematic as I don't know where to store things or to place them somewhere for later use. The world is pretty large but without being able to open a map getting lost happens really fast.

The game looks like it would indicate a lot of future options for other crafts/spells/housing professions in the Skills later on. Currently the game only held the 1 map you could run on. So while the game isn't on a huge world it is hosted in a big map that's part of a region.

Overall I think Dark And Light has some good potential for a sandbox experience, though in it's current state in Early Access it's going to need a lot of fixes and some more polish before diving into it. If you can handle usual early access problems such as lag, optimization problems, frustrations of game crashes and such then my verdict for the gameplay sandbox experience is quite decent.
If you however don't want to deal with any of that you may perhaps want to await until the game is in a more complete state.
Below is a short video of just the very glimpse beginnings of Dark and Light.

Thank you very much for reading/watching and I'll see you later!

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