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Since the Margoria update me and a guild member decided to go on a trek to visit the entire new massive oceanic region that is about the size of the Black Desert world prior to the update. Meaning the world just kind of doubled in size. As if it wasn't big enough...

The universe of Black Desert is certainly vast and is continuing in that fashion. Past the Margoria region the southern sections of Calpheon is slated to be expanded upon next as well as the northern region of Valencia. Beyond that who knows? From what I've researched there'll be a new green armor set (Grunil, Taritas, Zereth, Talis etc. are some green armor sets; The new one is Purado?) in the future when the Kamasylven region arrives.

But those are just some future goodies I've managed to find. Margoria holds a hostility that has yet to been explored in Black Desert's current gameplay: Underwater exploration, oceanic dangers, pirate ships and sailboats(galleons).

If you're seeking a sailboat you'd best be ready to take on a project that could exhaust days/weeks of constant input into managing workers and resources to create yourself a personal sailboat.

The other method requires a guild effort and a guild house to create the guild-sized sailboat.

It'll take about 3220 worker jobs to get it created for yourself. You're looking at quite a lengthy amount of time for something to be produced. This is the largest solo project item available in game currently.

The cost will consume 1500 Pine Plywoods, 800 Standardized Timber Squares, 600 Steels, 300 Flax Fabrics and 20 Design Sailboats.

Pine Plywoods are created by chopping 10 Pine Planks -> 1 Pine Plywood, which the planks are also created by chopping 5 Pine Timber -> 1 Pine Plank.
At higher processing levels on your character you can produce multiple plywoods and planks per process. At even greater levels of processing you have a low chance of processing 5 timber into planks AND plywoods directly.

Standardized Timber Squares are made from chopping 10 Usable Scantlings which are made by chopping 10 Logs.

Steel requires you to burn coal and iron shards together, to get iron shards you melt iron ore in much the same fashion as the previous 2 materials

Flax Fabrics, burn flax to make flax thread, then grind the flax thread into fabrics.

Design sailboats are acquired daily through a quest at Port Epheria and a few extra ones from the main storyline as well as a couple from a weekly fishing quest located on an island near Port Ratt in the Margoria regions depending on your Fishing life skill level.

Once you have all those things you'll want to assign workers for each material. Totaling 3220.

The Guild one requires a Guild house to build it which is much more different and requires collective input to get it built, I don't have one so I'm unable to share that information with you, popular guide writers such as user Dulfy may have articles and guides regarding it already.

The main differences between the personal sailboat and the guild sailboat is that the Guild Sailboat yields 8 cannons(4 each side) on the ship to be manned and has better speed than the personal sailboat. Only the guildmaster can withdraw the boat from the wharf.

The personal sailboat holds 2-4 cannons on each so you'll still be able to access Margoria content even if your guild isn't able to acquire a Guild House as that asks for a tremendous amount of guild funds which can be obtained in loads through node wars.

I have also read rumored reports that there'll be different ships/rowboats/naval vehicles available later on as the game expands.

If you plan on going there yourself without any form of ship or vehicle I suggest taking a periodic Ferry from Olvia Coast that taxi's you to Lema Island and then take the large Ferry ship off to Margoria. It'll take approximately 10-15minutes for the first one, and 45 minutes to Margoria assuming you catch the ferry on time. Make sure to bring something to do(Processing/Fishing!) and then go AFK for a while.

Be wary though there are players who might kill you on the ship, so be prepared or go at odd hours etc. It would be wise to also carry a Traveler's Map with you to make your way to town should you somehow get killed mid travel in the sea.

The sea monsters in Margoria are all gargantuan sizes, they require most likely a sailboat and cannons to blow them to smithereens. My trek there was perilous as my initial fishing boat was sunk by rogue NPC pirate ships that are immediate hostile to their surroundings. They also hit really hard, so if you're undergeared you might even get shot to death and go sleeping with the fishes.

One should also know that the content is level 56+ content and the monsters and enemy ships are Level 60 to sort of give you an idea of "when" to go. You can go whenever you want as early as level 1 it's just you might run into some frustrations regarding respawn and death.

At Port Ratt there's a lot of underwater exploration to do and just mere gathering for some of the new materials for foods and accessories. Alchemy however I haven't been able to find anything yet other than materials

People might be wondering well what's the point?

A good question.

The point is naval warfare/combat is now in the game, and for fisherman lovers the Margoria region is HYPER fast for fishing, the proc time(I measured) is about 10-15 seconds faster than the mainland and you'll yield consistently more gold & blue fishes. Ultimately that results in faster money gain from AFK fishing along with speedy life skill level EXP for the Fishing category, which at high levels enables you to see more hotspots which are pretty much money pools.

For gatherers all the food Margoria offers increases Resistances of some sort or gives +4 to enhancement stats like the Margoria Seafood Extravaganza, +2 movespeed +2 critical along with +100 HP and some weight limit increase. The sub foods to make it can increase resistances of a particular type by 10%!
Having that food in rotation would give you a BIG advantage in combat given that the player knows what to do with their equipment setup.

Here's a video depicting what it takes to make a sailboat, some monsters encountered, what its like being sunk mid ocean... and reaching the promised land Margoria and the very pretty underwater scenery and environment worlds it offers.

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