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Black Desert's Project Manager Belsazar has recently granted updates regarding Closed Beta Test 2 and the changes they are bringing as well as a suspected launch time-frame. With CBT2 details being announced next week, the team at Daum Games EU has brought a lot of feedback to the development team in KR within the past week and is now updating its community on the changes and proposed feedback and suggestions made by many players regarding the game and to enforce its existing concepts to greater polish.

Wizard/Witch Costumes:

With February being suspected launch, speculated on my own part, since they are announcing that Family and Character name reservations are available hopefully within the first week is their goal, indicating that may be launch date and is highly conceivable since they are aiming for a Q1 2016 release. That would also mean that the CBT2 could happen anywhere within the next 2 weeks for the duration of a week near the end of January.

Monsters of Kamasylvia being designed/created(In their KR offices of PearlAbyss I'm guessing)

The more important bits are Cash Shop reveals, this is of great concern to many players since the ***** model is B2P but concerns regard if anything is Pay to Win is always something frequently wondered and put under a microscope for judgment.

There are 2 regions of service, North America and Europe, your family and character names are unique in each region meaning if you reserve one name in NA it won't be reserved in the EU region. There are also 2 different game shops. Cash Shop and the Mileage Shop.

The Cash Shop

Convenience Items

Storage Items:

Inventory Increase packs of 1, 4 and 8 slots of inventory.

Weight Limit Increase packs of 50, 100 , 150 for character limits.

Region Storage increase packs of 1, 4 , 8 to increase local Warehouse storage spaces in towns you use them in.

Support/Boost Items:

Horse EXP Booster - Increases Horse EXP Gain by 20% for 1 Hour.

Partial Skill Reset - Resets a single combat skill and retrieves its combat skill point.

Family Name Change Ticket - Rename your account's surname

Horse name change Ticket - Rename a mount

Character Slot - +1 Character Slot.

Revive Potion - Resurrect on the spot immediately.

Life Skill Stats transfer ticket - Transfer your Life Skill EXP progress to another character.

Stable Expansion Ticket - +1 to Stable Capacity in a specified City.

Worker Lodge Expansion Ticket - +1 to Worker Capacity in a specified City.

Vanity Items

Beauty/Cosmetic Items:

Costume + Weapon Skin Package - Full set of armor skills with weapon and offhand skin(Don't know what armor skills means)

Weapon Skin - Cosmetic sklin for main hand weapon.

Costume Set - Cosmetic set for armor

Costume Single Pieces - Same as Costume set but sold as 1 piece of an entire set.

Accessories - Glasses & Facial Jewelry etc.

Underwear - Panties, Underwear, Undergarments, i.e. what your char wears with no armor on.

Dye Box Sets - Sold in packs of 1, 3, and 10. Contains random dye from a specific range of colors.

Appearance Change Scroll - Allow your character to be modified in character creation customization again once.

Housing Items:

Furniture Items; Wall, Floors, Chandelier, furniture packs etc. - Just to add to your personal house space and more housing value along with beds to help restore energy when used.

Horse/Mount Items:

Horse Set - Box containing a full armor costume for a horse.

Individual Horse Items - Separate individual costume items for horses(e.g. Saddles, horse mask, horse bard, horse stirrup).

Horse Skill initialization Ticket - Change the skill of a horse(I assume this is re-rolling their skills since they're random)

Horse Breeding Reset - Resets the number of times a horse has been bred to allow more breeding of horses.

Horse Whistle - Sold in packs of 1, 7, and 30 days or permanent, Lets players call their horse from a distance for the duration of the item.

Horse Appearance Change Scroll - Customize the look of your horse once... .. .. . .?(Like character customization?! :O)

Pet Items:

Pets - Various animal creatures; Dogs/Cats/Birds etc. - Helps players loot items from monsters.

Mileage Shop

The Mileage Shop is open to any player, the only way to obtain points for the Mileage shop is by logging in each day. Spending money in the Cash Shop will not grant you any Mileage points. This shop is specifically for player activity and engagement in the game on a daily basis.

Items offered in the Mileage Shop, some of which exist in the Cash Shop as well:

Partial Skill Reset

Storage +1 Slot in a specified Warehouse in a city

Inventory Space +1 Slot

Weight +50

Horse Exp Booster +20% for 1 hour.

Revive Potion - Resurrect on the spot immediately.

Character Slot +1

Mileage-Only Shop Items:

Blessing of Kamasylvia 1 Day - Energy +2, Item drop rate +20%

Energy Potion (S) - +10 Energy on use.

Tech EXP Booster - Skill EXP +10% for 1 hour.

Life Skill EXP Booster - Life Skill EXP +10% for 1 hour.

Combat EXP Booster - Combat EXP +50% for 1 hour.

Mana Scroll - +100 Max Mana for 1 hour.

HP Scroll - +100 Max HP for 1 hour.

Game Items:

Boss Scrolls - Summons a Greater Boss(e.g. Witch/Tree/Bheg)

Boss Scrolls(Lesser) - Summons lesser bosses(e.g. RedNose/Imp/Goblin)

All Mileage Shop items are character bound/non-tradeable/cannot be sold on Marketplace and can be purchased repeatedly. Weight increase can only be purchased 4 times from the Mileage Shop.

