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As mentioned previously in other articles I've written about Black Desert, there were signs that Naval combat was definitely going to be apart of Black Desert eventually post Valencia. In certain aspects it wasn't exactly far-fetched to believe Naval combat would eventually become a thing in Black Desert with game features like Hunting, further expansions of the sea, more islands, and a hint of another continent north of Valencia. Here it is a trailer released by Kakao Games(formerly Daum). Considering the game already has two types of siege wars... a large Naval node war/conquest war wouldn't be hard to believe be possible either. Hwachas on land firing at galleons with cannons at sea and etc.


I've already experienced node war and it's a nice hide and seek in multiple areas of the world against other guilds that requires planning, preparation, and syncing with members of your guild to participate. This should be a whole new level.

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