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In Black Desert Online there is a lot of grinding, that being said it's pretty much like all of any other kind of MMO wherein grinding exists.
Those saying MMOs are too grindy shouldn't really be surprised as MMOs are persistent environments and are games that don't have an endpoint conclusion like singleplayer games and I've rarely seen an MMO in the past decade that is void of any kind of grind.

Leveling isn't the only thing to do but if you're glued and tunnel visioned into thinking you need to get to the max level to enjoy anything that is completely false as you'll be reaching depression/burnout more likely having to hit that 600million+ gearwall to upgrade.
If you ever reach that stage, then yes you've made it quite far into the combat section of the game.

Your leveling journey is from 1-60+, everything else if you decide to pursue and try everything else those are other journeys of multiple kinds that can cause choice paralysis due to the amount of things to do in the game that all attribute towards your character growth/strength/utilities and items.

Most people who come into Black Desert for the combat should care about your levels.
If you're coming in not for the combat then you should care about your Energy and Contribution instead.

While most are confused at levels 1-50 being super easy and cakewalk, the thing new players should be aware of are that

1) Level 50 is just the noob cap; You can reach this in a span of 2-8hours.
2) Level 56 is the "tutorial ended" cap -> Generally takes about 8 hours - 4 days to get here from level 50.
3) Level 60+++ is a point where most people stop grinding and casually do other things -> Takes about 2-3+ weeks n .

Much of your grinding will exist going from 56-60+. If you can barely stand the grind from 1-55 you're probably going to reach a burnout quick, if you're looking for a challenge those aren't the levels to do it either.

Leveling isn't entirely important if you're looking to enjoy the game's passive/lifeskill activities instead(more on this later). It's more aligned for combat and flashy moves.

Going from level 1 to 50 is the equivalent of going level 50-51. It practically doubles after every level beyond 50. At 59 your grind to 60 will take you nearly 1024x the time it takes for you to get to 1-50.

While that sounds daunting and insane it is possible and many have done it, casually and in the hardcore sense.

How fast you reach there depends on how well you utilize the game's resources. That could take you forever months on end or it could take you in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Level however doesn't determine your overall strength, it will grant those an edge with a higher level because some classes get greater boosts at higher levels due to new move learned and others get smaller less significant boosts from new skills but have all their techniques learned before 60. It is more or less an indicator of someone who probably has a lot of skill points and techniques at their disposal for combat, which of course is still highly dependent on the user.

A concern would be "Is it necessary?"
It's not entirely necessary but if you do wish to try out the extreme dungeons without an accurate hit problem against mobs you do want it else you'll have to supplement those problems with accuracy bonus gear. In terms of player vs. player at some point in equivalent gear it depends on how you work the situation and mostly dependent on player knowledge of class and player skill, reaction times are very very small when it comes to PvP. Some classes it is necessary as some classes best techniques are learned at high levels like the Warrior's Reckless Blow.

Why are the mobs so dumb?
The game is centered around killing huge groups of mobs at a time. A different kind of difficulty is in how fast and how many you kill is probably what you'd be measuring. If you're thinking they're dumb in the first 50 levels perhaps go to the same leveled areas as indicated on the map. I'm sure you'll suffer quite heavily at the level 57-58 areas: Centaurs, Pila Ku Jail, Sulfur Mines, Aakman Temple, Hystria Temple, Crescent Guardians, Gatekeepers, Cyclops, Ogres and Laytenns. Perhaps even Puturum a slow zapdos bird would slaughter you on simple mistakes.

Most of those monsters mentioned are just "regular mobs" except the Gatekeepers. If you're killing them 1 by 1 and still struggling I'd have to conclude you're not exactly walking all over them "cakewalk" style.

The game has no level requirements for anything so you aren't restricted to going into super high end areas at lower levels either, it's just not recommended, on top of that players can flag player killing upon you if they so wish at the cost of a large karma penalty to serve as a hindrance to you in particular popular areas. If you thought this was a detriment to the playerbase think again... the channels are constantly getting more crowded by the day and the Olvia channels are almost overrun on the daily.

Even at world bosses plenty of corpses still show and a mass amount of people constantly attend, on average world bosses die in about 10-40 minutes after spawning across all channels.

How do I reduce my grind?

The number of ways to reduce your grind involve using EXP Boosters.
Milk Tea is a food item +8% EXP per kill.
Experience/Splendid Experience Elixir is +10%/+15% EXP per kill.
(Yellow)Combat Scroll +10%
(Loyalty/Event/LevelUp)Combat Scroll Increase +50%
EXP Increase Scroll +5%
Villa Buff +10%
(New Players/Returning Players)Olvia Channel +200%
Daily Buff +100/200%
Daily Fame +20/40/60/80/100% dependent on House Fame
GM's Blessing +10%
2x EXP Crystal Helmet +20%
Titles +15%
Cash Shop : Pets  +3% * 4 = 12%
Cash Shop : Costume +10%
Cash Shop : Value Pack +10%.
EXP Weekends +100%

In total you'll have nearly a 575% multiplier per kill. 5.75x faster if you have everything.

The most common ones you'll run across are the yellow combat scrolls +10% from just trade-ins, exp increase scroll +5% from trade ins from random inspection of objects in the game world, Milk Tea can be easily bought from other players crafting the item off marketplace as well as the Experience Elixirs, utilizing the daily 30 minute buff for 200% and on an EXP weekend you can yield at least 338% bonus yourself as a new player starting.

It is best to go after mobs you can slaughter in the hordes not in the singles or couples digits even if they are a couple levels under you. You'll level much faster and yield more loot killing 7-8+ monsters a level or two under at a time compared to 1-3 at a time of same or higher level. Utilize the map indicators of monster levels as it is a pretty good picture of where you should be or not be.

For those curious and want to see the EXP growth in action here's a video depicting most of this and its methods as well

Thanks for reading and watching up to this point! I hope it gave you some insight into helping you reduce the tedium when starting off~

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