Cash Shop items are also not tradeable and cannot be sold on Marketplace at launch, but may be enabled at a future date with mechanisms they'll put in place to prevent players from heavily paying and profiting major advantages by repeated selling of Cash items on MP.

100 Mileage Points are granted each day upon login and are account bound. The items are character bound.

Based on CBT1's feedback the CBT2 (I hope) are adopting a lot of changes as this PM's Diary is outlining things such as:

Leveling Curve going to be adjusted(I don't know if slower or faster it is not mentioned), to allow a more steady/content-filled pace throughout the game to it's soft cap; level 50.(I assume 50 since we don't even have most of the classes available yet)

Group Play is something I'm looking forward to as this is a mega improvement from previous tests; Alpha and CBT1. The party exp distribution has been reworked from

1 person = 100% exp

2 person = 50% exp

3 person = 33.33% exp

4 Person = 25% exp

5 Person = 20% exp

Meaning at 5 person party your exp gain per mob is only 20% of its amount.


1 Person = 100% EXP

2 Person = 60% EXP

3-5 Person = 50% EXP

At a 5 person party after the changes your exp gain per mob is 50%, there is little to no penalty of having more people past 3 people in a party apart from maybe loot.

So before partying would greatly inhibit your progression from grinding due to an even split and also based on how fast everyone's killing... mob density would become a problem and some classes kill faster/slower than others which is another problem.

With the changes for group play, now having more people beyond 3 people is extremely beneficial as the split is only 50% exp, so in a party of 2 you might be slightly slower but in a party 5 you will definitely be having exp gains much faster.

Energy System is being reworked as well or being made to have changes, having excess energy will be allowed to be stored into a potion from a particular NPC in the gameworld to save your unused energy and to use at a later time or you can sell it on the MP. Energy potions will NOT be sold in Cash Shop as that would primarily indicate a high form of Pay 2 Win imo. And changes to processing/crafting/harvesting things will have a chance to not consume any energy at higher profession levels. There are of course concerns with the whole "energy potion" concept and is being looked at in the KR version of the game to see how it is working before tweaking it further.

I personally think this is much better overall and a great way to address Energy consumption problems.

Karma and PK is a longterm issue they are continually addressing as it is part of the game's core material, they have come up with a Bounty hunting system

Here's a direct copy and paste of what they ended up with addressing some karma issues with small-scale PvP in the open world.

An idea was born and we will be following up with this. So far we only have an early concept on paper that we are trying to refine. The direction is simple. Offer a bounty system where any player can set a bounty on another player. The reward for the ‘assassin’ would be karma.

The idea behind it in short, is displayed in the following scenario:

  1. PK1 kills PvE1
  2. PvE1 is pissed and sets bounty on PK1
  3. PK2 kills PvE2
  4. PK2 needs to refill his Karma
  5. PK2 kills PK1 to get Karma back
  6. ...Hunting season is opened!...
This is only a rough idea of what they have planned currently rather than introducing an old flagging system Lineage 2 utilized because that can easily be abused by just weakening a player in the midst of monster mobs and having the monsters land the last hit instead causing no karma penalty for the "pker", with other loopholes and setting bounties on yourself to gain karma on your own are being considered.

Player to Player trading is still on the backburner since it offers little to no benefit from the developers' standpoint but due to Western player perception they also understand the demand for such features. It isn't final and there will be more updates and notes about the upcoming CBT2 in the next few days/weeks. The game is still very young guys so of course the game will be modified and patched a lot. This isn't some 3 year old game. It's been out only in the public for 1 year(Looking @ KR's open beta date.).

There's also voice overs, each area in the game has their own particular colloquial flair to it.

  • Balenos and Serendia will both have NPCs speaking  U.S. American English
  • Calpheon will have British English
  • Mediah has Australian English
  • Valencia will receive an Arabian Acccent
  • Elves in Kamasylvia will speak Irish
  • Dragan, well obviously … Scottish ^_^

All of the information can be found here:

and here:

I'm pretty excited for this one of my major concerns were Party Play and that seems to have been addressed, the only thing remaining for me as a player in concerns is gear balance. With peeks and announcements of cash shop items and what's going to be in it I'm also a lot more confident about this game than previously. Previously I was iffy about the game(could go bad or could go better), and so far it seems to have proven it's getting better.

Feel free to check out those 2 links provided for the official details of what's being done and expect them to update a 3rd time supposedly before the CBT2 launch announcement. If you haven't pre-ordered the game yet, an Explorer's pack on their Pre-order page will grant you guaranteed access to CBT2 as well as the max price Conquerer's Pack. After launch the Conquerer's Pack won't be available and basic Traveler's pack must be bought to gain access to the game.

There are of course further things mentioned in those posts such as Valkyrie Awakening (She gets a lance)

The newer (maybe a capital?) town appears to be on a cliff

All images used in this are from the Black Desert Online forums as posted by their Project Manager Belsazar.

As always comments are always welcome! Please Keep it civil among each other is all I ask thanks!

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