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In today's guide this is to go over the Tamer Class of Black Desert.

Tamer is undoubtedly one of the hardest classes in Black Desert to utilize and fairly unpopular due to its "low strength" by majority consensus.
She's also weak to magic damage but also has the utility of all forms of Crowd Control and a very agile class.
But for those who wield the Tamer as a master class are ones heralded as harbingers of terror on battlefields and only few exist. The spectrum of players I've come across in the Tamer class either sloppily utilize her skills or use them at a godly level. There is very few in the middle.

The great amount of difficulty the Tamer class stems from cancelling your attacks and reflexive timing in certain skills and knowing what big hitters your opponents could be utilizing vs. how the Tamer can react to such attacks. ALL of Tamer's attacks can be cancelled unlike any other class and she is also possibly the fastest attack class in the game.

At a master's level the Tamer can pretty much dodge every attack in the game, whether you successfully do it or not is entirely dependent on the player and their ability to evaluate the situation in mere split seconds.

Some known weaknesses the Tamer currently has is inherent lowered magic damage defense, for some unknown reason I have no idea why the class has this debuff as some of the hardest hitting classes are the magic classes Wizard, Witch, Dark Knight. Hopefully that gets rectified in some point in the future.

So to start off going over the Short Sword(Preawakening) skills.

Tree Climb seemingly useless is actually one of her longest survival skills against enemy attacks. Whether you're using it in PvP or dodging a Boss's red form strike Tree Climb lasts for a good 1-1.8 seconds which is extremely long for very active based combat system, the trick here is to not connect the attack with anything but more so landing in front of your enemy or near your enemy if you're trying to attack. If Tree Climb connects and hits your opponent your invulnerability duration of the animation is immediately stopped.

A further trick to that is Tree Climb could be used as a retaliation tactic as well. With the proper Flows to utilize Heilang Scratch after Tree Climb if timed correctly in the midst of dodging an attack following through into a Heilang Scratch at the right moment could inflict Stiffness on your opponent after their attack completely misses and you counter with Scratch into a Grapple of Soaring Kick rendering your opponent completely vulnerable. Or in a split second decision after Scratch you use Legendary Beast Power(shift+space) dash and get out of a dangerous situation quickly.

Bolt Wave/Jolt Wave, this is more of a damage pump of instant spikes, you'll be utilizing this the most beyond level 56. While it's a preawakening skill and highly useful it causes 360 shockwaves around the Tamer and are very powerful, also greatly used to trigger skill awakening buffs quickly and acts as a weapon switch from the Bo Staff into Shortsword fast. This should normally be utilized in the need of a weapon switch or as a follow up after a Soaring Kick Grapple for extra damage.

Roaring, while not very useful at high levels it is your main technique for leveling speedily from 1-56. It can also be used to cause the Heilang Pet to trigger a stun around him in an area.

Absorb Heilang Pet - This particular skill is like activating offense god mode on your character for a good 60 seconds. It'll remove your pet so do remember to resummon, but the buffs in particular grant a huge lopsided boost to the Tamer giving her an edge to take on foes above her power spectrum. The advantage you'll gain is animation speed over your opponents, damage over your opponents and movespeed as well as a huge crit rate bonus. Don't die though or you lose the buff immediately!

Flash is a really quick way to advance upon someone and causes a bleeding and does decent damage, though this is used more as a finisher or chipshot damage that you need quickly. The attack goes through all 3: Flash, Pole Thrust, Scatter stance, very quickly and can be chained in to weapon swap back into Bo Staff with Echo Pierce.

Trample is better used as a form to lower your enemy's accuracy which could greatly reduce your enemy's damage output upon the Tamer if you're stacking defenses and evasion.

Void Lightning is a very important forward shield(I know it's a sphere but it only blocks the front...) and with your pet out it causes your pet to throw an omnislash looking attack on the spot and anyone caught in it will be temporarily stunned. Very good for combo starting on a defensive stance.

