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In today's guide we go over the main combos I found to be effective while utilizing the Maehwa class within Black Desert Online.

Gear is generally out of the question as you just want your boss armor/kzarka/dandelion weapons. While that is the ideal, getting there takes some time and choices of other armor should be taken into question until you reach that point unless you plan to run around naked and having a hell of a time fighting anything.

Considering your character makes a lot of strikes and hits... the first boss gear you should consider chasing is Kzarka or Bheg's gloves simply for the high accuracy bonus. Bheg is probably more doable as they are sold and fought much more often.

Until you have either I also strongly recommend using a Weapon Core & Guardian Seal Set with 1 or no red coral earring depending on what you're fighting. Maximizing your AP is important but if you're missing more than 1/4 of your attacks you are losing a lot of damage compared to someone else landing their strikes a lot more for sacrificing some AP, especially when some attacks make 12 hits alone.

The Maehwa class seems to be surrounded by speed, most techniques trigger extremely fast or produce a lot of hits in a short time frame. Their mobility is through the roof compared to other classes giving them the boon to engage/disengage fights however they choose assuming they aren't locked by a crowd control effect; stiffness/stun/knockback/bound/knockdown/floating/freeze.

While their attack skill ratios on damage multiplication isn't very high, making use of Air Attacks and Back Attacks with the ease of ghosting through targets with Chase and high critical they can become a devastating force.

They are also one of the few, if not the only, classes able to peak beyond a 75% Attack speed bonus in attack animations which will rapidly increase damage output and bring you to insane speeds where even I have repeated difficulty keeping attacks in rotation.


In this video guide below I went with Luck Armor of Fortuna sets mainly because having a 3 piece set grants 2 luck levels and 3 movement speed levels. Having the 3 piece set on renders my character free of utilizing high break chance crystals like Perfection(while cheap it's just annoying to replace) and Swiftness crystals of Infinity for +2 movement speed in shoes. 

Upon obtaining the first boss gear you come across you can replace 1 piece without breaking the set bonus. Hence the earlier recommendation of Bheg's gloves would be the most beneficial while still holding the set bonus.

To maximize your crystal slots to other things I highly suggest eating Arehaza specials for crit+1 and movement speed +2. Make sure your titles are up to a certain # and you'll be granted an inherent luck level +3 across your account. 

If you're planning on using Grunil/Rocaba sets these utility stats become a lot more difficult to raise or requires undergarments from Pearl Shop if you want to reduce the need to raise 1 Luck level. Of course you can always just slot more Crystals of Perfection but then you'd be missing out on possible bonuses that could've been occupied by a different crystal.

With all this in mind, you should be sitting at Luck Level 5, Movement Speed level 5 given my suggestions.
To reach Attack Speed Level 5 you can take 1 Carmae crystal, 1 Assault crystal to bring you to level 3. If the weapon is at Ultimate form(Rosar Blade in my case) you'll also be granted +1 Attack Speed totaling 4. 
If you're eating Arehaza specials you should also toss in a Mediah special into rotation as well for 1 more attack speed level.
Having both specials in play you'll have 5 Attack Speed Levels, +5 attack damage, +1 Critical level and +2 Movement Speed level.

Your "Enhancement" stats should be at Attack Speed 5, Critical +3, Movement Speed level 5, and Luck Level 5.

To make up for the remaining missing 2 Critical levels use 1 Valor crystal into the glove finishing it with 2 crystals slotted in there.
Once you have this, feel free to use all your other equipment slots for other boosts/gains missing.
With this setup you should have 2 Helmet slots free, 2 Chest slots free, 1 Shoe slot free, 1-2 Offhand slots free(depending on if you're using 2slot-Rosar Offhand or a 1slot-White Warrior Horn bow) and 1 weapon slot free.

Most of these common and semi-rare items are very cheap to upgrade and are sold all the time.

Chaos Red Moon is one attack I'm sure you'll carry over to your Awakening Weapon when it arrives. The tooltip itself says it can be used with the Kerispear.

Chase is ultimately your best positioning technique if you put your camera facing away from your opponent and you Chase with no directional input you can ghost through your enemies from ... THEIR front. This ability is extreme mobility and can be used endlessly until you run out of stamina & WP. There are certain cancels that you can utilize to reduce/move away from it, I don't know how and I didn't bother learning how as I didn't find it to be necessary.

Dragon Bite & Claw & Lunar Slash - This 3 skill combo is one of your more powerful hitting assaults. It causes a miniature stun; Stiffness, and a launch/floating of targets into the air. If you cease your combo after the first Lunar Slash and go straight into an ultimate blind slash you can quickly link your attack into a Chaos Red Moon. Assuming target goes flying after the first Lunar Slash, if not the Ultimate Blind slash has a second chance to make them go flying and with the attack speeds at skyrocket levels you can most definitely pull off a Chaos Red Moon striking the target all as Air Attacks if you manage to hit them midair. 

Air Attacks are the most devastating base damage multiplier on top of damage ratios.
(e.g. If your attack does 632%, that's about 6.32x of your damage, Air Attacks are 2.5x, and criticals are 2X, that totals a 4.5X multiplier off 6.32x seeing as how most of the stats in this game are additive in percentage effects I'm sure it's safe to assume that's how it's calculated since the game offers little to no transparency this is more or less something I've noticed through gameplay experience.).

Blind Thrust & Back Stab - Blind Thrust is generally a combo opener simply for the accuracy loss on your target and for that lovely +30% critical hit rate. Back Stab appears to be an extension of Blind Thrust which further elongates the stiffness effect Blind Thrust causes when used off cooldown timers. Causes some kind of status called Faint... all I've noticed is it looks like a stun when it tags susceptible enemies.

Ultimate: Nemesis Slash - This attack is a healing technique, I use it to also launch enemies and if you connect with a blind slash after throwing the red whirlwind you can quickly go into a chaos red moon for a quick air attack. Nemesis slash is used mainly for its healing properties. 40 HP per hit. If you throw this into a crowd of enemies your HP will return drastically fast.

Ultimate: Blind Slash - You can generally slip this attack in between most attacks as a combo connector and then quickly follow up with a Chaos Red Moon immediately after.

That's the gist of the description of most things depicted in the video. 

Inputs and attacks are best described with motion picture so do please check out the video if you're curious about more! I hope this helped you out~

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