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Black Desert Online recently added in Kamasylvia Part 2 to the NA/EU servers.

Kamasylvia Part 1 was introduced about a month ago. It included a lot of high end areas that were very difficult at the time of its release. However Kamasylvia Part 2 was a great contrast of difference that appealed to all players. The new main city Grana itself is extremely beautiful and is most likely going to be a major hub for gatherings of communities guilds and players. The housing units for workers/player owned residences is hyper expensive in Contribution Points(the refundable resource used to build up your own personal world in Black Desert) with the minimum lowest housing accosting a player 5 CP and up to 15CP.

The allure of Kamasylvia Part 2 also resides in new party areas such as Gyfin Rhasia temple, popular for it being a party area, a very high end rare drop for the belt slot and good experience at the current high levels of 60, 61 and 62.

Valtarra's Advanced Training sequence is also available which demands at least some form of coordination among players and challenge to those seeking greater rewards and items.

Lower end areas such as Polly's Forest is suitable for newcomers requiring only a recommended AP of 90-110(Very easily obtainable) and a medium area in the Loopy Tree Forest of Faduses that recommends an AP of 110-180. The place is really trippy and I have no idea what they were smoking making this place.

For players that are more experienced Forest Ronaros are pretty tough but grant fairly decent experience, money, rare drops of Forest Furies and Forest Ronaros rings.

The content expansion also includes a new armor set as the Lemoria Set. It's much like a Liverto weapon but for armor. Its stats are slightly underneath boss gear but its expenses in upgrading and obtaining power quickly are way faster. It's only downside is that it can only hold 1 Crystal per piece, and also requires at least 3-5 pieces for the set to be pretty effective.

The main appeal with that set is the 4 piece effect where it grants a bonus +10% Skill Experience gain. Since Kamasylvia Part 1's inception the combat EXP required to get to Level 60 and 61 has been drastically reduced. People have gauged the time and exp required to make it to said levels is nearly 25-33% less than previously, and previously it was nerfed again to be easier to make it to level 60.

Level 57 months back when Mediah was out the grind took a long time to even reach 58. Nowadays that can be acquired in as little as half a day if you're going crazy efficient about it. The only problem is obtaining skill points.

Kamasylvia Part 2 also brings a new race of workers known as the Papu's or Fadus, they are specific to Kamasylvia's region.

The addition of Kamasylvia Part 2 and Part 1 bring two pieces of new Boss Gear for a different variation of gear setups for players. Griffon Helm grants resistance and a static Damage reduction buff of +3 compared to Giath's +100 HP. Urugon's Shoe is probably more of an impactful addition to the available gear compared to the Griffon's Helmet where this shoe also grants further defenses towards Damage Reduction compared to Muskan Shoes which is attuned more towards Evasion.

There's also new food and recipes for elixirs regarding Kamasylvia Part 2, elixirs that help gain knowledge or a supreme power boost and food that grants a fairly strong chunk of bonus Max HP, Stamina and back attack.

A ton of new areas and knowledge pieces were added in as well as Exploration points to just view certain parts of the game world. Discovering them all increased the maximum energy a player could have which is utilized in many aspects of the game.

Overall I think Kamasylvia Part 2 was a great addition to Black Desert compared to Part 1 as it provided content for all users within the game and new areas to experience, buffed previous grinding areas that weren't as good and the variety of options is now greater than previously while still maintaining a relative power ceiling since the inception of Gold tiered items.

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