Evasion - The bunny hop of the Tamer, there is a short invulnerability duration at the beginning of every hop making the Tamer generally hard to catch when the technique is paired with Legendary Beast Power, though the inputs will probably give your fingers a bit of an ache until muscle memory has formed.

Upper Claw is great for starting a huge chain of combo if you're able to launch and juggle your opponent with its Air Smash, successfully landing this with its effects is normally a death sentence if you string through all your attacks and CCs if you're able to somehow land this at near the beginning of an attack sequence.

The other skills have their uses and I highly encourage experimenting with skills up until Level 56 since Skill reset is free up until that point.

Bo Staff(Awakening) skills are all useful you'll want to take all of them except maybe a certain few that are strictly for PvE(Howling, which still isn't very useful) and an aerial/down assault that doesn't strike very hard(Ascension)

Moonlight Strike is your advancing initiating strike majority of the time, you can also use it to slag enemies on the floor after knocking them down somehow and execute someone instead, this particular attack strikes extremely hard and at level 59 you'll gain an extra hit that does nearly equally the same amount of damage. The cooldown is also very short.

All Around Spinner is a good counter attack and your heavy hitter attack, though it is comparatively weak to most other classes it is still a very good skill and shouldn't be ignored. Reasons being it causes two forms of crowd control, Stiffness and Floating should either trigger your follow up can be devastating to your opponent. The frontal guard it possesses also helps with trading hits as the animation time is far longer than a lot of attacks from other classes in the game, meaning you'll most likely remain standing at the end of an assault. If you have low defenses though the Frontal Guard may not be as reliable in withstanding attacks because if guard breaks you start taking damage/cc effects.

Beastly Rampage is your damage constant, while it provides no defense of any sort its assault hits very hard and very frequent. The final hit is also taken into account of Intimidation flow technique. That final hit hits VERY hard and is possibly one of her quickest strikes for burst damage. Also possesses minor lifesteal and mp steal

Legendary Beast Dance is a quad-directional technique. Depending on what you're utilizing you should use this to your advantage. Turtle strike causes slow and hits very strong even though the ratios are all the same. Vermillion Bird is a 360 strike and inflicts burning and launches unfortunate opponents caught in it if they're not in super armor/frontal guard. Azure Dragon is a stun strike that is a good chain linker for combos, White Tiger is the fastest strike but I never really utilized it that much.
Turtle Strike & White Tiger can trigger Intimidation right after furthering damage output.

Gust/Flow Leaves Dropping are side step invulnerability techniques, very quick and empowers the Tamer with temporary huge AP gains, also a great skill to reposition yourself into a spot to land back attacks or get out of the way of enemy attacks and quickly re-engage with moonlight strike. Utilizing this frequently is highly recommended making your class zip around an active battlefield quickly.

To further extend the power gap Garuda is another technique that lowers enemy defense and causes a launch if you're able to catch them off guard. Put together with the Heilang Absorb and the numerous buffs including 100% Z rage absorb your power gap could be as wide as +80AP or more apart in the Tamer's favor along with speed and critical rate.

Cloud Stomping/Flying is another survival technique that is invulnerability and good for mobility out of a dangerous situation. You can jump into crowds of people and still should be able to get out alive most of the time. Though very difficult due to skill inputs. This itself is also an initiator to knockdown foes on entry.

Echo Pierce can be used to cancel any awakening attack and most Short sword attacks as a weapon switch. This is a spike of burst damage and is used almost everywhere in tandem with Bolt Wave/JoltWave & All Around Spinner as connectors of combo linking.

Overall I think the Tamer is a very difficult class and the unpopularity surrounding her is because of the difficulty and strength of character that some find to be lacking, though that is generally what causes my favor of interest to go towards a certain class as well.

Below here is a video guide demonstrating most and more details of what was described here. I hope this helped you out. The class is hard to play so don't give up!

Thanks for reading and/or watching! I'll see you next time!

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