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Within this miniature guide, I call it miniature because it only covers one section of a profession within Black Desert, I'll be covering Gathering. One of the most fundamental life skills to supplementing any form of crafting is Gathering. A good number of items required for crafts/recipes can be alleviated with workers gathering them for you but for certain items you'll definitely have to get it yourself in order to fulfill recipes for crafting.

Black Desert has a lot of freedom of activities to do and not really any of anything is "necessary" to do but more or less a tangent to another means of gain. This guide is merely to help you expand the tools to its best extent and to help speed you along the way to quickly get yourself familiar with the contents the game has currently within this particular section.

In future updates though this guide won't be able to cover new regions of resources that would be added to the game, with the most upcoming one being Kamasylvia.

Gathering a lot is also one of the few possible ways to yield Black Hard/Sharp Crystal Shards which are utilized for upgrading gear beyond +15. Other ways are night vendor or burning down particular accessories both of which are far more expensive but much faster in acquirement of said rare items.

On top of that Gathering is a pretty tedious exercise in monotony but it also adds to an AFK time that you can continuously passively generate income for yourself once you have that surplus of resources sitting in the storage when crafting large batches of items.

The largest problems new players will face is where to get started.

The fastest way to gain some gathering levels is to actually just buy some Empty Bottles from a Material Vendor in any town and go stand in a water volume and use it and then walk away while your character AFK gathers water.

I highly suggest going after River Water simply because that can be used to help with either Desert trips needing Purified Water to remove a debuff or utilize that water to help with Alchemy crafts. You'll need a decent energy pool to gather as well. So don't stand in an ocean water and get Sea water!

To expand your energy simply fill out Knowledge Categories(hotkey: H) in the game to increase your maximum capacity.

While you can also pick up a tool to go gathering right off the bat, the reasons for gathering water at first is because a) it's really easy and b) you'll need Gathering Skilled 5 to use Shining tools.

Shining tools reduces gathering time by 10 seconds. Using low end tools it'll take like 20 seconds to chop wood for instance which is a near eternity if you have to do it 10 times over.

A Gathering Life clothes is also useful, you can obtain one on the marketplace(currently at 500k+ as of this posting) which is probably more easily obtained by buying it than crafting one yourself if you're just starting out. If you're able to enhance it to +2 you'll get a nice +2 Gathering Speed on it and +15% gathering exp while it is equipped, but a +1 Gathering Clothes will suffice.

To get your Gathering Speed to 5 here are some options you can figure for yourself to get it:
Food, Balenos Meal : +2 Gathering Speed
Being in a Guild with Gathering buffs : +1/2/3 Gathering Speed
Gathering Clothes : +1/2/3/4 Gathering Speed based on enhance level
Food, Grain Soup : +1 Gathering Speed
Blue-Tier+ Alchemy Life Stone : +1/2/3 Gathering Speed depending on level
Worker's/Skilled Worker Elixir : +2/3 Gathering Speed

*Food buffs do not stack same effects, highest effect will take priority.
Pearl Shop Items:(requires real$$)
Pets : Level10 Pet RNG +1 Gathering Speed skill
Ghillie Suit Camouflauge Costume : +1 Gathering Speed Skill
Extra: Hedgehog(Part of $40 pack) if you gather a lot, probably recommend getting one of these since it has a chance to roll another pickup on resources you gather actively.

*Fig Pie is a food that should be eaten while gathering even if it is a +3% chance in increased resources. It does help.
*Sute Tea can be eaten to obtain more gathering EXP or any form of lifeskill exp which can help accelerate levels needed to start utilizing higher end tools.

You can only cap out at Gathering Speed +5.

With a Shining tool equipped and a Gathering Speed at 5, your gathering time on resources will be lowered down to 2 seconds. Even further if you can get your hands on Magic tools from trade in seals/events which further lower the time down to 1.8 seconds.
Tools with the Lucky prefix(can only be made by workers in a Toolshop via RNG and their luck stat) yield more rare resources in general and rare occurrences when gathering which also help in gathering EXP gain.

As you level up Gathering less energy is also consumed since the chance to block energy consumption is increased.

Glish is a good town for a Level 4 tool workshop that can craft pretty much every tool available in the game so far.
If you're looking for Pure Iron Crystals to supplement materials for crafting tools you may need to do some Certificate quests first(can be found in the Suggested section of your quest list, hotkey: O).

You should also equip a weapon with 2 crystal slots and add 2 Magic Crystals of Infinity - Durability which will grant a 20%(10% each) chance in blocking Durability consumption. This will allow your tools to last a lot longer than their specified durability. A butcher knife for instance has 250 Durability but with a 20% chance occurrence almost every 1/5 gathers could result in no durability loss on the tool. This is especially useful for Lucky/Magic tools allowing your overall gathering generation of resources/money to be vastly longer and greater and reduces the amount of tools you need to replace when they're worn out.

If you have a costume set with a Weapon skin you can also add another +10% durability block chance to your tools totaling 30%.

Also utilize character alts as energy batteries to either be a separate gathering character or have their energy pool banked in with Alustin in Velia to be exchanged into Energy potions to be passed to your main gathering char or for money.

Overall gathering is a fairly tedious activity in the game but it doesn't require much effort other than going through simple tedium. During event times it is very lucrative to go gathering and you could be raking in tens of millions by the hour, while off event times though it's a fairly standard form of gains.

In terms of popular resources and locations of places I've found to be pretty dense:
Fir - South of Behr, West of Velia
Ash - Northeast of Velia, Biraghi Den
Maple - Northern Plain of Serendia, Orc Camp
Birch - North of Calpheon
Pine - Serendia Shrine, Trent
Cedar - Lake Kaia, Calpheon Castle Site
Assortment - Olvia
Acacia/White Cedar - Mediah Regions
Elder - Entrance to Valencia/Great Desert
Palm - Arehaza/Ibellab Oasis

Oxes - South of Kusha
Fox/Weasel - North of Olvia
Wolf - Western Guard Camp
Lizard - Northwestern Gateway
Sheep - Lynch Ranch *Great for getting Meat here*
Deer - South of Behr
Troll - Quint Hill

Ore - Most go to Pilgrim's Haven in the Desert east of Sand Grain Bazaar as it is the most concentrated area for stones.

Coral - Northeast of Port Ratt by the frozen islands
Oyster - Near Port Ratt, East of Lema Island, northwest of Kuit Island

Here's a video of me going over most of these things if you want a video version of this.

Thanks for reading/watching I hope this helped you out!

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