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With the update for practice siege wars coming, Black Desert has released its own warfare manual on their forums to prep players for the basics in warfare.

There appears to be two types, Conquest War much larger and is meant for controlling parts of the continent, and Node Wars where a singular node is contested upon by guilds and players alone.

Guild masters alone will have a lot of work to do managing and also keeping eye on an area and coordinating with their guild members to rally them to areas too I believe, since I'm not a guild master this already seems like a lot of work. Those who love leadership will enjoy this, hopefully those of you under a guild have a leader that's active and wanting this type of large scale pvp and warfare that's coming. If you're not a hardcore player and a casual I suggest you look up how to craft cannons to deploy on the field and launch it at players, they are equalizers in huge guilds vs. small guilds. The AoE and Siege damage from those things are devastating.

The areas under war and are susceptible to warfare are outlined with zone areas highlighted by green or red walls of light. Walking into a green wall = entering a war area. Walking through a red one = leaving the war area.

Players of all types will be required for participation. Those who can build, those who can combat, those who can control other weaponry.

Construction will require a lot of guild coordination, your workers will also work together with your guild to complete forts. Obviously you can't really wage war as a solo player so better get looking towards a guild!.

Will bring you more details as I experience more later on. Currently still prepping as I've just reached level 56 recently and the grind there was immense.

More info can be found at these links:


2nd link does require you to login though. Completing the quick tutorial will grant you a 7 day reward costume of an upcoming outfit.

The second link is an Interactive manual to quickly get you familiar with setup and activities war requires for participation. The information to digest through utilizing the interactive manual is very quick and easy to understand.

This looks pretty intense.

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